Trying Relationship Life Hacks 

Drew Gooden
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Today we find out that we are bad at crafts.
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Komentari 80   
katherine Prije mjesec
I wish that amanda would have less of her husband in her videos
24. point
24. point Prije 14 sati
Rokzombie what has my humor come to and why did this make me laugh
24. point
24. point Prije 14 sati
za;lia n i agree
Minerva A
Minerva A Prije 2 dana
katherine well, you got it
Blue Rosa
Blue Rosa Prije 3 dana
za;lia n I have to ask what you edited in that comment lmaoo
hi there
hi there Prije 4 dana
@hottibutwontdateathotti hot
yellamo Prije 48 minuta
bless you amanda
Biscuit Gidoni
Biscuit Gidoni Prije 7 sati
Is no one going to talk about how the toothpaste is grey?!
Vlixe -damage
Vlixe -damage Prije 8 sati
His wife doe
girrrrrrr2 Prije 13 sati
Bless you Amanda.
Aftertale Fanatic
Aftertale Fanatic Prije 21 sat
Amanda's hejhejhej as she left the room is how I laugh too lol
Maisy Maynarra
Maisy Maynarra Prije dan
Miss his old setup, just me?
Finlee O'Leary
Finlee O'Leary Prije dan
i liked this just because of "hey guys welcome back to my big fat ass"
Matthew Sawczyn
Matthew Sawczyn Prije dan
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="46">0:46</a> ummm... what is happening in that video??
Mayra Aguilar
Mayra Aguilar Prije dan
The pad trick is a theater trick. Because of the lights the actors sweat a lot. So this is to prevent sweat stains on the costumes
What Prije dan
Yeah but what about gay relationships
Universal By Design
I love the moon skit
Wolfy Tsuki
Wolfy Tsuki Prije dan
who else actually went to the website? i love it xD
¿ ¿
¿ ¿ Prije dan
Drew brush your teeth jeez
LittleNightmare 00
LittleNightmare 00 Prije 2 dana
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="247">4:07</a> that sound rlly grossed me out for some reason
Freyja Abolins-Stone
Their so cuteeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!
Siyanda Njunga
Siyanda Njunga Prije 2 dana
Ahhhh I’m a adult
Nickopalis The Guy
Nickopalis The Guy Prije 2 dana
When you laugh so hard you collapse a lung
Siddhi Chopra
Siddhi Chopra Prije 2 dana
They have a syringe, weird ass tube, but don’t have a travel sized toothpaste. Just take the one in the hotel bathroom. And how the heck is this a relationship hack?
Guy Modlin
Guy Modlin Prije 2 dana
My name is guy
Sparkle Candie
Sparkle Candie Prije 2 dana
I'm an adult :)
Pure Randomness
Pure Randomness Prije 2 dana
Drew Gooden, is that the regular album or is that the Currents collector's edition?
2x Blank
2x Blank Prije 2 dana
Why didn’t you buy an actual syringe when you bought tubing, wouldn’t that make more sense than using an ear wax syringe
J Custer
J Custer Prije 2 dana
Why do Danny, Drew, and Cody’s wives all have the same face
Bridget Vader
Bridget Vader Prije 2 dana
"Well those of you who are do"
I'm lady gaga 2.0
I'm lady gaga 2.0 Prije 2 dana
Bless you Amanda
Levi Spurgeon
Levi Spurgeon Prije 2 dana
Hotdog? I thought you guys were vegetarians
Crystalbinja Prije 2 dana
At <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="48">0:48</a> you can see the lifehack that inspired the video and that was attempted a few videos later
Emma Scott
Emma Scott Prije 2 dana
omg, the guy's toilet has a bug on it when he tries to flush, they couldnt reshoot that so we diddnt see how disgusting his toilet is? XD
bbgyu Prije 2 dana
thanks, now i'm stuck in the moon.
Samuel Robertson
Samuel Robertson Prije 2 dana
So did anyone notice the straight up ant crawling on their toilet at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="490">8:10</a> 😂
Heartwork By Kitty
Heartwork By Kitty Prije 2 dana
How did I miss this piece of gold?
Sepia Smith
Sepia Smith Prije 2 dana
i was in middle school tech ed (woodshop) and we were building, like, a popsicle house or something. we used hot glue and some kid put the hot glue gun down on my finger and now I still have a tiny scar lol.
Corby Dorian
Corby Dorian Prije 2 dana
"This one's a little ridiculous" Yeah just a bit..
Shreyas N
Shreyas N Prije 3 dana
absolutelynotme_irl Edit: goddamn you guys are so perfect for each other.
Gaga Lady
Gaga Lady Prije 3 dana
Are we not gonna talk about others literally an ant on the toilet?
Chandler Simunek
Chandler Simunek Prije 3 dana
Amanda's "im an adult" hits too close
Julius Mena
Julius Mena Prije 3 dana
When your in a cult <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="312">5:12</a>
Ella Kaplan
Ella Kaplan Prije 3 dana
does nobody remember that vine drew made about the headphones thing
TheGuYWiTHaHoOdiE Official
Pratika Singh
Pratika Singh Prije 4 dana
Drew: "I don't think a lot of people have a syringe lying around." Me: *goes to my one sibling who's a doctor*
Mishi R
Mishi R Prije 5 dana
did no one notice the tape color changed
Shannon Helgers
Shannon Helgers Prije 5 dana
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="333">5:33</a> Bless you Amanda!
Sxnflower Twins
Sxnflower Twins Prije 5 dana
Wanna know a lifehack if you get abducted by aliens and somehow they are dumb enough to use a new substance called tape find some computer break it so then the ufo breaks down the aliens will freak out and get their laser guns and start shooting because they think intruders are there.Get shot by the lasers they don’t hurt they will have to bring u to the hospital which is on earth so then they will take off the tape :D
Maddy Hamilton
Maddy Hamilton Prije 5 dana
she went from hating life hacks to supporting Drews obsession hehe also love the zoom of how she cut the tape #same
Mkayyy 0
Mkayyy 0 Prije 6 dana
Honestly thought the deodorant sketch was leading to a dollar shave club ad
Eva Locantro
Eva Locantro Prije 7 dana
if I eated soap. I did not eat it bc I did. I didn't eat it.
Delia Suggs
Delia Suggs Prije 7 dana
yeah yeah but where can i get the ladders
Baylee Romero
Baylee Romero Prije 7 dana
Amanda: *sneezes* Drew: Bless her All 1.8 million of us: bless you :)
Baylee Romero
Baylee Romero Prije 7 dana
Amanda is literally the purest thing ever
Lady Corvid
Lady Corvid Prije 8 dana
Between you two and Danny why can none of you grown adults use a hot glue gun
Vienna Lau
Vienna Lau Prije 8 dana
Did I just hear “Remember to dislike and Un subscribe” at the end 😂 this is why I love Drews Videos
aaron. Prije 8 dana
Katja Cira
Katja Cira Prije 8 dana
Mmmmm hot dog What do you want on your hot dog *Corn Dog*
Michael Beaudo
Michael Beaudo Prije 8 dana
am i trippin or is the song in the headphone bit the next to ungodliness instrumental by a lot like birds it sounds the same
lacy jane
lacy jane Prije 9 dana
*girl, being herself, who her husband married her for, tries to love on her mans* her mans: ew no gross girl: *becomes furry* her mans: yes, so sexy let's go
Coolet 27
Coolet 27 Prije 9 dana
Bless you
DatWierd Child
DatWierd Child Prije 9 dana
*me trying to decide if i want 10% of with danny or drew*😨
Miran Cole
Miran Cole Prije 10 dana
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Harry Foster
Harry Foster Prije 10 dana
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William Gardener
William Gardener Prije 10 dana
wonderful hacking sevice i can also recommend, thanks for sharing!!
Sophie Black
Sophie Black Prije 10 dana
as a lesbian? i can confirm. bras are the shit.
Benjamin Fahl
Benjamin Fahl Prije 10 dana
They have more chemistry than 80% of hollywood
Aschroe Prije 10 dana
I like Amanda's lowkey alcoholism
Robotox Prije 11 dana
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="308">5:08</a> why does this look like the beginning of a porn to me?
babahu15 Prije 11 dana
hand over your channel to amanda challenge
Dylanius Prije 11 dana
Someone guess that song.................. duhh duhhhhhh du du du du du du ding dong sinng sinng song
Allison Hatfield
Allison Hatfield Prije 11 dana
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="490">8:10</a> THERE IS A BUG CRAWLING BY AND THEY DIDN’T RESHOOT IT
Aliza Khan
Aliza Khan Prije 11 dana
Oh yeah, its only visible for like a milisecond so its hard to spot
Olivia Wall
Olivia Wall Prije 11 dana
That kingdom hearts shirt he’s wearing at the end of the video is actually so rad, I want one
Amanda Purello
Amanda Purello Prije 12 dana
this video made me die with laughter
mutiara hanum
mutiara hanum Prije 12 dana
Been binge watching your videos.. U're hilarious!
Lentilla Tortilla
Lentilla Tortilla Prije 12 dana
Hi drew's wife you are beautiful and cute can we kiss please
Rachel K
Rachel K Prije 12 dana
bless you amanda
peggle 2
peggle 2 Prije 12 dana
they're perfect for each other.
A C Prije 12 dana
Bless you Amanda
Preston Scott
Preston Scott Prije 12 dana
U could do better bro jus saying
CCpuppyface Prije 12 dana
You bet i went on the hotdog website
James Rogers
James Rogers Prije 12 dana
Not gonna lie, <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="115">1:55</a> is me, but in my defense, I turn noise-cancelling off and have no music playing.
Dylan Drew
Dylan Drew Prije 12 dana
you should make merch about your kingdom hearts youtube channel
Sparky Thunfer
Sparky Thunfer Prije 12 dana
Amanda killed me already xD "I'm an adult" just yes
Carol Gannon
Carol Gannon Prije 13 dana
Lmao. This was great!
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