Tobi & Manny - Destined For Greatness (feat. Janellé) [Official Music Video] 

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Destined For Greatness by Tobi and Manny featuring Janellé.
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Directed by Konstantin
Produced by ZDot and Krunchie

"Started off with nothing, you could do it too."


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7. Vel 2020.



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Ali Al
Ali Al Prije 4 sati
The whole family is talented.
Lifeofts 10
Lifeofts 10 Prije 4 sati
Back to back on a track with my lil bro
Monarchh Prije 4 sati
Please do more music with your brother
Mr. Sandman
Mr. Sandman Prije 4 sati
*Unpopular opinion* : Tobi and Manny are equal in how good they can rap, with JJ, if not, **slightly** less.
Slender Diamond
Slender Diamond Prije 5 sati
Other rappers:rapping about the money,cars.🔥💰👛💲 Tobi: rapping about his free FIFA 🤣🤣
imshoukry Prije 5 sati
manny is hella good wtf
imshoukry Prije 5 sati
manny is a rapper.
Driftz Prije 7 sati
All these dislikes are from the people who didn’t get their free FIFA’s
Bone_Crusher123Z Prije 8 sati
Bruh this is way better than I expected 😂🔥
BLANK Prije 9 sati
This song lasted longer than Gib vs Jake
NicoHans SD87
NicoHans SD87 Prije 7 sati
Faris Saliba
Faris Saliba Prije 9 sati
All the dislikes are Indians who thought it means dis-I-like
KingDari 443
KingDari 443 Prije 11 sati
wow both of them can rap??? only one brother can rap between ksi and deji... and its deji
Umair Khan
Umair Khan Prije 10 sati
I know you're being sarcastic, but Deji and KSI can rap. Deji is getting better. His newest song is actually great.
J Gamer
J Gamer Prije 11 sati
No wonder Tobi didn’t get involved with the diss tracks he would’ve killed everyone
J Gamer
J Gamer Prije 4 sati
dueeh nyyu 😂😂
dueeh nyyu
dueeh nyyu Prije 8 sati
All the 10yo singing the back in school known for my lateness is incredible
George2savs Prije 12 sati
dueeh nyyu
dueeh nyyu Prije 8 sati
LOA 3000
LOA 3000 Prije 13 sati
This tune has surpassed my expectations, good on you otobitobi
Yao Ming
Yao Ming Prije 13 sati
manny is better than toby
One Z fusion
One Z fusion Prije 13 sati
I’m a come back in 10 years see yall in 2020
joshisfiirre Prije 13 sati
Can we appreciate the music video. Kon done 11/10 job 💯 💯
Dem Man
Dem Man Prije 14 sati
Let's give credit to Kon. Great job with the editing.
Brand9n Shields
Brand9n Shields Prije 14 sati
Get it 9 million view by March
Awesomeness 78
Awesomeness 78 Prije 14 sati
All the dislikes are the people who’s girl got them their fifa
Kyran Lysons
Kyran Lysons Prije 14 sati
Who ever disliked is gay
josh wells
josh wells Prije 15 sati
Absolute banger fair play 💸💀🎶
Young g
Young g Prije 15 sati
Pree the “back to back on the track wid my lil bro”
Almot Mustafa
Almot Mustafa Prije 15 sati
This song is better then all jj's songs but jj it not bad I like his songs WHAT I'M TRYING TO SAY IS THEY ARE BOTH VERY GOOD artists
Dat guyy
Dat guyy Prije 15 sati
Proper sick how could yu hate dis
mohammad aljarrah
mohammad aljarrah Prije 15 sati
telkty Prije 15 sati
All the 10yo singing the back in school known for my lateness is incredible
Infinite Reversed
Infinite Reversed Prije 15 sati
Wtf Why Is there *6.1K* dislikes? This Song deserves more than 649k likes maybe *1.5* mil?
Hannes Dietrich
Hannes Dietrich Prije 16 sati
you need to hop on a grime beat
1 1
1 1 Prije 16 sati
this gave me chills tf
KoenDK XD Prije 16 sati
AdBuXx Prije 17 sati
Ksi x Tobi gonna chart ❌🧢
Gurranplayzz Prije 17 sati
asd asd
asd asd Prije 17 sati
I guess manny isn’t destined for greatness
Ghost_ Realms
Ghost_ Realms Prije 18 sati
Mad beat
Oli Prije 18 sati
The beat is 🔥
The official Christino.R
I know manny just fk off, let Tobi do his own ting
XxRazorxX _856
XxRazorxX _856 Prije 19 sati
Melissa MacLeod
Melissa MacLeod Prije 19 sati
deema aldaieh
deema aldaieh Prije 19 sati
Adam was the day
deema aldaieh
deema aldaieh Prije 19 sati
He’s sbsn
Christos Georgiou
Christos Georgiou Prije 19 sati
I can already tell a year later people will be asking who’s here in 2021?
San Sha
San Sha Prije 19 sati
**Jaw drop intensifies**
Andy Culpin
Andy Culpin Prije 20 sati
add instagram _monty9
Winded Carrot
Winded Carrot Prije 20 sati
Belmin Ahmetovic MIGY
Belmin Ahmetovic MIGY Prije 20 sati
Best song ever! Love you guys!
Paul George
Paul George Prije 20 sati
Make more songs olz
WaF1 xd
WaF1 xd Prije 21 sat
When your mom tells you to take your siblings with you.
Ryan Kirk
Ryan Kirk Prije 21 sat
Should do a remix with Simon and jj
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Tobi: *goes to studio* Mom: *Make sure to bring your siblings*
bssni touir
bssni touir Prije 20 sati
nailed it
secretmender 3
secretmender 3 Prije 21 sat
so 🔥🔥
bssni touir
bssni touir Prije 20 sati
Are you from sideman 🤔
EyeOcean Prije 21 sat
wtf its actually good?
Karl Deans
Karl Deans Prije 22 sati
do a song with jed then do a song with all 3 of you guys
SnoopierBloomZA Prije 22 sati
We gonna ignore the the beat? Its firreeee💜
Cikai Prije 22 sati
This video got lesser views than Logan Paul's diss track and still got more likes 🤐
Daniel Yu
Daniel Yu Prije 22 sati
Tbh I like Manny’s bit is better than Toby’s
Zxiity TV
Zxiity TV Prije 23 sati
Unpopular opinion: mannys better then toby
Little Diddle
Little Diddle Prije 23 sati
murp madness
murp madness Prije dan
JJ: Flexes lambo Tobi: Flexes free fifa Vikk: Doesn't flex 2 mil from minecraft servers
Avicii - The Nights
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