The World's Hardest Flexer (with Danny Gonzalez) 

Drew Gooden
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WARNING: this video gets pretty gross at times, maybe don't watch this if you're like 12 or wanted to watch a youtube video with your parents. You will be very uncomfortable.
Now that that's out of the way, I hope the rest of you stick around to enjoy this video about a very insane person named Hard Rock Nick.
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Komentari 80   
janet's babyshower
janet's babyshower Prije 20 minuta
omg he's THE VULTURE but without a job
janet's babyshower
janet's babyshower Prije 22 minuta
he feels like if coach steve from big mouth suddenly got a little too full of himself
janet's babyshower
janet's babyshower Prije 27 minuta
small thing but he's also driving while making a video which is just plain reckless
Bunny :0
Bunny :0 Prije 42 minuta
PLEASE respond to his response on this video BAHAHA
Kristen Poterek
Kristen Poterek Prije 2 sati
This gives me cody and noel vibes a little bit
almond dee
almond dee Prije 2 sati
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="120">2:00</a> little did Danny know toilet paper was going to be the pinnacle of society in 2020
mister. Unavailable
mister. Unavailable Prije 5 sati
Dam Danny cloned himself again
Sly Owl
Sly Owl Prije 6 sati
I'm serious dude. This guy makes me extremely afraid of himself. No wonder no one wants him.
My therapist said no
My therapist said no Prije 10 sati
Are we not gonna talk about how he nonchalantly admitted to hitting his wife? Also bragging about making a girl kill herself? I’m pretty he sure lied about that but if it’s true she deserved better :(
Mr. Dinoman
Mr. Dinoman Prije 10 sati
I was about to type “you guys look burnt” but then I realized I had night shift mode on my phone
lil toenail
lil toenail Prije 11 sati
I wish we still had cleaning products
Lena Carpenter
Lena Carpenter Prije 11 sati
He goes to a hotel in Las Vegas but he mentioned owning a house in Las Vegas so where is the house? 🧐🤨
Abby Dutton
Abby Dutton Prije 12 sati
I just went to his Instagram, literally none of his post have any hate. All of the comments are like “you’re my idol”. Does he like delete the hate or...
The high ground
The high ground Prije 13 sati
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="118">1:58</a> that joke did not age well (edit: nick was prepared)
ErR0r 4554
ErR0r 4554 Prije 13 sati
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="118">1:58</a> now with 2020 context, this is quite the flex man.
Teja Nairn
Teja Nairn Prije 13 sati
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="69">1:9</a>9 ordering toilet paper....he was ahead of his time. If only we knew
Paisley Beatty
Paisley Beatty Prije 13 sati
Omg danny predicted the toilet paper drout
Lightning Gacha
Lightning Gacha Prije 15 sati
Because they’re nice, and not entitled bitches maybe? Also just because my boyfriend isn’t rich, ready to be a father at not even an adult, and is soft and self conscious doesn’t mean he’s not one of the best people in existence.
Wyatt Anzenberger
Wyatt Anzenberger Prije 15 sati
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="644">10:44</a> look at the dislikes
Milfuelle100 Prije 15 sati
My dad and his gf actually DO have a cleaning crew. They come in biweekly. They bring ALL their own supplies except brooms and mops (for hygienic purposes).
cookieaddictions Prije 16 sati
How did he predict that ordering toilet paper on amazon would become a flex
clamboy farty
clamboy farty Prije 17 sati
I was eatin doritos and when he said he wanted to be a dad I accidentally spit my doritos out of my laughter
Juliana Klein
Juliana Klein Prije 18 sati
Do you know what makes this guy even worse he’s a Trump supporter
Abbie’s Vlogs
Abbie’s Vlogs Prije 18 sati
guess who made a video responding to you
Marta Lee
Marta Lee Prije 20 sati
Lol he thinks that ur name is Greg 😂
lentil soup
lentil soup Prije 21 sat
why do dan and drew periodically chant the same things together, gives me cult vibes ill be real
RxseyPxsey Prije 21 sat
Name a more iconic duo
emo fairy
emo fairy Prije 22 sati
mans out here looking like waluigi
Turcan Göksu
Turcan Göksu Prije dan
I'm Turkish but I lived my life like 13 years I lived there in Israel soooo fuck this bitch he looks like my shit he looks like he ran from the barber shop and didn't pay the barber
OldMcDonald YT
OldMcDonald YT Prije 22 sati
Turcan Göksu ok?
Skelly Prije dan
I think he got inspired by Seneca Crane from The Hunger Games.
Starii Night
Starii Night Prije dan
Bruh, dude never shows the women because he IS gay and just doesn’t want mommy to find out
Unlucky Ace
Unlucky Ace Prije dan
Him: why don't girls date someone like me blah blah blah Me : maybe cause you look fucking gay and you are narcistic
That toilet paper joke actually means something now
Dwight Schrute
Dwight Schrute Prije dan
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="119">1:59</a> would come in handy right now
Isaac Wayman
Isaac Wayman Prije dan
I have scentiva Clorox wipes in my bathroom right now, and I'm no rich boy
Adorian_ BtsArmy
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="117">1:57</a> perhaps you are 11 months too early
Anthony Upstart
Anthony Upstart Prije dan
you can ask those guys who tugged on his balls one by one if hes gay
KG Wang
KG Wang Prije dan
I go to that college. The fact that he can see me hurts my soul.
Tony Styles
Tony Styles Prije dan
I hate to compare them to TMG bc they’re 2 completely different yt duos, but this video could compete with any thats cringe honestly 😂
Benjamin Peters
Benjamin Peters Prije dan
The toilet paper part aged well lmao
Benjiboop Prije dan
How the hell did they get this fuckin guy to film that end card?
Luke Trahan
Luke Trahan Prije dan
This is the most middle eastern white man i have ever seen
Bishop Rime
Bishop Rime Prije dan
This guy has a hunger games style beard
Humna Chaudhary
Humna Chaudhary Prije dan
Uses toilet paper and clorox wipes as a flex: 2020: *you got me there*
Sean Hudson
Sean Hudson Prije dan
These guys foreshadowed the toilet paper apocalypse
Charlotte Bonehill
You guys got a responce 6 months ago!!
Alanna Carlson
Alanna Carlson Prije dan
Some say his picture is next to the word "narcissism" in the dictionary.
Rad Beatz
Rad Beatz Prije 22 sati
PIcture? When I looked got to "Narcissim" there was a full link to his Instagram.
TheGaming Pyukumuku
Ive never wanted to shave somones beard so much
Anaisans Prije dan
Him at the Tesla dealership: #buying Also him: drives a beat up pickup truck in his HRvid video
bartholomew Prije dan
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="344">5:44</a>
ding dawng
ding dawng Prije dan
I love how in the screenshots during the beginning people were calling him out
Денис Расщупкин
That amazon toilet paper joke hits different now
tree tree 7bf
tree tree 7bf Prije dan
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="118">1:58</a> anyone watching in 2020 and hate THOSE people?
Birkenstark 2
Birkenstark 2 Prije dan
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="523">8:43</a> me: we don't like when you use our makeup
Jimma OLF JAWAR Prije dan
Anybody notice the inside of her car!
SLG strike
SLG strike Prije dan
Wow his tesla that he is driving is so cool
Rosalie Pauper
Rosalie Pauper Prije dan
No no honey, women don't want you
Nasheeta Rahman
Nasheeta Rahman Prije dan
Description: "maybe don't watch this if you're like 12" Im 10, but still watching
Nasheeta Rahman
Nasheeta Rahman Prije dan
i get why danny said "maybe don't watch this if you're like 12"
Gemmatale Prije dan
he says “balls tugged on one by one” as if he has seven balls
Bree M
Bree M Prije dan
So I'm guessing the 2000 people who disliked this video are Hard Rock Nick's incel/MRA fans.
Nostalgic Whisp
Nostalgic Whisp Prije 2 dana
he's a simp but also an incel
Jack Metcalfe
Jack Metcalfe Prije 2 dana
It is a flex now buying toilet paper
Nova Kitten
Nova Kitten Prije 2 dana
I feel bad for this man.. still a virgin at his age, screws with your mind. This is a joke👌 *(although hes probably still Virgin)*
Daniel Choi
Daniel Choi Prije 2 dana
I'm wondering why anyone mentioned that he's so terrible that he drove women to have so much stress that they got terminal brain cancer, drove multiple women to insanity, and drove a woman to suicide. But he probably just made that up.
Maddux PHILLIPS Prije 2 dana
I can’t wait for them to react to his response
Nathan Hanes
Nathan Hanes Prije 2 dana
What the hell did he do to those ladies
Felix Arts;
Felix Arts; Prije 2 dana
Is me or it kinda scares me how they say the samething at the same time...
jaimie Prije 2 dana
im gonna go look at the comment sections of this dude's videos
SpaceIt OW
SpaceIt OW Prije 2 dana
That toilet paper thing aged well
Jazzy Edwards
Jazzy Edwards Prije 2 dana
After I watched this I bleached my eyes and looked out my window after I saw his so called smile T-T
David Kenny
David Kenny Prije 2 dana
This guy is gonna get punched someday by how he treats women and you can tell by Drew and Danny's face expressions that they agree
Paolo Scacco
Paolo Scacco Prije 2 dana
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="118">1:58</a> danny predicted the virus.. and the toilet paper subscription
JMan TDG Prije 2 dana
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="119">1:59</a> we all need that right about now
Hoof Hearted
Hoof Hearted Prije 2 dana
Look up the cat whisperer he looks just like him
Dalt Winsey
Dalt Winsey Prije 2 dana
Have you seen his clap back video to this
max herm
max herm Prije 2 dana
Hard rock Nick made a vid reacting to this video
Dad Cult
Dad Cult Prije 2 dana
This is what dahvie vanity looks like when he takes off his wig and makeup
Victoria St.armand
Victoria St.armand Prije 2 dana
His 30% ugly 70% of racist and 90% sexist
Victoria St.armand
Victoria St.armand Prije 2 dana
His eyelashes though everything I ever wanted.😭😭
ur mom
ur mom Prije 2 dana
I don't like being born in the same place as him
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