The Strangest Story On The Internet (w/ Drew Gooden) 

Danny Gonzalez
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Today Drew and I are reacting to possibly the strangest fanfic ever written. And it just so happens to be about us. And also Jake and Logan Paul.
Greg is the strongest family on the internet, we're the fastest growing channel on HRvid, and we make fire content. So, instead of making up some pun using my name and calling my fans that, I decided to use a different name entirely. A name so strong, haters tremble when it is spoken. WE ARE GREG. AND WE ARE TAKING OVER THE INTERNET. And all you have to do to join is hit subscribe and turn on notifications.
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Danny Gonzalez
Danny Gonzalez Prije godine
Make sure to fill out this survey! And don’t ask why it’s not important!
Quality Garbage
Quality Garbage Prije mjesec
Your poor poor wife
Lance Marshall
Lance Marshall Prije mjesec
The survey is closed ass hole
Ray Coon
Ray Coon Prije 2 mjeseci
Firehazard 912
Firehazard 912 Prije 3 mjeseci
Danny Gonzalez says just do the freaking survey you pesent
Mickey Prije 3 mjeseci
why is it important
Nora Talbott
Nora Talbott Prije 3 sati
someone please animate this
trashleighinkable Prije 3 sati
I can't stop crying! I'm whipping tears left and right, while I sit alone in my apartment in Chigaco! Also: Why does Logan Paul have control of team 10? I thought that was a Jake Paul thing... It bothers me I noticed that. I need to spend time away from the internet fr.
Evie Howlett
Evie Howlett Prije 3 sati
shipping someone with themselves is weird. because, of course, danny and drew are the same person
ava kirsten
ava kirsten Prije 6 sati
i shouldn’t know this entire video word for word by heart
poopnis egg
poopnis egg Prije 7 sati
this feels like if a sports commentator had to speed write a horny teen's sims 4 play-through
Sans The Trainer
Sans The Trainer Prije 9 sati
This is so cringe, i had to watch it in separate sessions
yee Prije 9 sati
Elayna Prije 10 sati
From the thumbnail it’s obvious Drew is in the video but NOTHING could have prepared me for him being discovered behind the giant nutcracker looking like an angry elf of Santa’s workshop
Invisible Hands
Invisible Hands Prije 12 sati
I didn’t know Drew was a bottom
Sofiya Sh
Sofiya Sh Prije 12 sati
bro, this video is the only thing that makes me laugh. I'm dead inside
webrokethepa Prije 13 sati
I like how they dont even question how Drew **a man** is preggo.
leagus twinketoes
leagus twinketoes Prije 13 sati
011 is similar to 911 where I live in
leagus twinketoes
leagus twinketoes Prije 13 sati
So I’d assume the creators main English language
Everest Sinasi
Everest Sinasi Prije 15 sati
It’s a Wattpad, of course.
AdlaiMargaret Prije 15 sati
petition for Drew and Danny to make this into a movie
Sarah Hull
Sarah Hull Prije 16 sati
Y'all know the neighbor Jackie is actually the 13 year old who wrote this fanfic
Kent Hernandez
Kent Hernandez Prije 16 sati
Dude I laughed so hard I stopped breathing while I was on facetime with my friends and they thought I died
BABBY BOBABS Prije 16 sati
I might be wrong, but doesn't it mean you have cancer if you're a cisgender dude and have a positive pregnancy test?
Katie Karic
Katie Karic Prije 17 sati
Drews little eyebrow raise before they read "pregnancy test" 😂😂
Dam0ster Prije 17 sati
Is nobody gonna talk about how men can’t Be pregnant
sad kid next door
sad kid next door Prije 17 sati
at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="338">5:38</a> danny looks dead inside
WhiteWolf Laughing
WhiteWolf Laughing Prije 18 sati
I laughed so hard I got a six pack 10/10 story, props to the author 👏👏👏
giannamichelle07 Prije 20 sati
All Danny does is just gasp and cry
Iley Alexander
Iley Alexander Prije 20 sati
If Drew’s having a bad 2019 he is gonna have a hell of a bad time in 2020
PLAGUE 8163 Prije 21 sat
Genesis Side
Genesis Side Prije 21 sat
I actually called 011 but after 2 seconds the call ended and I just sat there like wat
Avaia Francis
Avaia Francis Prije 21 sat
Lola McDaniel
Lola McDaniel Prije 21 sat
I’m to lazy to do the survey, but just know I am expecting you both to go to the 1920s to stop the Great Depression and u have to do it with pewdiepie in a fish costume
Kiersten Mathis
Kiersten Mathis Prije 22 sati
It seems I am now Greg ✊
Senpai's Waifu
Senpai's Waifu Prije 21 sat
Welcome to the family ✊
Frogdog Prije 22 sati
Drew: omaea wa mou shindeiru! Danny:Nani? Trwnjrzhdyjtzbfykryn
Emily Hernandez
Emily Hernandez Prije 23 sati
I'm turly greg
Zane Caune
Zane Caune Prije 23 sati
at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="513">8:33</a> my cat woke up. She was scared someone might enter.
Laurel Shokes
Laurel Shokes Prije 23 sati
Jackie is 100% the author. She totally wrote herself into the story lol.
Erik NDTS Prije dan
I’m going to tell drew that you love him.
alicia-rose miller-gray
she really ended j.k rowlings whole career
Kanade Abi
Kanade Abi Prije dan
I can't count how many times I've watched this already
Senpai's Waifu
Senpai's Waifu Prije 21 sat
Ian Ico Air
Ian Ico Air Prije dan
Than you can't count to good.
audrey 061739
audrey 061739 Prije dan
How tf do they keep a straight face so easily like in the beginning omg I could never
Addi Bennett
Addi Bennett Prije dan
The nutcrackers are multiplying soon they Shall Run this planet
Panic Attacks! At the disco
Danny has no ass
Ava Wallace
Ava Wallace Prije dan
I just realized that drew said hello before opening the door when he got kidnapped
Dat D00D
Dat D00D Prije dan
Drew is gregnant
Mollie Elliott
Mollie Elliott Prije dan
Who wants me to make a badly written fanfic in which Amanda goes AWOL in Afghanistan to get kidnapped Laura back? It’ll have better spelling then this one but the same cursed energy.
[Lion ]
[Lion ] Prije dan
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="26">00:26</a>
Hey Adora
Hey Adora Prije dan
Honestly the one thing that gives me hope in life is the fact that my fanfiction is slightly better that this atrocity.
nlrjk nicki
nlrjk nicki Prije dan
drew: im gregnant
Marley Means
Marley Means Prije dan
Did anyone notice that Drew looked animated in the thumbnail? Just me? Okay
Karina Modlin
Karina Modlin Prije dan
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="631">10:31</a> *correction there's 3.47mil now lmao*
Leanne's lounge
Leanne's lounge Prije dan
Wait... hold up it said logan said "team 10 will help you." Meanwhile jake paul owning team 10 soooo
Rylie Bauer
Rylie Bauer Prije dan
*Sigh* This is why Wattpad has an age restriction. They don't want this type of monstrosity on the internet.
Daniela Prije dan
I thought that the thumbnail said "My gooden... you are pregnant" and that "gooden" was just a weird way to say "God"
ibis otter 273
ibis otter 273 Prije dan
Oooooooookay and were starting on wattpad This can only go downhill from here
CheyCraftyEye Gaming
Danny: welcome back to 2 bros making fun of a ship book
Dean Winchesterlover
Throughout this entire video, Danny is still having a heart attack...
Hex Prije 2 dana
Based on a drew story.
Nova Kitten
Nova Kitten Prije 2 dana
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="956">15:56</a> Dont mind me..
Fredforth Tuckerson
Fredforth Tuckerson Prije 2 dana
Tellise is supposed to be “trellis.” You know, the frame that you can grow flowers on.
Everyday is Everyday
Omg them reacting to this fanfic made my day! I'm DYing from laughter!
ally allyally
ally allyally Prije 2 dana
after every 2 words: “t h e n”
arion. Prije dan
That’s how you know it’s good
Hottest Angle
Hottest Angle Prije 2 dana
anticryy xx
anticryy xx Prije 2 dana
Imagine how awkward it was to read this sitting next to each other 😂😂
Charles Dolling
Charles Dolling Prije 2 dana
I had a strange fever dream after I watched this and I was taken to a suicide hospital
no u
no u Prije 2 dana
Danny: They kidnapped him! Drew: ᶠᵘᶜᵏ (<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="395">6:35</a>)
Ro McMahon
Ro McMahon Prije 2 dana
Why does Drew look like Chris Morocco in this video
Rose Liv
Rose Liv Prije 2 dana
amanda is back
KitKatKaelyn Prije 2 dana
This wedding seems just like Tana Mongeu's
caffeineandmemes Prije 2 dana
Okay, can we all support Jackie though? This fictional character is supportive and willing to call her friends out on their shit. She's the friend we all need
BunnyOfDeath !
BunnyOfDeath ! Prije 2 dana
i can *feel* the discomfort eminating from this
simmel Prije 2 dana
this is easily my favorite video
Brianna Dance
Brianna Dance Prije 2 dana
Love the intro😂
GraveForRent Prije 2 dana
I'm high as fuck and the fact that Logan was doing this has me fucking dying
M Prije 2 dana
No-one: Danny: *cries*
isabella adkins
isabella adkins Prije 2 dana
ive watched this 10 times and it gets better every time
hsmile12 Prije 2 dana
Jackie is such a self insertation
Milkywater aesthetic
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="878">14:38</a> I lost it
xcarmen Prije 2 dana
Jackie is 100% a self insert lol
Vera Åkerman Björsell
Where did all those nutcrackers come from though??
Bella Grace
Bella Grace Prije 2 dana
I wonder what it would be like if someone walked in on them making this video! 😂 😂 😂 😂
NEWT A5 Prije 3 dana
I think they meant Danny made tea for Logan and also tea for himself, then Logan looked at him sweetly 😂😂😂
Katherine Lachcik
Katherine Lachcik Prije 3 dana
Right as Logan and Danny started making out, my webpage reloaded “because there was a problem”
i love the way they cook linguine
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="731">12:11</a> that would be nice. and while we're talking let me offer you some free advice. talk less. smile more. don't let them know what you're against or what you're for.
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