The Road to PS5 

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PS5 lead system architect Mark Cerny provides a deep dive into PS5’s system architecture and how it will shape the future of games.



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Teresa hikes
Teresa hikes Prije sat
thats nice. but does it play games?
DestropOP Prije 2 sati
99% of the comments are how he talked for 52 minutes
Gabo Leaños
Gabo Leaños Prije 2 sati
No entendi ni berga
Rainzy Prije 3 sati
Will u be able to put ur downloaded games (not disc) from ur PS4 to PS5
Josh Reynor
Josh Reynor Prije 3 sati
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1158">19:18</a> - <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1170">19:30</a> SAY WHAAAAAA??
Ибрагим Хаджимурадов
Can i play PlayStation 5 games on PlayStation 2?
Nathan Tran
Nathan Tran Prije 3 sati
late 2020
Dion Payne
Dion Payne Prije 4 sati
Ready Player One is the best place to look for dreams!!
Johnny Qush
Johnny Qush Prije 4 sati
Wow the PS5 looks just like a humanbeing
De kk wil je dat k zet
I will get this when I have my own part time job
d3T23 Tj
d3T23 Tj Prije 5 sati
Thank you playstation. I have the ps4 and is awesome, and I can't wait for the ps5
Jovanni Nazario
Jovanni Nazario Prije 6 sati
Tell me why I that Ryan Reynolds was explaining the PS5
Thanos Prije 6 sati
I wish they would at least tell us when it’s going to be revealed
Jake Jamison
Jake Jamison Prije 7 sati
I love how in depth this video goes, I also love how Sony is trying to innovate and create something genuinely new.
IARAZZ Bazz Prije 7 sati
PS 5 is a future of gaming,Great work Mark cerny and team
Yee_ Playz
Yee_ Playz Prije 8 sati
Bruh I cant even get on my account cause i dont remember dob or password Prije 8 sati
Guys ı am ps3-4 user. I am sorry but tflops is important think. Dont forget base ps4 and xbox one's performance. And now, difference 3 teraflops (ps5 is not native 10.2 teraflops). This is advantage for xbox series x for multiplartform games.
NOBODY Prije 8 sati
It'll be able to go wireless like a laptop, My predictions
Jabez Sembegere
Jabez Sembegere Prije 9 sati
DCUO not going to PS5. Not happening. It’s over. It’s 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀
Speed PL
Speed PL Prije 10 sati
For me, playstation consoles are my whole life, everyone looks only at power and forgets what playstation 5 console really is, it will be the most technological masterpiece and all the technology in it will show what the new generation of playstation can do, I do not go on a discussion about the power in pure teraflops You can see it on games such as killzone shadow fall uncharted 4 horizon zero down days gone and the upcoming the last of us 2 and Ghost of Tsushima I would love to finally see what Sony is up to, what consoles show is showing games on ps5 and finally showed no great itself has the power of ps5 💖😘💖
Mat Prije 10 sati
Devilea Ea
Devilea Ea Prije 10 sati
Xbox is the powerful Android phones. PS is the efficient iPhones 😜
Bat vlog
Bat vlog Prije 11 sati
When Mark cerny came on the stage i thought it was Jim Carrey
Vye Prije 11 sati
Nobody: Him: Writes essay perfectly and never has an edited comment.
MYTABER Prije 12 sati
I cant even remeber a 5 minute shool presentation
skinny slim
skinny slim Prije 14 sati
Can't wait!!!!!!
MokerPrankzzz Prije 14 sati
Is he an A.I robot?
Shyh Horng
Shyh Horng Prije 16 sati
Xbox camp managed to rally 116K worth of downvote. Impressive.
Shit Hinny
Shit Hinny Prije 18 sati
I need a better console to beat Noobmaster69
Qwesyz Prije 19 sati
I'm like :/ because I have a ps4 xD
Slim diced Roberto
Slim diced Roberto Prije 19 sati
Can we just take a moment that playstion has way more subscribers then Xb....🤢 you know what I mean
Ibrahim Inayat
Ibrahim Inayat Prije 19 sati
Those who are thinking that Ps4 will become Cheap Hit like
Александр Коротков
Gpu у новой плойки горячей мамки шевцова. Пойду куплю новый xbox пожалуй.
Galy Guerrero
Galy Guerrero Prije 20 sati
I think I'm in the wrong online class... 😳🤚
Emmanuel Aguirre
Emmanuel Aguirre Prije 20 sati
ASMR at its finest
Cashstrophe Prije 21 sat
Bro he sounds like he could help a person with sleep troubles
Yusha Yu
Yusha Yu Prije 23 sati
If FF7 remake cant play it on PS 5 , i stand with PS 4. Thats it !!
SON INIMAGINABLE lnuYasha ultru mega
playstation 200
محمد احمد
محمد احمد
AKA CJ Prije dan
Who's skip to look for the PlayStation 5
Bo1t S
Bo1t S Prije dan
Did they mention when they will release it cuz I’m too lazy to watch the full vid
Tuấn z800
Tuấn z800 Prije dan
Put an RX 5700 XT GPU in it!
Frank Castle
Frank Castle Prije dan
He kind of sounds like Ryan Reynolds
Weston Prije dan
He looks and sounds like an fricken someone who hypnotize people... no wonder he was chosen...
Edward Juarez
Edward Juarez Prije dan
Vengo del futuro y solo vengo a decirles que Xbox Series X ya les metió toda la pirinola a los de sony🤭
Alexis Cruz
Alexis Cruz Prije dan
As a fan of play station I had a lot of hype to know what ps5 will offer and after seeing what they announced I am disappointed as a consumer of play station.
That one Canuck
That one Canuck Prije dan
I love all the retards crying that this is boring. This generation is going to be nuts
kean anargya
kean anargya Prije dan
dude what happend to console gamer bruhh console its not about the spek or the tecnology but its about all the gamee dudee ita doesn't matter if x box is better or ps 5 us better is not matter at all,the proof is when ps 2 release ps 2 is the lowest spek and tecnology between nitendo and x box but ps2 has the most best seller in the product thats is proof that this is not about the spek and tecnology blablabla is you want to batle spek or tecnology just buy pc you stupid,this is console not pc!!!.
Bring back play station home
Tasty_xperiences Instagram
I'll just wait buying until the sheep do it straight after the release so they can fix the bugs and provit the lower price eventually
Joshua Kunda
Joshua Kunda Prije dan
Sony. Can I speak for everyone in saying can you bring split screen back? Like need for speed is not even the same anymore
Desk Top
Desk Top Prije dan
Not gonna buy a ps anymore. Never ever again.
Light Yagami
Light Yagami Prije dan
Why ?
Gabriel Flores
Gabriel Flores Prije dan
Ps4 probably is gonna be the only ps console that i'm gonna skip entirelely, not only it has a small catalogue but most of the games are garbage. from sports games to bad sequels to remakes being like the 50% of the catalogue, if ps5 has ps1 ps2 ps3 compability, then i will buy it asap.
Ezno Snopes
Ezno Snopes Prije dan
Not a single "ummm" or "errrr". He reminds me of Data.
Shreeram Nene
Shreeram Nene Prije dan
Yeah he is a teacher
Bennybolo Prije dan
We he said "1GB divided by 100/mbs divided by 1.5*= 20 seconds Rough HDD SPECS" I felt that
G Club
G Club Prije dan
Sony pictures entertainment : 4.22 million subscribers PlayStation : 9.76 million subscribers But Sony as a whole 342K subscribers
eu Eulaadoua
eu Eulaadoua Prije dan
How much does it cost and when appear?
asian rice boi
asian rice boi Prije dan
me: mom can i have a sony walkman? sony walkman at home:
Matthew Lombard
Matthew Lombard Prije dan
He is better than a warm glass of milk or counting sheep! I have trouble staying awake.
Hello i am team series x. And the graphic on this console is incredible on series x byeee and you talk for nothing
Sr. Jorge
Sr. Jorge Prije dan
Mythical Prodigy
For people saying "so again xbox is faster." Look at the statistics. As a example. Xbox one has slightly better graphics than ps4 yet who's made more sales? Playstation with 60 million more dollars. That's embarrassing. Power means nothing. It matters about the GAMES and what people want to play. Xbox one and ps4 are VERY close in stats. Same with xbox x series and ps5. I'm just saying power means nothing.
NICK XP Prije 19 sati
Bigk3695 I don’t understand why you are referring to Xbox. The Xbox one was less powerful than the PS4 and the Xbox One S was less powerful than the PS4 Pro. Only the Xbox One X is more powerful than the PS4 Pro, and that was $100 more expensive than the PS4 Pro. So what you are saying, doesn’t make sense.
Bigk3695 Prije 19 sati
@NICK XP power doesn't mean everything says the statistics that show sales numbers and revenue. 110+million PlayStations sold vs 48 million Xboxes. Just saying
NICK XP Prije dan
Mythical Prodigy power means nothing? Well, maybe to you. So speak for yourself.
Si Filey
Si Filey Prije dan
Microsoft is prepared to give Xbox Series X away for FREE just to win more Xbox Adopters. Can Sony combat that?
N4P_L0L Prije dan
Plz An original photo :T
LR Nappa
LR Nappa Prije dan
Maybe in May
AbyssGamer Prije dan
Ps4 pro=Jet Fan Ps5=rocket Fan
Никита Захарченко
Говняная консоль однако PS 5 Xbox Series X - TOP!!!!!
XproxLuxas Prije dan
I got a PS4 now I'm waiting for PS5
T_A_R Prije dan
والله متحمس
DustiNFrom YT
DustiNFrom YT Prije dan
All we need is the price... not the specs.
Yash shah
Yash shah Prije dan
His voice is so soothing ❤️
For Real?
For Real? Prije dan
This guy sounds like Ryan Reynolds
P Javier Faundez Vergara
Arreglen las PS4 😤😡😡😡😡😡
Master WolfGamerYT
I have PS4 Slim
Thanos Prije dan
Yep. Give him a raise
Master WolfGamerYT
I Think ps5 beter at ps4
Brassard Guillaume
xbox series x is better
Laser Skull
Laser Skull Prije dan
I just wanted to see the ps5 and see if it got better quality but i just learned so much I think im gonna go work for SONY
Lesther Deza
Lesther Deza Prije dan
_Xbox fanboy in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!!!_
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