The Dark Season - Justin Bieber: Seasons 

Justin Bieber
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Justin talks in-depth for the first time publicly about his health. He shares details on his history with drugs: when and why he started using them, and the dark moments that made him realize it was time to quit for good. He also reveals how he deals with his physical and mental health after being diagnosed with Lyme disease. Most importantly, he gets candid about the daily battles he's still fighting now, how he got help and took control of his life, and how, if you're struggling with something, you can, too.
Below are resources you can access if you or someone you know is in need of treatment, recovery support, or simply needs someone to talk to:
Crisis Text Line: Text SHARE to 741741 for free, confidential support at your fingertips, 24/7.
SAMHSA Hotline: Call 1-800-662-HELP (4357) or TTY: 1-800-487-4889 to access a confidential, free, 24/7 information service, in English and Spanish, for individuals and family members facing mental and/or substance use disorders.
Visit the Recovery Resource Hub ( to search for recovery resources located near you.
Join this Facebook group run by The Voices Project groups/thevoicesproject for online peer support and to connect with others who are affected by addiction.
You are not alone ♥️

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3. Vel 2020.



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Komentari 13 646   
Winnie kansimwe
Winnie kansimwe Prije 43 minuta
Wishing them the best his wifey is such a guardian angel ❤
Pickle P
Pickle P Prije sat
She always has that god dam phone in her hand It takes a few years to recover from addiction. Haley has she ever been a drug addict?
Bethany Hanna
Bethany Hanna Prije sat
Brigitte van
Brigitte van Prije 2 sati
thank you for sharing, I'm sure it's inspired and help so many people
Namrata Varma
Namrata Varma Prije 3 sati
This made me cry
Angelina Covers
Angelina Covers Prije 3 sati
I just would like to say that no matter how much fortune someone attains or has, you never know what they actually feel internally because we are quick to judge externally. Seeing the true side of Justin honestly makes me have more respect and more understanding of his hardships. Thanx Justin for sharing something so deep and personal.
Angelina Covers
Angelina Covers Prije 3 sati
guys I also want y'all to know that it takes guts to share something about yourself that you know has made your experience as a person a rollercoaster but I'm telling you that just by telling someone about it helps to ease the pain because at least you know someone you trust is listening to you.
Tiger Lily
Tiger Lily Prije 4 sati
After a life of giving SO much of yourself to the world...YOU DESERVE TO GO FIND YOUR HAPPINESS. You deserve to be healthy, loved and at peace, Justin. ❤❤❤❤❤
Chlomato Prije 4 sati
Okay hailey Bieber is truly an angel. I used to love her for her looks but now I love her as a person. More hailey on youtube pls!! And biebs, always a fan!!
Tiger Lily
Tiger Lily Prije 4 sati
Hailey seems like she definitely has her head on straight and I am so happy for Justin that he has someone like that in his life to be there for him the way it seems like she is. It makes me really sad to know that Justin's been through so much. I've totally been there... Hell and back. But I've come out the other side and now I'm fighting for my dreams. And I really hope and wish the best for him. Rooting for you Justin and Hailey!
Len Sangster
Len Sangster Prije 5 sati
I know too well that feeling like you can’t get out of bed. It’s a struggle I’m working on and too many ppl experience the same. I respect and very happy to see Justin realize the changes He needed to make. Best Wishes for a continuous recovery and well balance.
ariel Mendoza cabello
tmontejano1 Prije 5 sati
The title should of been "Justin"fied instead of Seasons. 🙄 You got all these peeps making excuses for you for acting like a little prick. Especially to Selena
day tripper
day tripper Prije 5 sati
He has a new album coming out, need i say more?
do do
do do Prije 6 sati
I think hailey totally care and cure justin's health and mental. she is so kind and fit with justin. she is gorgeous.
Isabela Maia
Isabela Maia Prije 6 sati
Jesus te abençoe , você na conseguiu , você e sua esposa são vencedores !
Karnila Montjai
Karnila Montjai Prije 6 sati
Beliebers always support you Justin 😊💕
Gabriella viana
Gabriella viana Prije 6 sati
Demais ,DEUS é bom ❤
Savanna Haught
Savanna Haught Prije 7 sati
In my opinion your better off sticking with the weed over an antidepressant. Weed is natural. Pills aren't. But over all happy you're healthy.
Jessica Pope
Jessica Pope Prije 7 sati
They have such a great relationship 😍
cLowTz RB
cLowTz RB Prije 8 sati
good it’s better now brother, I wish you and your family all the best
Geovana Eduardo
Geovana Eduardo Prije 8 sati
I love you soooo much Justin 😭💜
Migena Mata
Migena Mata Prije 9 sati
You deserve being happy and healthy! I wish you the best ! #beliebersince2011
Shay'sWay Prije 9 sati
Honestly Justin is so blessed that he has this amount of people that truly cares about him , that’s a big part of what got him through this so many people going through this with absolutely no one that’s when many feel like quitting . I hope whatever anyone’s going through you get through it , don’t give up your not alone God is with you ❤️a your not ,
Beppi Katze
Beppi Katze Prije 9 sati
It‘s so strong of you that you talk about your problems in puplicity❤️ You have a really big heart and a charakter made out of gold❤️Thank you that you are here Justin❤️Good luck for the future❤️Never give up and always be the same❤️
quezia brigadeiro
quezia brigadeiro Prije 10 sati
Corre dos Iluminatis, não entre nessa vibe. Você é um rapaz cheio de talentos valorize o que Deus te emprestou.
Maddisen Gesner
Maddisen Gesner Prije 10 sati
for a while i got to the point where i didn’t like him as much as i used to because of all the bad decisions he was making and the way he was acting. now that i understand what was going on and why he was acting the way he was, it completely changes the way i look at him. i honestly never knew what was going on or how bad it was until i watched this video specifically, and now that i know all i can say is i’m so incredibly proud of him for working on himself and taking the steps he needs to stay sober. justin, i love you and i hope you keep doing what your doing cause i can tell it’s good and that it’s working. just remember you can do anything you put your mind to. keep your head up sweetheart, you got this ❤️
Aly Carrion
Aly Carrion Prije 10 sati
I would love to ask him , after all you’ ve been through because of fame , was it worth it ?
Amaze Prije 11 sati
Brittany Woods
Brittany Woods Prije 11 sati
I stopped hailey and Justin
Brittany Woods
Brittany Woods Prije 11 sati
I’m triggered
Jacara Watkins
Jacara Watkins Prije 11 sati
This documentary is a rollercoaster😔 I appreciate that he gave his fans a look into his life, showing the ups and downs.
Pamela Lepdung
Pamela Lepdung Prije 12 sati
Lord thank You for helping Justin pull through😊
Anvy de Tour
Anvy de Tour Prije 14 sati
Wow. I have a new found respect for Justin.
Anvy de Tour
Anvy de Tour Prije 14 sati
"That's rich people shit" lol Haley is actually pretty cool
Lauren Garnett
Lauren Garnett Prije 14 sati
I respect you for doing this, admitting you need help and then getting help, it will help inspire so many people on different personal levels. Be proud, I hope you carry on the way your going and become the best you possible 💛
Sílvia Guimarães
Sílvia Guimarães Prije 14 sati
Vc consegue Justin, tenha Deus na sua vida em tudo q fizer! Não entre nessa, cultue coisas boas e saudáveis e lembre q dinheiro nenhum no mundo faz vc se sentir quem realmente vc é. Só Deus q muda direções e nos trás paz.
Sílvia Guimarães
Sílvia Guimarães Prije 14 sati
Não sei inglês mas com certeza alguém irá traduzir pra vc.
C Danes
C Danes Prije 14 sati
Can't believe American doctors ajve convinced this man he is unwell.... Wow they are good!!!
جومانة ابراهيم
كم عرب يوجد هونا
unknownuser Prije 15 sati
I wish I could afford to have daniel amen as my doctor 😖
Ash Smith
Ash Smith Prije 16 sati
Who doesn't love Justin he's a super honest sweet guy
Lucky Brishty
Lucky Brishty Prije 16 sati
I wish justin will be well soon. I will pray for you .😑
Pierre Lara Sabrina
Pierre Lara Sabrina Prije 16 sati
Merci Justin pour tes conseils Il ne faut être égoïste ça ma vraiment touché tu as changé ma vie 😭 Dieu dans son amour sa va allé bien
Fathia Kachouri
Fathia Kachouri Prije 17 sati
مسلسل الامراة حلقت 210 215
libby blake
libby blake Prije 18 sati
8:46 “this is Jose, he’s the best. such a good guy” 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
Nova Alpha
Nova Alpha Prije 18 sati
I love you Justin
Lorenzo Cavaletti
Lorenzo Cavaletti Prije 19 sati
Potente. Bulletproof
Aleksaa Stojanović
Aleksaa Stojanović Prije 19 sati
That is spiritual bro, you need deliverance from spirit of depression and anexiety
Анастасия Соловьёва
Effie Mavros
Effie Mavros Prije 20 sati
Keep pushing forward young man, God loves you and life is worth living. A very important video. And his wife, she just seems so positive and supportive, Ihope he makes the most of that and uses it to evolve into the man he was intended to be. He's a special young man, I wish him well xx
Pablo Silva e silva
Pablo Silva e silva Prije 21 sat
Eaii Justin você tem um coração bom cara, todo mundo fala, então me empresta 100 mil dólares aí estou precisando mesmo mano, jesus disse ao jovem rico dá toda sua fortuna aos pobre para herdar a vida eterna. É só 100 mil mano não é nada pra você, tô precisando mesmo. Rs
youngjdef Prije 22 sati
*"That's some rich people shit"* 7:50 LOL! That comment made me gain so much respect for Hailey xD She's down to earth for sure
denyse silva
denyse silva Prije 22 sati
Justin have very luck of had hailey as wife she is perfect for him congratulatipns couple they are example of couple of true love true!!
denyse silva
denyse silva Prije 22 sati
Selena never care of justin sick she let him only hailey not always care and loves justin inconditional
denyse silva
denyse silva Prije 22 sati
Selena never did it
denyse silva
denyse silva Prije 22 sati
Wife not is only sex she is a friend loves him true care him support him anything she is a great perfect wife
denyse silva
denyse silva Prije 22 sati
Hailet care very much with justin wife perfect!
Bare vibes
Bare vibes Prije 23 sati
Maite Ibañez
Maite Ibañez Prije dan
Justin tienes una mujer muy bella, Hailey y te quiere.😘💝
Бубка Христова
I think he was just fine even as a kid . There are sooo many ppl not in the public eye that did much worse than him . And he even got better. A lot of “normal” people don’t get better ...I think people were just salty cuz he was this super young white kid making hella money 💰... ppl need to just chill out . Imagine if ppl actually saw him as a kid at the time and weren’t so nasty . Imagine the world encouraged him more instead of shitting on him 24/7. It’s one thing when u are fucking with an adult , but with a child ?!? I think people weren’t just so cruel ... but good job on getting better . That shows that you have a strong character.
Kaike Eduardos
Kaike Eduardos Prije dan
By polar tha right but do what him do it like heart someone yeah the scky don't open because you wake up yes we understand you're past on you family don't tell you the truth of tha life