Please Stop Making Life Hacks 

Drew Gooden
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just stop ok.
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Komentari 80   
Siddhi Chopra
Siddhi Chopra Prije 2 sati
This Gooden guy is pretty bad. Why isnt he called baaden
Amora Neke Lukisan
Amora Neke Lukisan Prije 4 sati
I don't think the egg cracker is that bad... I mean it's more for people who have anxiety with that sort of thing, and it's a multiple use option. Not a life hack for everybody but I can imagine that if my anxiety were just a little bit harder to deal with (and it did used to be, now I just scream inside) then I would actually consider making it just so I wouldn't have to worry everytime I crack an egg... I'm also a pescaterian now because of digestive issues, so I've also just been banned for having eggs altogether...
satchel sequeira
satchel sequeira Prije 14 sati
If you want the video and not the skit then the ends at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="114">1:54</a>
franjo Prije 20 sati
Quick question, how the fuck did you get the key on the glasses. That's the lifehack I would want to see
EnigmaDrath Prije 21 sat
"Hey, guys! Welcome back to NO!" Me, staring at the red green on screen: ... NO!
Lennon Rose
Lennon Rose Prije dan
The first few skit things gave me hotel vibes like the nice ones with that are big and theres a pool a little far from it and by the grass every night there are fire pits for marshmallows
amuplay iPad
amuplay iPad Prije dan
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="428">7:08</a> WHO HAS THIS MUCH BEER IN THEIR FRIDGE!?
nina :D
nina :D Prije dan
Omg I subscribed now I’m officially Greg
Jenny Fisher
Jenny Fisher Prije dan
Danny plays Runescape?
AestheticaPlayz roblox!
Hi danny gonzalez! Love you're videos danny!
Confused Chicken
Seatgeek: exists Coronavirus: I'm about to end this mans whole career.
T-RexXD225 Prije dan
Ok but here’s a good one that I figured out. For me personally it’s hard to separate egg whites with egg yolks if you don’t already have egg whites. I’m just messy. Basically get an empty water bottle probably from recycling or something and you can suck out the egg yolf
Katethepotato Prije 2 dana
I just wanted to say that’s a pretty dope shirt
Andolad Prije 2 dana
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="428">7:08</a> the memories!!!
Zaco Ran11
Zaco Ran11 Prije 3 dana
Krispy Kactus
Krispy Kactus Prije 4 dana
I need Drew's shirt.
Anita_ k
Anita_ k Prije 4 dana
Annie Smith
Annie Smith Prije 5 dana
Wow! anyone else notice he forgot to say “hey greg” like usual?
Drake Tales
Drake Tales Prije 5 dana
No joke the add before this was bed bath and beyond and it was showing recipes that were pretty much life hacks and I thought it wasn’t the add and thought it was the video playing.
Baylee Romero
Baylee Romero Prije 5 dana
I needed this after my Shane Dawson conspiracy theory binge watch
Matteo Allegra
Matteo Allegra Prije 6 dana
Right off the bat, leaving a plate in warm milk for 48 hours means that milk is going to get rancid. You may not be able to retrieve the plate so easily, after two days.
War Cedric
War Cedric Prije 6 dana
Thought this was Danny Gonzalez
Carrie Gates
Carrie Gates Prije 7 dana
I keep coming back to watch Drew say "Welcome back to...NO". It might be the best thing I've ever seen.
Sam_Thing_Else Prije 7 dana
“Welcome back t- NO!”
Lillian Beckett
Lillian Beckett Prije 7 dana
Fun fact: apparently, the plate/milk thing works with bone China.
Aceh Prije 7 dana
i customize dolls so the hair yarn “hack” is actually a pretty cool alternative to nylon hair! i’ve rerooted two dolls and it IS as annoying as it looks, but its pretty cool.
Colleen W
Colleen W Prije 7 dana
My cousin was the only one in his high school football team whose electronics were not stolen once because he would hide them in a (clean) pair of underwear.
Andrey Pokhvalynskiy
He’s the type of guy who’s this close to being cringe but then he’s actually funny Fucking hate iOS 13
Karrot Senpai Productions
HRvid unsubscribed me..
Laura Edogawa
Laura Edogawa Prije 8 dana
This video feels so relevant now cause Drew is dressed like Tom Nook and the guy with the ring used Corona beer to clean
Kylie Gunn
Kylie Gunn Prije 8 dana
Okay so my pants don't fit anymore because I'm 7 months pregnant. Will water help this?
Anaelle Prije 3 dana
yes! water helps to reduce pregnancy!! #LIFEHACKS
Nah Prije 8 dana
Dude nice shirt
Sofie The Winged
Sofie The Winged Prije 8 dana
For some reason "open a drawer, dumbass!" just sent me
Tiffany Mossuto
Tiffany Mossuto Prije 8 dana
I didn't mind life hacks until they started playing on the little screens at gas stations.
Alexis Hamel
Alexis Hamel Prije 9 dana
i actually used the wet pants life hack once. it may leave your pants wet, but it works.
Rata Tatat
Rata Tatat Prije 9 dana
I’m a farmer and I can tell you that the gardening segment is complete bullshit first of all the seeds won’t work because of years of selective breeding and also all of those plants have different growing seasons and more there isn’t enough rood room in those egg shells for it to even start growing
Kennedy Schurman
Kennedy Schurman Prije 9 dana
Danny? Is that you I see in the video? Ohh wait wait it’s drew nvm
Paranoid Lizard
Paranoid Lizard Prije 9 dana
For those of y’all with color blindness: the joke is that it says green but it’s red
Tori Bray
Tori Bray Prije 10 dana
hey guy, welcome back to *no* KILLED ME
Etliss sr
Etliss sr Prije 11 dana
Life hack: Cant sleep? Here’s a solution, close your eyes and wait
Snazzeo Prije 11 dana
That’s a great shirt
I am MoreGregthenDanny
With the pants one, it's not that hard to sew
muadh rhymer
muadh rhymer Prije 11 dana
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="225">3:45</a> I tried this hack it only worked for 5 seconds
ten out of chittaphon
ten out of chittaphon Prije 12 dana
Dont forget to kiss all of your family on the lips.
Mr Gold Builds
Mr Gold Builds Prije 12 dana
There using carona beer on the ring
CJED CJED Prije 11 dana
Mr Gold Builds so that’s how this all started...
Daniel Yoon Is best boi
The drawer one seemed like they copied light yagamis idea in death note
just me actually
just me actually Prije 12 dana
nobody for asked this
Cheshire Cat
Cheshire Cat Prije 13 dana
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="426">7:06</a> *its Corona time*
Vincent Varela
Vincent Varela Prije 13 dana
But you won’t have content if the life hacks are gone !
Pho King #1
Pho King #1 Prije 14 dana
How much says that the people who believe some of these *coughs* warm milk fixes PORCELAIN, use the phrase "my mom lives with me not the other way around"?
Colten Molten
Colten Molten Prije 14 dana
Theory- Drew is like Danny Gonzalez, they should make a collab.
Sane and Sans
Sane and Sans Prije 15 dana
Thank you Danny, very cool
Nik Behnert-lackner
Nik Behnert-lackner Prije 16 dana
Then don’t watch them
CJED CJED Prije 11 dana
Nik Behnert-lackner no, fuck off
piogal34 Prije 16 dana
My grandma actually used to put ketchup on her rings to make them shinier. No joke.
Reel Elkhidir
Reel Elkhidir Prije 16 dana
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="428">7:08</a> CORONA
Mikael Jørgensen
Mikael Jørgensen Prije 16 dana
so no one is going to ask how drew got the key on the glasses?
Apple Cake
Apple Cake Prije 16 dana
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="485">8:05</a> LMAO WHAT IS THAT SONG OMGG.
Ellen Ane Hem
Ellen Ane Hem Prije 17 dana
Now i know How to hide drugs
Nicholas Costa
Nicholas Costa Prije 17 dana
bruh, this video is quite epic!
thedarkness111 Prije 17 dana
Wait... In America you have chocolate frosties!?
Keaton Scott
Keaton Scott Prije 17 dana
How’d he get the key on his glasses
xuanthuy ngo
xuanthuy ngo Prije 18 dana
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="428">7:08</a> anyone notice how they use Corona virus *cough cough* i mean beer 🤨🥴😉
Contemplating life choices On titan
Bruh she used corona beer; didn’t age well
L Prije 20 dana
ahh the happy year of 2018 no virus outbreak
Eyad Ramadan
Eyad Ramadan Prije 20 dana
Life hack: drink water
Eyad Ramadan
Eyad Ramadan Prije 20 dana
Life hack: exchange money for goods and services
Eyad Ramadan
Eyad Ramadan Prije 20 dana
Life hack: use a pencil to write your homework
Eyad Ramadan
Eyad Ramadan Prije 20 dana
Life hack: wear clothes so you aren't naked
thegoodlisteners listenwell
How is runescape not dead
Maggie Poo
Maggie Poo Prije 21 dan
Drew’s wife has lost hope for drew
Arjun Pakrashi
Arjun Pakrashi Prije 21 dan
+1 for RuneScape.
Ultimate Corgi God
Ultimate Corgi God Prije 21 dan
Nobody for asked this
NoodleDoesDoodles Prije 21 dan
Nobody: Me:Nobody For Asked This
Devin Suarezz
Devin Suarezz Prije 22 dana
Lost it at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="571">9:31</a>
ThisIs MyName
ThisIs MyName Prije 23 dana
The hack about the stapler and the pants didn't they think about when they sit down that it would hurt🤔
Advait Vitekar
Advait Vitekar Prije 23 dana
Dumb video. Satire isn't always appropriate and if it isn't, it just becomes a cringefest .
Chihiro Fujisaki
Chihiro Fujisaki Prije 23 dana
Its Me Tami
Its Me Tami Prije 26 dana
Was anyone else waiting for "SeatGeek is an amazing app that helps you to buy Tickets to anything in literally the easiest way possible"?
Siddhi Chopra
Siddhi Chopra Prije 26 dana
I'm greg.
THE booknerd
THE booknerd Prije 27 dana
You don't plant pepper seeds that close together. Use a pot for Demeter's sake.
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