Nuclear Fallout - Keemstar 

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21. Svi 2020.



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h3h3Productions Prije 7 dana
Watch Part 1: Watch Part 3:
real hypedxc
real hypedxc Prije 4 dana
Remember that guy you defended and you just ignore him so stop using people for you can look good to save your HRvid career
Jaden Yuki
Jaden Yuki Prije 4 dana
Ethan I'm no longer to be your fan because you talk about Etika and Keemstar
Adrian Lacey
Adrian Lacey Prije 4 dana
Mike Clark
Mike Clark Prije 5 dana
Man I want that hat where can I buy it?
BoltaSlo Prije 5 dana
Why keemstar isnt blocked yet.... he is poison
blazo king
blazo king Prije 6 sati
What about the time you called the entire catholic Church pedos and were blatantly racist to Indians in your podcast?
Josh Homewood
Josh Homewood Prije 6 sati
I feel bad for you. You had to sit through hours of GnomeStar
Ronald Mexico
Ronald Mexico Prije 6 sati
Keemstar should honestly have been arrested by now or kicked off of YT. That girl who famously convinced her boyfriend to kill himself got jail time, why not him? You’ve more than proven the argument that Keemstar systematically pushes mentally ill people to the point of suicide for views, time and again. He doesn’t deserve to have a platform because his words are literally DANGEROUS to a subset of his viewership. If YT is aware of this and not doing anything its bullshit.
Connor Lawrence
Connor Lawrence Prije 6 sati
Keep this up, love these style of videos. I wasn’t a fan for the last while, but this, this is good.
Alexander corvair
Alexander corvair Prije 6 sati
No no keemstars got it all wrong. keemstar IS THE HYPOCRITIC
ethan devine
ethan devine Prije 6 sati
Keemstar is WAAAAAAY better H3H3 is gay
laxmannate07 Prije 7 sati
that beard has to be glued on
Qais YSFZ Prije 7 sati
I just realised why he’s called KILLER keemstar 🤭
BenPenPenRBX Prije 7 sati
Why can't he just accept a defeat? He has already witnessed so many wins
J. Groff
J. Groff Prije 7 sati
I wish Ethan would’ve defended himself about the hypocrite comments. Instead he just went back at keemstar and didn’t refute what keemstar was saying
Rain Prije 8 sati
I was a keen fan I subscribed
john milxer
john milxer Prije 8 sati
Im gonna be honest. Keemstar isn’t super guilty, but he IS overreacting about getting heat when he really does send heat to people everyday
Zion Prije 8 sati
Keemstar uses Trump tactics.
firave Prije 8 sati
All keem throws around is hate, and he wonders why people hate him back? lol this man is very logical.
Coty Guidry
Coty Guidry Prije 8 sati
Both you and Keem just ruined YT
Christopher Sabados
Christopher Sabados Prije 8 sati
They both can’t take criticism
Aden W.
Aden W. Prije 9 sati
Bruh my mans thinks hes actually funny? I wonder if he knows that he wouldn’t be anybody without a screen to hide behind and shit talk people from. Real life he’d be faced with the concrete consequences of his actions and he would just be a sweaty bald short man with a beard that makes any man with hair on his chest vomit at the sight of it
LordBattleSmurf Prije 9 sati
Keemstar REALY likes falsely accusing other people of being pedophiles... I'm starting to wonder if Keemstar is the one that fucked underage girls and he's just projecting
WertyMartin Prije 9 sati
Spencer Scheet
Spencer Scheet Prije 9 sati
You both are obviously sociopaths
Wozzatron 2711
Wozzatron 2711 Prije 9 sati
Bro we need you to bulk up get ripped and beat the sh*t outta this dude in a youtube boxing match. Do it for the community and to shut this guy up forever
Dylan Parr
Dylan Parr Prije 9 sati
rockinchanks Prije 10 sati
i guess keems “explanation” about what he says to Etika just proves he hasn’t watched SAO
Maggie Lyons
Maggie Lyons Prije 10 sati
the part with tony in the beggining literally brought tears to my eyes
Maggie Lyons
Maggie Lyons Prije 10 sati
im scared to watch this after the last one.
Kyle Davis
Kyle Davis Prije 10 sati
Great moves Ethan, Keep it up!
TR SKATE Prije 10 sati
Tom Gilligan
Tom Gilligan Prije 11 sati
wtf how was i not subscribed to your chan this entire time when i watch u guys like weekly. wtf youtube
Vortahead The beast
Vortahead The beast Prije 11 sati
*Someone being serious committing suicide* Keemstar: smiles and laughs *Someone telling a obviously fake story* Keemstar:👁👄👁
Andy Jones
Andy Jones Prije 11 sati
Both of you are pathetic. It's beyond disgusting to see two middle aged guys cry and point and complain about each other. Y'all should be ashamed of yourselves. I JUST heard about you last week, h3h3 maybe 3 weeks ago. You deserve each other and should both be kicked off streaming platforms. Maybe get some weird shit going with that deer person from twitch that failed so badly.
Maximum Lvl
Maximum Lvl Prije 11 sati
It's a shame this vid was the one that made me subscribe but I am glad I did!
Darc slumpdog
Darc slumpdog Prije 11 sati
Omg seeing Tony so happy, im crying :(
i hate kids
i hate kids Prije 11 sati
Tom Gilligan
Tom Gilligan Prije 11 sati
Ethan, this guy is beneath you, stop giving him clout by speaking his name. Just stop. Ignore the F out of him. You've made your point, he's a bully. I hope for his sake that it's all an act to get views, but regardless don't let that prick get to you, he will slowly fade into the internet's hall of unimportant and forgotten eventually.
McKenzie Francis
McKenzie Francis Prije 11 sati
Keemstar also took underage boys out of state with a known rapist, bought them enough drugs to knock them out and got a hotel room. Keemstar said this himself in a podcast. He also beat his wife apparently.
smithboy4309 Prije 11 sati
Um it's pronounced "gar-bitch" Ethan....
Sto K
Sto K Prije 11 sati
Y'all taking side? Ethan's no better than this guy.
Brody Whitehouse
Brody Whitehouse Prije 11 sati
One thing I’ve realized watching the first two Keem videos of yours and iDubbbz content cop on Keem, is that you two are just mature and intelligent people who just talk about the facts and are honest, but Keem is the complete opposite. Keem is not honest nor does he have any factual evidence to back up anything he says. I also love all your videos, keep it up Ethan👍🏼
Umair Kazmi
Umair Kazmi Prije 12 sati
i hope his daughter gets hit by a truck driven by a black man EPIC DOUBLE WIN .
Bollepus Dodgebolle
Bollepus Dodgebolle Prije 12 sati
Bruh:lets be honest. And no ethan would never go to the police he would just make shitty toxic content
Otto Baxter
Otto Baxter Prije 12 sati
We need Idubbbz Keemstar content cop 2 I liked the vid but the way Ian does is it really good and he just makes it where it’s impossible to respond to a good content cop like in 2017 when Keem just took it cue there was nothing else to do Ian closed any other outlet in which to ventilate
Rudy Castillo
Rudy Castillo Prije 12 sati
Ethan is so toxic 😔
juwebles Prije 12 sati
Watching this controversy is like watching two bodybuilders that were popular in the 1980s try and lift now that they’re old and washed up
Jose Razo
Jose Razo Prije 13 sati
Oh and how about that time where he turned on PewDiePie for dropping the N word so casually even though he dropped it multiple times during his podcast with Idubbz? I sure do.
Jose Razo
Jose Razo Prije 13 sati
Hey you guys remember that time when Ethan kept bullying a mentally unstable alcoholic and used him for views? I sure do.
Selectah Free-I
Selectah Free-I Prije 13 sati
H3H3 are shape shifting reptilians 💯
Christian Simons
Christian Simons Prije 13 sati
Leave keemstar alone he’s obviously having a mental breakdown................
Jeanny Brown
Jeanny Brown Prije 13 sati
Max Headroom
Max Headroom Prije 13 sati
I am not a fan of Keemstar, or on his side in that garbage drama you started with him but I am tired of seeing gokunarus video always being taken down because you decided it was bad for your brand and went to the HRvid CEO and asked her to take it down for harassment, you are messing up this website, taking away free speech from people who don't deserve it and it's absolute bs. You are not above criticism Ethan.
mixio hili
mixio hili Prije 13 sati
Krystal creeps
Krystal creeps Prije 13 sati
Thanks for putting Jen in this video shes very smart and doesn't get enough credit for putting most of all the evidence against Gabbie and jessi's rapist.
mixio hili
mixio hili Prije 13 sati
I don't even care to know what's happening all I know is H3H3 is probably gonna put his baby in the microwave and say white supremacists did it
Patchpal88 Prije 13 sati
Oh my god
Blane Prije 13 sati
If nothing else comes from it, I'm glad your video made Tony feel a little better.
Zandy {AMV's}
Zandy {AMV's} Prije 14 sati
I can't believe such a shitty, heartless person exists
D Mac
D Mac Prije 14 sati
What happened to the fupa money?
Punk_Ghost _
Punk_Ghost _ Prije 14 sati
I’m gonna go out on a limb here guys. Keem is kinda a dick
Ricardo Milos
Ricardo Milos Prije 14 sati
Thank about the gokanaru video pword
gyhnj Nkoj
gyhnj Nkoj Prije 14 sati
I don’t see any keemstar people here and it’s a week later
Horrid Hound
Horrid Hound Prije 14 sati
you know he's technically banned from making yt accs, he got alot of his old accounts delted and found a loopohole from using some else as the account owner, this mappend like 8 or 10 years ago so take it with a grain of salt.
Tomb 1004
Tomb 1004 Prije 14 sati
Keem tried to accuse pyrocynical of being a pedo as well and hes fucking got away from it
Meraki Prije 14 sati
Much respect Ethan. I'm sure anyone with a brain knows how fucking bad keem is. Guess there's just millions of zombies on this platform
reptilespantoso Prije 14 sati
Muhricans are weird. And boring. booooooooooooooring
Krauzuz Blyat
Krauzuz Blyat Prije 15 sati
tbh why dont people just upload a 1hr video of just their face laughing at keemstar that'd really get him boiling
ELPRAZE Prije 15 sati
ur the big gay
TapaL Prije 14 sati
Adolf Sanchez
Adolf Sanchez Prije 15 sati
I don't even care to know what's happening all I know is H3H3 is probably gonna put his baby in the microwave and say white supremacists did it
Adolf Sanchez
Adolf Sanchez Prije 14 sati
@TapaL Paprika
TapaL Prije 14 sati
Jack Stevens
Jack Stevens Prije 15 sati
The Plague Witch
The Plague Witch Prije 15 sati
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1007">16:47</a> EXCUSE ME, DID HE JUST SAY "HOBOPHOBIC?"
faaskee Prije 15 sati
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="452">7:32</a> O.25 Speed
thedarknessfollowsme Gg
Haha ha ha that documentary on your ass was amazing , glad people downloaded it and are passing it around you scumbag h3h3
Philly Stick
Philly Stick Prije 14 sati
TapaL your salty for responding to everyone’s comments
TapaL Prije 14 sati
Keevashin Naidoo
Keevashin Naidoo Prije 15 sati
Keemstar cant even fight his own battles. He has his die hard fans to do all the dirty work. Disgusting
Isaac Sargent
Isaac Sargent Prije 15 sati
I stopped watching drama alert a long time ago. It was when he accused that old man as a pedophile. I just couldnt support a channel who does that with nothing to back up said claim. Also that doesnt fact check it. Also i really like this video. Keemstar needs to step down due to the fact he doesn't give the mentally ill.
VitaminC [AO] [Cannabis Culture]
Even Banks told him to lay off but he won't listen to his own friend
Juan Gomy
Juan Gomy Prije 16 sati
The Death of h3h3productions - Video Vigilante Video.
TapaL Prije 14 sati
Maxgaming Maxgaming
Maxgaming Maxgaming Prije 16 sati
Actually really crazy how that guy still does what he does
james9lc Prije 16 sati
keemstar just needs help man; imagine being narcissistic to the point where you twist someone’s potential suicide to be a way to get back at you.
Jac Powers
Jac Powers Prije 16 sati
Wheres Ian content cop
TapaL Prije 14 sati
BTSreturnsApril12th Prije 15 sati
Holy shit that would be awesome. He could seriously expose Ethan.
clinteastwoo12 Prije 16 sati
That dude is the result of what getting bullied in high school can do. The psychological repression results in a guy who makes a HRvid “news” channel to bully other kids and adults to make himself feel better.
Red Dog
Red Dog Prije 16 sati
Haven't seen anyone mention how he mocked that kid Deji when he was having break down
Reesey Boi
Reesey Boi Prije 16 sati
Keemstar posted another vid, and the comments are..... wow
Connor Wells
Connor Wells Prije 17 sati
Keemstar doesn't deserve to have that Misfits sticker on his laptop
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