NBA Top 10 Plays of the Night | February 24, 2020 

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Check out the top 10 plays of the night from around the league on Feb. 24 featuring Kawhi Leonard, James Harden, Joel Embiid and more!
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SuperRip7 Prije 13 dana
A basketball jam at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="121">2:01</a>. 03-20-20.
🔥🔥🔥 *Love basketball🏀🏀* <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="105">1:45</a> 💙🎥 👇 👇 👇 👇🧡
Un-Taim Music
Un-Taim Music Prije mjesec
valanciunas who shoulda knew this
Tom White
Tom White Prije mjesec
Pause the clip at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="67">1:07</a>
Elvin Dayana
Elvin Dayana Prije mjesec
Bueno, y es que ahora ya no hay habilidad, creatividad, magia en la NBA? No es posible que las mejores jugadas tengan que ver casi exclusivamente con donqueos!
Mushohee Prije mjesec
Valančiūnas shoulda knew dis.. crazy dope rhymes.
ebron jeremiah
ebron jeremiah Prije mjesec
"Terrence Ross like a boss"
Timothy Prije mjesec
Anyone notice AG steps over carris levert 👀 after a monster block
wamipake jon
wamipake jon Prije mjesec
nice game :)
Aiden Pham
Aiden Pham Prije mjesec
It aint gay if its Oubre
SHATT 38 Prije mjesec
Kawhi’s dunk is not that impressive to get on top, just did a casual dunk. he didn’t even jump up high..
C- Power
C- Power Prije mjesec
#2 was
T.K Jenkins
T.K Jenkins Prije mjesec
Way!!!! Too much defense on a top 10!!!! Lol
So Cool1
So Cool1 Prije mjesec
The cringementaror I hate you
Bennjji Sierra
Bennjji Sierra Prije mjesec
The referee's are so sensitive these day's. A dude cant dunk and flex a little
Victor Molina
Victor Molina Prije mjesec
y’all not gonna put hardens play on here ???
Macabree Prije mjesec
@Victor Molina I'm not blind. Its been debated all week on ESPN, First take, Sports center. Turn the TV on if you don't believe me. At same time, everyone has their perspective and opinion so its cool
Victor Molina
Victor Molina Prije mjesec
Macabree lmao you’re blind
Macabree Prije mjesec
He hates players that push off
ThisIsTheEndPt2 Prije mjesec
Kawhi getting #1 in them payless shits.
Nicholis Sullivan
Nicholis Sullivan Prije mjesec
Aa ron 😂😂 <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="110">1:50</a>
Noahlamotay Noah
Noahlamotay Noah Prije mjesec
Terrence Ross next All star dunk contest!!!
أفكار و إبتكارات / Ideas and innovations
ariel tchlenov
ariel tchlenov Prije mjesec
Where is the Embiid putback dunk...
Eric Chuang
Eric Chuang Prije mjesec
Shoulda knew this
GosnZoran Prije mjesec
Idl why is Kawhi no 1 spot
George Germanakos
George Germanakos Prije mjesec
Mitchell Robinson blocked a three pointer ran down the court and caught a reverse alley oop, but he didn’t make it smh why do you hate the knicks so much NBA?
Macabree Prije mjesec
Because teams that are horrible don't really get a spot on highlights in spite of a great play
T Prije mjesec
Is it me or does all of Khawi Leonard’s dunks just seem boring?...even his posters
Macabree Prije mjesec
Yeah of all of them. Its because he's just fundamentally sound and never showboats or has ebo. Introvert
Erdem De Sanzano
Erdem De Sanzano Prije mjesec
Aaron is second of top 10 cause d-wade choose kawhi for 1st rank. Damn!
Maryland Terps
Maryland Terps Prije mjesec
Beal dropping 50s yet again and no highlight = no respect.
Macabree Prije mjesec
Yeah seriously and against the #1 team in the NBA with a serious defense
Joshua Gloria
Joshua Gloria Prije mjesec
Conley is useless. Why don't jazz let JC play?!
I'm Just Saiyan
I'm Just Saiyan Prije mjesec
Greatest Of All Timentator
Dale Craft
Dale Craft Prije mjesec
How about that dunk by kawhi though 🤔🔥
Andy Sanchez
Andy Sanchez Prije mjesec
RIP kobe Bryant!
Joff Alcantara
Joff Alcantara Prije mjesec
dunking and blocking the ball is not the only thing you know
Forgiven Sinner
Forgiven Sinner Prije mjesec
The #1 play was #1. Reminded me of Dr. J. Only he would have taken off outside the lane.
Pick&Talk Prije mjesec
Italian basketball fans
Edwin Ramos
Edwin Ramos Prije mjesec
Oubre is uber trash. Flexing on a terrible team. Come on man.
Macabree Prije mjesec
Jazz 5th in the West and a couple of games behind 1st ranked Lakers and they "horrible"? That's a horrible comment. And Kelly oubre is not trash. Plenty of other players are.
Idan Carmeli
Idan Carmeli Prije mjesec
Should be called 10 dunks of the night...goatmentator saves this poor crop
Andres M. Mendez
Andres M. Mendez Prije mjesec
Number 10🔞✴😍😍😍 Best
E-6 Gang
E-6 Gang Prije mjesec
That immediate mute to avoid hearing the cringementator
Plażowy Koksik
Plażowy Koksik Prije mjesec
Super forma w 7 minut
Kestutis Usevicius
Kestutis Usevicius Prije mjesec
but wow! what a strong top 10, wanted to mix some parts in other grades, but none the the less its one of the best...kinda goat style
TheArlance Prije mjesec
Geez stop trying so hard with the rhymes. A little bit here and there is nice but I can hardly understand what you're saying
13th Exit
13th Exit Prije mjesec
🐁 🏀
DE'JOE.E Prije mjesec
''High O Silva Away''
sid NY
sid NY Prije mjesec
kawhi's was not the top play at all
wrightterence680 Prije mjesec
#10, #9, #6, #5, #4 & #1 were my favorite plays
Dan. P.
Dan. P. Prije mjesec
Someone needs to knock Kelly Oubre the fuck out. He's a cocky little bitch out there behaving like he's some bad ass super star.
Fabian Figueroa
Fabian Figueroa Prije mjesec
I can’t believe you left the suns out. Rubio with nice steal, sick full court bounce pass to book, who throws a sick over the head lob to ayton. All in one play!! Smh man
Kobe Van Reybrouck
Kobe Van Reybrouck Prije mjesec
How is caroll's and-one not here
Bald Uzi Vert
Bald Uzi Vert Prije mjesec
Kelly spent all his time on getting posterizer on HOF and spent all his vc on dunking
channelのぶのぶ Prije mjesec
Grant Manley
Grant Manley Prije mjesec
Love watching these without sound
Deondre Clark
Deondre Clark Prije mjesec
There needs to be a top 10 dunks on Jonas at the end of the season
Rastko Sehovic
Rastko Sehovic Prije mjesec
That Allen block should be clear #1
Woody C.
Woody C. Prije mjesec
Gordon is no.2....again????
Instant Charge
Instant Charge Prije mjesec
Dont lie too me who watching the video and reading the comments🍕 (IM GIFTING EVERYONE THAT SUBS TO ME)😂📌
April Austin
April Austin Prije mjesec
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="40">0:40</a> lmao so cocky he cant even do that when Giannis played him
Macabree Prije mjesec
Well no one can. His width and length makes the post on him literally impossible. That's embiid for you
Michael L Walker
Michael L Walker Prije mjesec
"Who shoulda knew this" LOL
Dagohoy Ting
Dagohoy Ting Prije mjesec
Why is kahwi on top 1?
DailySportsBuddy Prije mjesec
"Kawhi Leonard, Climbing Upstairs and Slamming it down with the Non-Preferred Left Hand"
Saucy Pinto
Saucy Pinto Prije mjesec
James harden ankle breaker on Dennis Smith jr ??
Brenda Johnson
Brenda Johnson Prije mjesec
Gorgeous photo 🐶
CoSty Prije mjesec
Wait, where’s Harden?
Gabriel Paolo Sison
Gabriel Paolo Sison Prije mjesec
Best Game Recap and Top 10 Commentator (hands down)
Rio Reavis
Rio Reavis Prije mjesec
Gabriel Paolo Sison does anyone know his name?
mjaay Prije mjesec
lmaaooo "...Valuncunis who shouldve knew this". Ha!
Tech through Toni
Tech through Toni Prije mjesec
to me seems that all of Allen highlights are all blocks lol
cesar leon
cesar leon Prije mjesec
Great top ten
Teng Wang
Teng Wang Prije mjesec
Sit back, relax, that's a 45
Yansen Christian
Yansen Christian Prije mjesec
dayum Silva..
Marine Smurf
Marine Smurf Prije mjesec
Watching these awesome highlights muted is the way to go.
Donny Lane
Donny Lane Prije mjesec
Trance Ross spin slam dunk to take against the Nets.
Edmond Kan
Edmond Kan Prije mjesec
These rhymes are getting out of hand.
SummerNerd Prije mjesec
kawhi shouldnt be #1! Silva was much more impressive and middleton sould be there and gordon should be #1!
Logan X
Logan X Prije mjesec
Joel embiid has a better dunk? Who picks this
Max Mustermann
Max Mustermann Prije mjesec
Damn aaron gordon got robbed again, def number 1 play
Fool !
Fool ! Prije mjesec
Man that Aaron Gordon block was SCARY! Homie turned around to see one of the bounciest big men we've ever seen & got engulfed
Macabree Prije mjesec
Definitely. Didn't even see him until it was too late while he was floatingnin the air
MONSIEUR Eagles Prije mjesec
Goatmentator on #6 🔥
HBmento Prije mjesec
I just realized there were 8 games played on 2-24. It all lined up perfectly.
Bryan Silverio
Bryan Silverio Prije mjesec
Another insane top ten from your goatmentator we begin!!!
Samo Ketiš
Samo Ketiš Prije mjesec
hi ho silva, away! ace ventura refference, love it
Turi Buru
Turi Buru Prije mjesec
Where is Doncin-KP alleyoop???
Joyner Lucas - Will (ADHD)