Los Angeles Lakers vs New Orleans Pelicans Full Game Highlights | February 25, 2019-20 NBA Season 

MLG Highlights
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Los Angeles Lakers vs New Orleans Pelicans Full Game Highlights | February 25, 2019-20 NBA Season
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_ nyurblgnd82
_ nyurblgnd82 Prije 29 dana
🔥 *just can live without basketball* <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="33">0:33</a> 💗🔥❤ 👇👇👇👇👇
sennsir_ Prije mjesec
Lonzo recovered after <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="446">7:26</a> fueled him!
Mustafa Karadeniz
Mustafa Karadeniz Prije mjesec
Hi everyone, New Nba Highlights App is here! You can watch all "highlights"(recap), "top 10 plays" and "shaqtin a fool" videos. I will develop step by step this application, according to your suggestions. Please write your suggestions. Thank you everyone. "@t"
Cone ooner
Cone ooner Prije mjesec
qu'elle sport de merde
The Mitick Arts
The Mitick Arts Prije mjesec
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="142">2:22</a> didn’t he travel?
Riezl Laher
Riezl Laher Prije mjesec
i cant believe that caruso is a great player... hes my idol right now...
Floozok -
Floozok - Prije mjesec
Trade kuzmaa
Death Note Kira
Death Note Kira Prije mjesec
LeBron est encore le patron
Let me Fus Ro Dah
Let me Fus Ro Dah Prije mjesec
Pelicans really have a problem in every 4th quater.
Leconte Prije mjesec
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="446">7:26</a> They don’t call him the Caru-Show for nothing💪🏾
Ian Seager
Ian Seager Prije mjesec
Take away about zion he needs better defensive play
Jonjon Aquino
Jonjon Aquino Prije mjesec
Lakers 2020 Champ 💪🏀🏆🎊
Jonjon Aquino
Jonjon Aquino Prije mjesec
Nice Lakers 🎊
AFP FRANCIGI0 Prije mjesec
New tipe of comments read all! Rip kobe
AFP FRANCIGI0 Prije mjesec
If you are nice read all Rip Kobe Rip
kah Lua
kah Lua Prije mjesec
I want to see ball and lebron play on the same team though!
nic sim
nic sim Prije mjesec
Yall really gonna not mention Ingram. On fire this game
Zach Van Harris JR
Zach Van Harris JR Prije mjesec
*LeBron the goat, no denying it*
Melvin Leong
Melvin Leong Prije mjesec
the day Zion realizes that he is not playing with 15 year olds anymore
Greg Prije mjesec
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="447">7:27</a> he knew it. But still gambled. Hats off to you, mister.
Ty YT Prije mjesec
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="197">3:17</a> THIS is the real lebron no one ever mentions. He good pretend humble.
Ty YT Prije mjesec
8:29 this is where he SHOULD have made some noise, begging for a foul.
Ty YT Prije mjesec
7:18 also
Jessica Cooper
Jessica Cooper Prije mjesec
This season with the lakers has cemented lebron as the second best player of all time.
Shivam Kushwah
Shivam Kushwah Prije mjesec
zion williamson.......maybe the future of nba
Mr Dave
Mr Dave Prije mjesec
Alex Caruso is a problem!
Troy Addict
Troy Addict Prije mjesec
As much as I don’t like Zion and lebron they really need to fucking chill with all this compearing shit cuz zion is not on lebron lvl Zion not even the best one the team in my opinion
Nathan Co
Nathan Co Prije mjesec
The Loner
The Loner Prije mjesec
Kobe >>> LeBoomer
Nathan Oh
Nathan Oh Prije mjesec
Why all this hate on LeBron, like he’s one of the best ever to play the game. Enjoy it now, every true fan of the game gonna be tearing up when he’s not in the league anymore.
Monty Uchiha
Monty Uchiha Prije mjesec
I really think Lakers must run their offense through Kuz when LeBron sits. He is way to skilled most people can’t guard him.
Dhon Rodriguez
Dhon Rodriguez Prije mjesec
Halimaw lebron.....
jer dee
jer dee Prije mjesec
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="445">7:25</a> tangina bolang bola. Deyyyym 🔥
wechat speed malaysia
This is proof Lebron is still a king
jeff langkieo
jeff langkieo Prije mjesec
You'll see what I see? The difference between James an zion.. he still a baby
Bartosz Wójcik
Bartosz Wójcik Prije mjesec
Shit that bum was guarding LeBron, why not zion?
Hugh Gold
Hugh Gold Prije mjesec
周清泉 Prije mjesec
LeBron 1-2 FT 40pts Zion 13-19FT 29pts Lebron didn’t got the respect he deserved
Shark Loo
Shark Loo Prije mjesec
IV4N4RMAN Prije mjesec
NBA2K20 : 85 dunk rate Lebron James Real Lebron James: ok ok hold me the beer... min <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="208">3:28</a> The King still reigns !!
jay go
jay go Prije mjesec
The regular season start lebron keep on passing and some how some people hate that.. And i also admit it.! Why lebron being too passived? Now i get ithe was just prepairing his team and train them.. Because when lebron wants to score he can score!
Omar Naseef
Omar Naseef Prije mjesec
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="205">3:25</a>
AlmightyMe Prije mjesec
Lakers just too big man they got holiday holding lebron whole game smh
matthew king
matthew king Prije mjesec
Lebron keep schooling them youngins, looking like a school bus
Alexander Braklow
Alexander Braklow Prije mjesec
Lakers so overweening I will love to see them getting destroyed by the bucks in the finals
enrrique matos
enrrique matos Prije mjesec
until lebron doesn't see alex caruso with a ring he won't leave the lakers
Artur Chmiel
Artur Chmiel Prije mjesec
Does anyone remember when Jebron Lame's said that all offence will be run through Davis? Lol
Cheikh saliou Sylla
Cheikh saliou Sylla Prije mjesec
This is why I like basketball 🏀 👏👏👍
PCMasterRaceTechGod Prije mjesec
Damn they embarrassed the pelicans in every way possible
Gonzalo Oyarzún Vargas
Year 17 and still the best NBA player by far. LeBron is simply unreal. GOAT, hands down.
Social Experiment
Social Experiment Prije mjesec
I really had goose bumps watching the Lakers play 😍🤩
Skull Crusher
Skull Crusher Prije mjesec
Lebron sonned holiday all game duh lmao
Steve Rogers
Steve Rogers Prije mjesec
LBJ schooled Holiday AD schooled Zion
Wesleythl99 Prije mjesec
Caruso mutombo
Prince TATY NDOUMOU Prije mjesec
One of the best games we've seen of this year so far
Prince TATY NDOUMOU Prije mjesec
One of the best games I saw of this year so far.
Rusell Shaw
Rusell Shaw Prije mjesec
LeBron had a great game last night how come he can't play like that when they face the Clippers
Tsanel Juan
Tsanel Juan Prije mjesec
@<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="445">7:25</a> wheres the ball, ball?
Tsanel Juan
Tsanel Juan Prije mjesec
@<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="511">8:31</a> whats my age again???
jordan wills
jordan wills Prije mjesec
I think Morris a waste of space should have got JR and a playmaker idk he could prove me wrong
Howard Gan
Howard Gan Prije mjesec
Sacred Heart
Sacred Heart Prije mjesec
I called my new turtle LeBron
Jhay Dhi
Jhay Dhi Prije mjesec
I don't know if the bench is not good when LeBron is out, or the other team know LeBron is on the bench and this gives them the boost and mentality to make a comeback. It's like everytime Bron is sitting down, the other team suddenly gets this urge and energy.
Tia Thompson
Tia Thompson Prije mjesec
Avery Bradley a starter but scored 0 points..
ivan hendrian
ivan hendrian Prije mjesec
Lakers defense are no joke ! 🔥🔥
George Boynape
George Boynape Prije mjesec
Lebron "if i lose its my teammates fault" James
Azizaga Rasulov
Azizaga Rasulov Prije mjesec
Jon Agro
Jon Agro Prije mjesec
Damn zion defense is horrible on da low
rentokilltv Prije mjesec
pelicans loss because the shooters are afraid to get a shot!
HANRYX DALTA Prije mjesec
Finally my two idol's match up. Lebron and Zion!
HANG LAM Prije mjesec
lim kinsson
lim kinsson Prije mjesec
caruso counter zion???
joel momma
joel momma Prije mjesec
So many lakerbandwagons smh
Jamal Mohamed
Jamal Mohamed Prije mjesec
Nice block from Morris 🤘🏽 40 points for king James 👑 Caruso excellent performance. Danny green good 3 point shooter and a win 🌟. 44-12
1Mrsweetness Prije mjesec
What I’ve noticed from Lakers games is thst they can’t keep up the flow through out the game. They lead by 20 then other teams carches them up, than again they make 15-20 pts lead and at the end game ends may 10 pts. Against stronger teams that’s gonna be a problem. Just hope fuckin Clippers keep on losing.
Nathan Flowers
Nathan Flowers Prije mjesec
Pelicans need a defending Forward and a Better Centre Favours was always 4th or 5th option on the Jazz..
K Family
K Family Prije mjesec
LeBron traveled on that dunk. 😒😒
EHIS STAR Prije mjesec
2steps man, not travel
irGuilty Prije mjesec
Even by lebron’s standards, Damn!
Paco Río Sports
Paco Río Sports Prije mjesec
Jrue Holiday is also strong and athletic to defend on any player.
Blas Moncada
Blas Moncada Prije mjesec
My man Ingram is too good
Nee Doc
Nee Doc Prije mjesec
Lebron is still the best in the Game today. Hands down. When he imposes his will on the game, there is no stopping him.
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