Lilly Singh has just been cancelled... 

James Marriott
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Today we talk about how Lilly Singh has just been cancelled, regarding her SHOW and some jokes she made during the NBA All-Star Roast. As a massive fan of A Little Late With Lilly Singh, I kindly ask for your patience during this difficult time. I remain in shock and cannot begin to understand why this god-tier show may be getting cancelled.
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James Marriott
James Marriott Prije mjesec
Going to be replying to a few comments so if you want a chat, ask me a question. If you don't, well, leave me alone. Also Peace Out Haters is now on Spotify, just search up James Marriott to stream it AND Trisha. The more you support the music the more I'll do it. Thanks!
Extra Spicey
Extra Spicey Prije 21 dan
Just twerk
Extreangel -
Extreangel - Prije 26 dana
James please pit the diss track you made about kidz only with Allexx on Spotify because it's the best thing in the world
Fuck the Dems. Nwo. D. O. G. E. Coinsssss.
C Dalit
C Dalit Prije mjesec
James Marriott don’t hate on shaq. Dude has a Doctorate in education. Not dumb at all
Linden Place
Linden Place Prije mjesec
@bleh bleh no more
Seher Syed
Seher Syed Prije sat
Lilly is such trash. Im a brown bisexual gal and am Pakistani, therefore my culture is almost identical to hers. I am only mentioning this in order to make clear that her content in the beginning of her channel like BACK in the days was geared towards ONLY brown people (real OG's remember it was just her, Jusreign, and damn I'm forgetting the third guy from Brampton but you know who im talking about lol) and she would make funny (albeit over acted) but somewhat true videos about brown parents and how they react to things. Over the years brown people slowly stopped watching her as she became more main stream and would use HORRIBLE stereotypes (that brown actors/stars have tried so hard to come away from) about brown people to make her comedy more understandable/palatable for white people. She would portray her parents with HEAVY heavy brown accents just doing stupid over the top shit. THAT SAME Lilly Singh, who sold out her culture, is now on TV mocking white people and being racist. Hmmm, see a pattern? Lilly Singh does whatever is most consumable at the time and what will work for her best. She isn't "woke" and doesn't really care about quality content. BTW, Jusreign WON and should've gotten all +more of the fame this bimbo got.
Adriana Tamburini
Adriana Tamburini Prije 12 sati
my parents are immigrants from venezuela and i don’t talk about it all the fucking time like she does
Robert Miles
Robert Miles Prije 17 sati
Maybe she should've reminded her employer that she's a bisexual woman of color.
Dr Clef
Dr Clef Prije 17 sati
Are you a bisexual women of color James
MLC DJT Prije 22 sati
Leading with slagging off African Americans females wigs mmmmm seems slightly racist..(.also fat shames ageist and low fair airlines) shes allowed to do it because shes a bisexual woman of colour ....
ImASmileyFacexx Prije 22 sati
Shes literally just insulting everyone..
Rain Wolf 409
Rain Wolf 409 Prije 22 sati
I really liked her videos a few years ago when she still wore the snap backs and had T-shirt reference but after that she just went down hill. Now she try’s to hard to be funny. It’s great that there’s more representation of POC and LGBTQ+ but she’s taking it to far and that’s all she talks about and makes racist jokes
MrAkaalis Prije dan
Just checked. She's still uploading episodes.
Delboy Trotter
Delboy Trotter Prije dan
(a) She's an out-and-out racist, (b) She proudly boasts that "White skinned people make her vomit!" (c) It's hard to work-out where her hate begins/ends then (d) She has to use body-language to make people understand, that she had just made a joke, (e) Re: (d) Overt racism, repeated ad nauseum doth NOT constitute a joke and (f) Making stupid body girations, in imitation of the sex-act, isn't even a funny action unless you describe it as it progresses! She's GONE, the hoarse-voiced, forced-laugh audience can now check if what they have, IS Coronavirus, or absolute & total relief at the fact they can now, finally, return to looking at themselves in a mirror and laughing (genuinely) at what they see!
hannah Prije dan
i knew he was gonna have a british accent before even clicking the video
magnolia Prije dan
she is going to end up with a very heterosexual man and he is white
sponox Prije dan
Shaq is actually cool like- I just jsjsjs Lily claims she is a comedian yet her "roasts" suck ass.
Christopher Marcek
Christopher Marcek Prije 2 dana
I'm not black but not white sooo give me money. When ya hav money easy to make money
Aisha Yassy
Aisha Yassy Prije 2 dana
“Don’t make it the elephant in the room. Let that be Shaq” Y’all need to leave Shaq alone 😭😭💀
Wednesdayfornight Prije 2 dana
" A brown girl named Lilly! Lilly! Lilly!"
Slumerican Mystik
Slumerican Mystik Prije 2 dana
Wonder if i should remind people over and over that im a straight white male..? And boy oh boy do i fkn love it..
Slumerican Mystik
Slumerican Mystik Prije 2 dana
As should you.
God Frieza
God Frieza Prije 3 dana
She is annoying lol
Josna Jose
Josna Jose Prije 3 dana
nikita: im transgender lele pons:im latina lilly:im a bisexual woman of color WhO WiLl bE NeXt?
socalcraigster Prije 3 dana
Lilly Singh gives the world Douche chills!
morgan Prije 3 dana
Yeesh...Just another democrat who has issues with white people and men, gross.
Brendan Day
Brendan Day Prije 3 dana
There’s no confirmation it’s canceled!!!
Yeet Yeet
Yeet Yeet Prije 3 dana
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="197">3:17</a>
DurdyClaude Prije 3 dana
Lilly isn't funny...she's a racist.
Irene Atuta
Irene Atuta Prije 3 dana
even if you feel jealous of her don't be Lyk that man you are just looking for ways to bring her down leave her alone
Sgt Nooodle
Sgt Nooodle Prije 3 dana
She's doing the liberal pander voice. These non black liberals think they're so much better than black people that they change their voices and speech patterns to be more simple and dumbed down. Some lefty scientist did a study on that to try to expose conservatives for being racist but she found the exact opposite to be true. Talk about a bubble being shattered.
powergirl901 Prije 4 dana
Homeless Lilly: Hi, I used to be on TV, can you spare $40,000?
N E Prije 3 dana
YSFalcons420 Prije 4 dana
Can you being exposed to this virus at this event. Would not be the worst thing they were exposed to all night.
Holie Sheitt
Holie Sheitt Prije 4 dana
The only critique about this video I have is when you dug into her joke about Shaq's acting. Eh that was a solid 6/10 joke. Everytime Shaq gets roasted a similar joke is delivered. Everything else in the video is spot on, this point just felt forced.
Kaitlyn Vaillancourt
As a Canadian, I’m sorry.
E Kennedy
E Kennedy Prije 4 dana
Ur forgiven
Sammy C
Sammy C Prije 4 dana
So many pity claps... I’m cringing
LunaAmaya _
LunaAmaya _ Prije 4 dana
she used to be cool but not now
don’t take pictures of me when I’m out with my son
I honestly want her to be cancelled
Cpt Wojciech
Cpt Wojciech Prije 4 dana
Disrespecting JetBlue like that, I love planes.
Just a kpop-lover floating in the comments
I’m a bisexual woman of colour and it’s annoying how she pushes this onto everyone
teamreckdjipod Prije 5 dana
she's always putting white people down.. she hates white people I guess!
Lisa Mcevoy
Lisa Mcevoy Prije 6 dana
She’s just embarrassingly cringeworthy,
ippos_khloros Prije 6 dana
I actually think most of her material at the roast was good. The delivery unfunnied it.
dread fairy
dread fairy Prije 6 dana
You kept saying how annoying she was speaking at the basket ball roast, I guess you thought she was speaking like that just cuz she was around an african american audience.... Nope. She speaks like that when she is being herself. I like her videos where she acts like other ppl or makes fun of life as an indian/Canadian. But when she is in an interview or just a question/answer video as herself, she is AWFUL to listen to. I can not stand her as a person. I have no idea how she even got a show...
R&J Gaming
R&J Gaming Prije 6 dana
Want a sprite cranberry
Stephen Combs
Stephen Combs Prije 7 dana
Her staff writers were hired based on gender and I believe sexual preference rather than who has the most talent and experience. Big mistake. Beyond that, she just doesn’t have the chops to be naturally endearing in front of a live audience. Even if she had great writers and material I can’t see her pulling it off.
Anna koshy
Anna koshy Prije 7 dana
She's going back to her old style that was liked by many young people. I think she finally realised that she can do fine on HRvid and is liked when she doesn't constantly bring up her race, sexuality and white men.
Jennifer Holloway
Jennifer Holloway Prije 7 dana
I've never found her funny. And when she does her monologue for her show she does it in this voice like she's really pleased with herself in a "wait for it guys this is really funny" way but then the joke is corny. I hope her show is cancelled so they can replace her with something entertaining
Chinyere Mclarty
Chinyere Mclarty Prije 7 dana
As a bisexual woman of colour I’m not offended...I’m offended because she genuinely thinks she’s really funny 🙄
shinku Prije 7 dana
Im Indian, and im sorry but no. Being Indian, and hosting a show doesn't make you great or better than others. stop 👏using👏it👏to👏cover👏up👏your👏lack 👏of👏humour👏
Bob Charlie
Bob Charlie Prije 8 dana
What do you expect from her? She made jokes for kids, who are a great group of talent evaluators BTW. My kids were laughing at a video of a kid screaming, just screaming. Hilarious!
Ego the living planet
What makes these roasts good is the subtlety and the chill but savage bars that are birthed from respect, but you can tell lily tried so hard to roast them and share her stupid opinions. Amy Schumer did the same think
starbucksbooklover Prije 8 dana
She's not funny
No shanpanti
No shanpanti Prije 8 dana
You sound jealous dude
morgan Prije 3 dana
You are just jealous of James, lol.
NotRosalie Prije 8 dana
Lily...nobody cares if you're a bisexual woman of color. You're not the only one.
Anthanese Boissiere
Anthanese Boissiere Prije 8 dana
Lilly who?
Greenflowers 22
Greenflowers 22 Prije 8 dana
Awe I missed you replying to comments :(!
J. Martine
J. Martine Prije 8 dana
Yet another MAN/HRvidr shakened by and jealous of Lilly's success.
NotRosalie Prije 8 dana
Jealous of what her constant criticism to different races?
Crazy Gamer
Crazy Gamer Prije 9 dana
You look like you've been crying for hours get some sleep
Yee-Haw Time
Yee-Haw Time Prije 9 dana
As an American I don't know what jet blue is
Clarence G Boddicker
Who's the most hated? Lilly Singh or Amy Schumer? Question of the Decade
FPSGamer48 Prije 9 dana
The most offensive thing about her comedy is that it’s not funny....
Moise IT
Moise IT Prije 9 dana
This youtuber has one of the most sexiest voices of all time.
Liv Lucie
Liv Lucie Prije 9 dana
She's having fun insulting them now but just wait until she's walking by herself to her car at 2am and she just sees a 7 foot silhouette of Shaq
Potato Luna
Potato Luna Prije 10 dana
As a Bisexual Woman of color I would prefer that she just..... stops. She makes us look like clowns.
Drew and Charlie
Drew and Charlie Prije 10 dana
Ya the whole black appropriation thing is hella cringe. Colorful pant suits, braids or cornrows and obvious ebonix she has adopted. Lilly might as well be white. Shes second generation indian from the mean streets of the toronto suburbs of canada... Shes not black ya’ll. Lol 🤦‍♂️ but real talk what a joke fam.
Ķxnģ Ťeò
Ķxnģ Ťeò Prije 10 dana
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="349">5:49</a> just gonna time stamp this for your amusement.
E Br
E Br Prije 10 dana
She is straight unfunny. It gives me secondhand embarrassment lol
laura campbell
laura campbell Prije 9 dana
E Br she’s bisexual unfunny
Yana Prije 10 dana
The second hand embarrassment is to much. They all look so unentertained
Spunttt S_S
Spunttt S_S Prije 10 dana
Just reach out to that doughnu - That is a potato
Karlos DeBunk
Karlos DeBunk Prije 11 dana
She thinks she can read people...big mistake🙏🏼
Preston Jewell
Preston Jewell Prije 11 dana
She’s so fucking cringy
Måšøń Mâń
Måšøń Mâń Prije 11 dana
He reminds me of lord Farquad🤮
India Bliss
India Bliss Prije 12 dana
I find her shouting unbearable
Isaac Chay
Isaac Chay Prije 12 dana
isn't she indian or something? why is she trying so hard to sound like some stereotypical sassy black woman? if a white person did that Lilly would call them a racist.
elizabeth turner
elizabeth turner Prije 12 dana
As a white person I normally find ‘making fun of white people jokes’ funny but her jokes are over used and have no good punchline. Not to mention EVERY joke has to be about men, race, or sexuality. Get. A. New. Joke.
Tom Palmer
Tom Palmer Prije 12 dana
One thing I will say for Lilly is that she is smart. But like a lot of female comedians, her humor is flamboyant. That is kind of like eating a bologna sandwich. Bologna is good. I'll eat it, in moderation. If you eat very much of it the bologna has a funny after taste. Maybe Lilly should try being understated. Comedy can work well being understated.
Libby Molloy
Libby Molloy Prije 12 dana
Her comedy: “White people am I right” “Because you know I’m bisexual....” “I’m Indian” “I’m a bisexual woman of color” “I’m a person of color so you know...” “I’m Canadian” ~imitates parents~ ~blatantly makes racist remarks and goes past it like it’s ok~ Etc. etc. etc.
OL Vorce
OL Vorce Prije 2 dana
Or she compliments herself lmao
Mountain_man Moto
Mountain_man Moto Prije 2 dana
Nicky1026 Prije 12 dana
Her saying she’s bisexual just feels like she’s trying to stay relevant and doing it for the clout at this point.
Gavin Henderson
Gavin Henderson Prije 12 dana
She hasn't been though.
Ra, The Sun Of God
Ra, The Sun Of God Prije 13 dana
But Shaq is from United States 🤷🏽‍♂️👀it doesnt really made sense unless she met to say hi need to get back to Africa but still wouldn't make no sense because she wouldn't say this to white men to go back to Europa you get it stole or not white people are native to that country so are black people but not your parents Lilly they Indians we know iy
Blue Shirt Kid
Blue Shirt Kid Prije 13 dana
But you’re just ignorant, you forgot to mention the one important fact. *She’s a bisexual woman of colour.*
ashes burning
ashes burning Prije 13 dana
“This isn’t hate its criticism you idiot”.
LNMBEATS Prije 13 dana
her voice is painfull
Mikl Fog
Mikl Fog Prije 13 dana
she indian trying to be black which she aint lol
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