LeBron DROPS 40 PTS In Home Victory! 

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LeBron James went off for a season-high 40 PTS to power the Los Angeles Lakers to victory over the New Orleans Pelicans, 118-109.
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Ulra Prije dan
Lebron has five different moves for 5 positions every game Post like a center Pass like a pointguard Play like a small forward Set like a power forward Shoot like a shooting guard. I mean, my goodness. He's not human. That's so unfair. 😱
Advent Society
Advent Society Prije 9 dana
Compare highlights of mj and lbj when they scored the same or around the same amount of points.
SuperRip7 Prije 12 dana
Lebron attacks. 03-21-20.
Dominating Gamer Guy
Dominating Gamer Guy Prije 12 dana
Mamaw haha smashmout
lebron is a king kong haha
竟然真好看 Prije mjesec
José Carlos Favorável
good good
good good Prije mjesec
Kenneth Young
Kenneth Young Prije mjesec
In the words of Stephan a. Smith. “ Umm you gone do this against Kawhi.. Because he’s waiting, he’ll be waiting” 🗣😂
Damon Garrett
Damon Garrett Prije mjesec
Ok people talk about Lebron being better than “the goat” , I just watched a clip of the goat playing in the game , had me just thinking , man I can be better at life in general. Then just watch this clip , Nothing to special . And the fact that you know who I’m talking about when I say” The Goat “ pretty much sums up my point !
Mathew Vezina
Mathew Vezina Prije mjesec
It took Labron more min played to pass kobe in scoring...
Charlene Barnes
Charlene Barnes Prije mjesec
L.james. . Now there's someone who needs a case of carona.
Ricardo Rodriguez
Ricardo Rodriguez Prije mjesec
i played d2 basketball every year in college. most people don’t realize how difficult it really is to play any sport on an elite level. lebron is on year 17 and is still the best player in the league. we will never get another athlete like him. i don’t care what anyone says he’s the goat.
TyeDiggityTye Prije mjesec
Lebron so tough man lol
Natalie Bryan
Natalie Bryan Prije mjesec
Wanna cranberry sprite?
Zo Mayo
Zo Mayo Prije mjesec
Who in the NBA doing this guy's make shoots LBJ control the game they Lakers players is going to show what time it is all season the Lakers been playing to get better each game
Tray Ross
Tray Ross Prije mjesec
It's a privilege to watch the greatest player to ever play basketball unlike you "FOOLS" that spends your time hating on him because he's better than your favorite player so your in your feelings about it that's sounds like a personal problem because lebron is still the goat 👑🐐 but like I was saying unlike you pathetic losers I'm enjoying every single moment that he plays so when he retires I can say I got to enjoy lebron from watching him in high school in person to when he retires lebron has consistently been dominant since high school that's why I got lebron at the 1st All time and Kareem at 2nd all time
Annapolis 28
Annapolis 28 Prije mjesec
Stephen Curry can do better shots compare to LeBron. Just compare their videos. It's not about how tough you are but how tough your shots are. SC also not selfish and know the word "TEAMWORK". He commends also his teamwork. Unlike to LJ, he always wanted the spotlight by himself. Example is Kyrie Irving leaving LJ. Curry is way much better player compare to James. Peace guys! #Longrangeshotisbetter
Professor Facts
Professor Facts Prije mjesec
💯Lebron James will still be in the league until --> Age 50(+) as of around now his first son Bronny James Jr will enter the league around year 2024 or 2026, and while Lebron is at 35(+). Lebron James is at the all time top 10 record of total career games played per player. It went from Michael Jordan to Kobe Bryant onto Lebron James switched Zion Williamson. Although Lebron James will compete more games with Zion than MJ and Kobe. Let’s say they will battle for the next 10 (+) plus years. Let’s not forget when Michael Joran retired the first time everyone assumed it was because of lack of strength or old age but MJ came back after retirement and took his championship caliber skills to the next level. Kobe Bryant also when he retired scored 60 points for his last game ever which was phenomenal and proves that he could’ve done it again for years to come.🏀🍀
Przerwa Prije mjesec
GOAT for me, definitely better than Kobe, some people are overrated because of death or old times they was playing. This guy is a one man team in himslef.
rizky malvin
rizky malvin Prije mjesec
So lebron didn't meet zion yet? lol
Frankenstein Prije mjesec
Lebron playing with matches i see
Jesse Peres
Jesse Peres Prije mjesec
The day Lebron retired will be a sad Day For the world and us True Lebron Fans Ima cry I swear on life 😭😭Im 26 years old His 17th season with A million plus miles and minutes is absolutely unbelievable and people still hate Lebron it’s unreal I’m glad I never have or never will take Lebron Goat James for granted 🐐🔥🚀👑💪🏼🙏🏻‼️
A Logan
A Logan Prije mjesec
This was def the Miami heat bron in this game.
Anitoi Traian
Anitoi Traian Prije mjesec
If im not wrong , Caruso is the guy that like is white and not very tall , and he is collaborating just well with the tall LeBron dude xD
Destroyy Pop
Destroyy Pop Prije mjesec
Where we at now ?
Mustafa Alp ARI
Mustafa Alp ARI Prije mjesec
Still... Clips in 4.
test1234459 Prije mjesec
Idk why people still say he is washed. Have you've ever seen any 35 year old average what he did in his prime?💪💪
domo konichiwa ver.4
When kuroko have bulk of muscles!!
LaRhonda Jarrett
LaRhonda Jarrett Prije mjesec
Go King James 23💪🏀👌👏
Salahudin Son of Jafar
just because he is such a goober he'll never be a Kobe or MJ.Period
gor9027 Prije mjesec
And people really said he was washed up bc he missed the playoffs last season.
Marco Lam
Marco Lam Prije mjesec
His athleticism is washed, but not his efficiency and effectiveness.
Derrick Edwards
Derrick Edwards Prije mjesec
Bruh moved out the way bron was finna put him on a poster
Alberto Rossetto
Alberto Rossetto Prije mjesec
Take a look at my Kobe Bryant compilation, i miss him so much 💔
Pedro Blauter
Pedro Blauter Prije mjesec
LeBron is the real exterminator. He is a machine
Schuyler Savage
Schuyler Savage Prije mjesec
This dudes 35? Wow. Just wow. Why do people hate on him so much? I swear, people who don’t live authentically and who don’t put value in objectivity, no matter where their bias lives, have opinions that say much more about them as human beings than their opinions say about the person they are talking about, in this case lebron. You feel me? Like of course he isn’t perfect. No one is. But the hate is just hilarious. I also don’t like lebron fans who won’t admit the things that he isn’t great at. Either side of extreme is terrible, Just like with politics, but how can haters say the things they say about lebron and live with themselves being such insecure frauds?? I think it must be jealousy that drives their hate. Or at times, it’s insecure grown up children in their 40s and 50s who for some reason get triggered by lebron because of how he invalidates their youth. Like, they take it personal that lebron is even mentioned in the same lane as Jordan because THEY grew up with jordan. Ugh. These fools make things so personal, I swear they don’t even understand what bias is, or what the differnce between objectivity and subjectivity is. Just enjoy this man!!! It’s remarkable!! It doesn’t invalidate what jordan meant to you! That’s still ok! It can still be important to you!! But your life doesn’t have any bearing on the truth of how good or great someone is. Like cmon. I swear we live in a world where half the people are empathic and humble and just want to be the best perosn they can be, they have great perspective, they can relate, and half the people literally think they are the center of the universe and don’t contemplate ideas such as perspective and objectivity lol. They are so caught up in their own shit. I truly wonder what that’s like. It could be a somewhat enjoyable life I suppose? Until that day when your eyes finally get opened and the facade you have built to keep your bias in and the truth out comes crashing down. I guess the question is, IS ignorance truly bliss? Or just a temporary baNdaid from the truth?
Francis Lloyd Basas
Francis Lloyd Basas Prije mjesec
We know Jrue is a strong defender...but too small for Lebron.
Dominic Ray
Dominic Ray Prije mjesec
Are the pelicans stupid, why did they put Holiday on LeBron, it should have been Zion or Lonzo, what else did you think was gonna happen,
Farhanss A.m
Farhanss A.m Prije mjesec
Greatest of basketball King lebron
FreshPanda Prije mjesec
It’s my Birthday guysss 🖤🖤😁🙏🏾🙏🏾
Red King
Red King Prije mjesec
LeBron’s been conditioning the first half of the season
Alfonso Angulo
Alfonso Angulo Prije mjesec
Kobe is looking down and saying: *That’s my boy...*
Kyrie Jelly
Kyrie Jelly Prije mjesec
The old guy still has it.
Rok Podlogar
Rok Podlogar Prije mjesec
man, it's good to see he could still bang his head on the rim if he wanted to.
Mike B
Mike B Prije mjesec
Lebron is sitting out tonight with a sore groin. Call it a fluke or a warning sign he can’t play at this level much longer?
Jamar Williams
Jamar Williams Prije mjesec
Still the greatest🔥😤
Lilit Saakyan
Lilit Saakyan Prije mjesec
Thank you 😊 you’re always very good and very professional and thank you for Kobe 🙏😔❤️❤️
Jasmany Foch
Jasmany Foch Prije mjesec
Lebron James is the Donald Trump of the NBA.
Crome Prije mjesec
Cameron Tyler
Cameron Tyler Prije mjesec
Year 17 Age 35 GOAT 🖤
B Great
B Great Prije mjesec
Y'all shouldn't have taken down my boy FreeDawkins....
Geraldo Estrada
Geraldo Estrada Prije mjesec
Looks like im the only one that can see Lebron is on Steroids
Geraldo Estrada
Geraldo Estrada Prije mjesec
Lebron at age 35 it has to be STEROIDS PEDS
Anime Justice
Anime Justice Prije mjesec
24 all the way
Jackass Dick
Jackass Dick Prije mjesec
LA is the team to beat but it’s not the lakers lol
대이김 Prije mjesec
david jesse
david jesse Prije mjesec
the Pelicans, with the exception of Zion, are all laker rejects. On the other hand, The Lakers, with the exception of Lebron, are the best selected and tested players. Plus the NBA Commissioner. Do I need to continue and say more? Maybe just to tell Lebron to be like Mike.
Ermie Torrefiel
Ermie Torrefiel Prije mjesec
Amazing..moves!i love it! God bless idol james..
Quincy Carswell
Quincy Carswell Prije mjesec
The Goat
Arnel Villanueva
Arnel Villanueva Prije mjesec
still dominate the NBA in 17 years GOAT
Tyler K
Tyler K Prije mjesec
Best player on the planet and he's in his 17th year.. he's gonna dominate come playoffs and win his 4th ring and Lakers 17th championship.
Kynjei Abada
Kynjei Abada Prije mjesec
"wAsHeD" 😂
Trevana Tolston
Trevana Tolston Prije mjesec
It was the shoes the back in the day lebrons
ZPTV Prije mjesec
Sneak peek of playing we need AD n rest of guys to follow
Calvin Sydnor V
Calvin Sydnor V Prije mjesec
What's scary is that this was an easy 40 for Lebron
Muhammad Alwi Ma'ruf
the reporter messed up.. we can't see lebron hugging zion
ABOUT TIME!! 45 next 50 next 55 next 60 next 65 next 70 next 75 next 80 next 85 next 90 next 95 next 100 next LOL!!!!
Lil Kingerz
Lil Kingerz Prije mjesec
He scores 40 points against the pelicans and that gets a video? Come on man
Lee Coleman
Lee Coleman Prije mjesec
Finally Zion vs LeBron
KarlPlay Prije mjesec
Lebron with 35 years old 💪and still the best
Allen Badillo
Allen Badillo Prije mjesec
LeBron was eating Jrue’s ass all night lol
MasteredTheUniverse Prije mjesec
Very nice performance by LeBron. He was taking what the defense was giving him. Holiday is a great defender but he couldn't do nothing against the 50 lbs LeBron has on him lol.
Nolden Prije mjesec
I mean at this point idk how people still talk shit 😂 mans in year 17 putting up 40 on the young guns
MrTitanSword Prije mjesec
Why in the world did the Pelicans put Jrue Holiday on him instead of Zion? 😂😂😂
Yohann Nain
Yohann Nain Prije mjesec
Because jrue would be on ad
MrTitanSword Prije mjesec
That's what spending 1 million dollars a year on your body will do for you🙏.
KaHLiL 2Classy
KaHLiL 2Classy Prije mjesec
Abdulrahman Ibrahim
Abdulrahman Ibrahim Prije mjesec
The ref at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="199">3:19</a> though 😂😂
Sports Mundial
Sports Mundial Prije mjesec
LEBRON JAMES the beast. Like
Andy Norlien
Andy Norlien Prije mjesec
RIP Kobe
Joyner Lucas - Will (ADHD)
🔴 STA IMA 🔴 @nuni.merch