Lakers vs Pelicans Highlights FULL GAME | NBA February 25 

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Check out Lakers vs Pelicans Highlights

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Our Sports Talk Line team picked the best NBA game Highlights for you to enjoy.
In today’s game the Lakers beat the Pelicans.
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Joyce Williams
Joyce Williams Prije mjesec
zion abusing AD
SportsTalkLine Prije mjesec
on several ocassions
James Prije mjesec
LeBron amazing Zion Will be allstar Next season
sya dow
sya dow Prije mjesec
Booooo lebron idiot soon zion will put you on garbage
Boxing Freak
Boxing Freak Prije mjesec
Ball got fouled dude had his hand
Enrique Gómez
Enrique Gómez Prije mjesec
Slow mo at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="463">7:43</a>
KINGDANNI Prije mjesec
ooooooowww Carusso
Malfoy Draco
Malfoy Draco Prije mjesec
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="213">3:33</a> what is this song?
Aunce Prije mjesec
Im so mad for lonzo. If he stayed in Lakers he would be a great player
Idiot Whisperer
Idiot Whisperer Prije mjesec
On*... Not in
Matteo Del Seta
Matteo Del Seta Prije mjesec
What was the score in the end?!
Alexander ibarguen perea
😱😱 <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="455">7:35</a> WTF?? 🔥🔥
Adi Picograf
Adi Picograf Prije mjesec
Sooner or later prime zion in the future is destined to be a laker.
Johnriel Maglasang
Johnriel Maglasang Prije mjesec
Damn .. y'all should stop meme.ming carushow.. he is under rated athletic monster.. Good game for the goat LBJ tho And please.. davis don't sacrifice yo body... You should be healthy for the playoffs..
Eldon Paul
Eldon Paul Prije mjesec
Too bad Ingram could mesh with lebron
So fresh Clothing
So fresh Clothing Prije mjesec
Lakers got all fouls called in their favor smh
Idiot Whisperer
Idiot Whisperer Prije mjesec
Stop crying already
Boxing Freak
Boxing Freak Prije mjesec
So fresh Clothing Glad u noticed that I was saying the same thing cause that game would have went a lot different bad officiating it was some bullshit especially when they said all ball when Zo got fouled.
Cenușă King Pen
Cenușă King Pen Prije mjesec
except the 5 to 10 and ones not called on Lebron ...dumb fuck
Marco International
Marco International Prije mjesec
Zion buddy take it easy, jumping like that pretty much every possession will get you injured a lot. ask D rose,and you my man heavier than him. . you better ask James about recovery.
Marco International
Marco International Prije mjesec
@Joyce Williams bro if you watched games everyday you wouldnt post comment like that. no1, litterally no1 does jump like that. and i mean not vertical jumps but when he change directions
Joyce Williams
Joyce Williams Prije mjesec
that was a very stupid comment all basketball players jump alot
Raymond Arsedale
Raymond Arsedale Prije mjesec
Bronsexuals butthurt that zion is being compared to their idol. Relax they just conpared zion’s first 12 games and lebrons first 12 games to show you the potential of the kid to be great in the future. Smdh!! Hahaha!!
Idiot Whisperer
Idiot Whisperer Prije mjesec
Sit your dumb ass down somewhere idiot
Raymond Arsedale
Raymond Arsedale Prije mjesec
I think if zion finishes the season strong like this every night he will be the roty over morant.
Yoesril Prije mjesec
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="501">8:21</a> zion try to copy lebron moves
Silenti Prije mjesec
Looks like Kuz is playing some defense and offense. Maybe the DMC trade gave him some confidence!
natisaver Prije mjesec
fantastic pickup for the lakers
kent byrne
kent byrne Prije mjesec
chick vs chicken 😂😂
Ariana Gandhi
Ariana Gandhi Prije mjesec
Zion really out here lookin like Tank from Surfs Up
K C Prije mjesec
AAron Prije mjesec
Lebron wanted to send a message with this one ✔
Mosaeeb Almosaneed
Mosaeeb Almosaneed Prije mjesec
He don’t need to u serious!
Elias KOUAKOU Prije mjesec
Well,to tell the truth Lebron did bully this team annnnnnnd.....Not only Jrue Holiday sucks as hell against big team(reason to not put him in at the last minute) but there coach is kinda out of his mind.he have against him Anthony davis,mcgee and dwight haward but isn't smart enough to let okafor in even if he doesn't not do well offensively.what's the point of having defensive potentials and not using it against BIG TEAM..!!!!!!!
Idiot Whisperer
Idiot Whisperer Prije mjesec
Their* coach
Spaniard Prince
Spaniard Prince Prije mjesec
Chi Sun
Chi Sun Prije mjesec
Lakers aren't winning this year's title. Not a chance.
juniper garcia
juniper garcia Prije mjesec
My god lebron what are you doing hahahaha idol
sakhile ntshangase
sakhile ntshangase Prije mjesec
AD is hurting. He shouldn't play against GSW
Michael T
Michael T Prije mjesec
LeBron showing Zion who’s the king of the NBA! 👑
Raymond Arsedale
Raymond Arsedale Prije mjesec
B A T 1 S T A actually people are just comparing their first seasons. They just wanted to show you the potential that zion has. You bronsexuals just so sensitive!! Did they say zion is better than lebron now?? Smh.
Alexandros Papadopoulos
🤣🤣 If you compare them For their First Games ,Zion is better in Terms of Numbers .
Funkyd Palomares
Funkyd Palomares Prije mjesec
prosper lucas Zion will be benched for knee injury most part of the season while LBJ keeps fighting for his 6th MVP
B A T 1 S T A
B A T 1 S T A Prije mjesec
prosper lucas hell naw, why wait? People talking all kinds of dumb shit, how dare they even try to compare Zion to LBJ, that’s some absurd shit. People desperate to replace LBJ, they did the same with Kobe, hated him for no fucking reason.
prosper lucas
prosper lucas Prije mjesec
cmooon zion is just 1 season my friend .. wait for at least 3 to 5 seasons
Quanta kiLL
Quanta kiLL Prije mjesec
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="491">8:11</a> keep doing that ZION and your career will be over😅 that landing seems like drose!
Lucas Torreon
Lucas Torreon Prije mjesec
@Ron Dones He's not worried, he just wanted to say some crap about a young star who is living through the hype.
Quanta kiLL
Quanta kiLL Prije mjesec
he should take care of his knees.. that landing is prone to injury.. not being so negative, just telling him to be careful as it might cause problem throughout his career.
Ron Dones
Ron Dones Prije mjesec
Quanta Is not being negative dude..he's just worried to zion coz if he will not take care it will end to nothing..zion is a beast and years will come he will give more headache to all teams in NBA ..
Justin Fundora
Justin Fundora Prije mjesec
Quanta kiLL why you gotta be so negative
andycarollsuarez Prije mjesec
Unless he has LeBron's durability, kid gonna face problems in a few years time playing like that with that kind of weight.
Notlin Games
Notlin Games Prije mjesec
This team of Pelicans can be really good in 2-3 years.
KMY988 2
KMY988 2 Prije mjesec
@SportsTalkLine your crazy Zion will never impact the game like Giannis and you see everyone comparing Zion to the king and lebron completely destroyed him at 35
SportsTalkLine Prije mjesec
with a few good additions they have potential to become new Bucks!
Kid Pink
Kid Pink Prije mjesec
pelicans no 3D forward and no center
SportsTalkLine Prije mjesec
yeah they need squad depth and they have potential to be really good!
Ryan Denoso
Ryan Denoso Prije mjesec
# legit
Quanta kiLL
Quanta kiLL Prije mjesec
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="456">7:36</a> GOAT VS BALL You know how brutal bald mamba is!
Enrique Gómez
Enrique Gómez Prije mjesec
7:43 slow mo bro.
Joed Staaa
Joed Staaa Prije mjesec
Aaron Piho
Aaron Piho Prije mjesec
Damn, kinda wanted pelicans to get the W
Quanta kiLL
Quanta kiLL Prije mjesec
Zion is good but lakers has a lot of towers
Hipolito Cordones
Hipolito Cordones Prije mjesec
@James Hightower ,
James Hightower
James Hightower Prije mjesec
Never seen anyone challenge AD so frequently and successfully though
Tartko Batinga
Tartko Batinga Prije mjesec
its about shooting, not who is high rebounding? 😜
SportsTalkLine Prije mjesec
actually it's about scoring🤪
Andrej Lorenci
Andrej Lorenci Prije mjesec
I have a feeling, how this very THIS SEASON could end. BUCKS will be champs, becouse of NO PLAYOFFS this year, amid COVID19, for sure.
Chanelle Nicole
Chanelle Nicole Prije mjesec
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="491">8:11</a> that 6'5 zion rebound over 6'11 dwight howard was crazy 😲😲
hoho hahahaha
hoho hahahaha Prije mjesec
Howard can jump over 1m still
Thimios Paraskeuas
Thimios Paraskeuas Prije mjesec
@Chanelle Nicole a tually he is 198 no shoes (6'6) so with shoes he is like 6'7
XxKo0loxX Prije mjesec
Prime Dwight has showcased doing standing dunks on 12 foot rims in the past irrc, but all things considered Zion is a hell of a talent
KINGOFWORMS30 Greatest center of all
@andycarollsuarez dwight Howard was not jump that high fucking stop it
KINGOFWORMS30 Greatest center of all
@andycarollsuarez bullshit
murti 64
murti 64 Prije mjesec
LeBron Wonderfull
spoonpoint Prije mjesec
Caruso's block on Lonzo. brutal
SportsTalkLine Prije mjesec
that was EPIC! He sure caught coach's attention today!
Paola Miller
Paola Miller Prije mjesec
The pelicans needs a pg and center and Popovich 💍
Myles Henderson
Myles Henderson Prije mjesec
they have one
Keith Holt
Keith Holt Prije mjesec
Washed king? Lol. Lb. 40 points ,skip gonna find something wrong with lebron's night lol
Zitow Huang
Zitow Huang Prije mjesec
CARUSHOW~~~is the real version of Benjamin Button. He will be getting younger and more hair every day~~~ Actually he is the old brother of Logo man~~Jerry West~~~~
SportsTalkLine Prije mjesec
m jeff
m jeff Prije mjesec
4st comment
pisonet addict
pisonet addict Prije mjesec
mark jeff berja ulo mo
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