Kawhi's load management makes me worried about the Clippers' chemistry - Haynes | NBA | UNDISPUTED 

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
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Chris Haynes joins Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe to discuss the Los Angeles Clippers' position behind LeBron James' Los Angeles Lakers in the Western Conference. Hear why Haynes thinks Kawhi Leonard's load management might be an issue in the playoffs.
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UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.
Kawhi's load management makes me worried about the Clippers' chemistry - Haynes | NBA | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED



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Komentari 80   
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Will Kawhi Leonard's load management be an issue in the NBA playoffs?
Alan Smith
Alan Smith Prije 23 dana
Skip why do you dislike LeBron so much?
Simi B
Simi B Prije 25 dana
@Chris G Lakers played two good games back to back (Bucks/Clippers). These were statement games if you couldn't tell. It's playoffs time Clippers aren't going to play better than the Lakers when it's all said and done. I guess you have a hard time accepting reality...
Chris G
Chris G Prije 25 dana
@Simi B dude if you think the clippers can't play any better ur on more drugs than me lol, I guarantee they won't win the last meetup game. Kawhi will go off! Lakers play one good game out of three and you say it's over yet their first game was playoffs atmosphere and they still lost cause clippers locked them down and Kawhi ate. There's some doggs on the clippers they wont lose again Lebron just had a good weekend it happens last time it was Kawhi this time him. Next time back to Kawhi town lol
Simi B
Simi B Prije 25 dana
@Chris G They are not a threat the media hypes them up to appear to be.
Simi B
Simi B Prije 25 dana
@Chris G Thank you for helping LeBron validate his MVP case this year. He hears all the whispers...
Alan Smith
Alan Smith Prije 23 dana
Why does this dude dislike LeBron so much ?
Derrick Brehon
Derrick Brehon Prije mjesec
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="21">0:21</a> pause right off the bat 🤦🏾‍♂️
Àhméd Éłkádrī
Àhméd Éłkádrī Prije mjesec
Just wait for Playoff LeBron And Rondo
SuperArab Prije mjesec
"we're going to see that matchup" (between lakers and clippers), the same way "the Knicks are gonna get the first pick". Don't sleep on the rest of the west, though most people already are
John-Luke McFadden
John-Luke McFadden Prije mjesec
Ole Shannon Sharpe. Lmao! Entertainer of The Year!! Skip picked the right one. 2 funny! That’s Stephen A. The 2nd!
DaBaNDiT-5 Prije mjesec
lebron uses PED's
Tanner Cox
Tanner Cox Prije mjesec
If you have to load manage to win then obviously you’re not that good
king james
king james Prije mjesec
Kawhi probably made a mistakes by joining the clippers, raptors is a team that plays like warriors you can insert a super star and miss games and still have 100% team chemistry but this clippers team yes they have millions of star players but I see a team that has no identity its like lebrons 1st year in Miami..
go bot
go bot Prije mjesec
I think Kahwi by the end of this off season will regret not saying in Toronto. He had his gritty team he wasn’t king of a city he could of been king of a conference and country. Also the Clippers are the Clippers. Nets can win back to back and the disgusting Knicks will still be the team
C.J. Botshiwe
C.J. Botshiwe Prije mjesec
Every time I here Shannon say “My Grandma used to say...”, my ear inadvertently perks up a little
Joshua Reynolds
Joshua Reynolds Prije mjesec
Thts not always true your record is not wat you are certain times
Agent 47
Agent 47 Prije mjesec
Clippers aren’t beating the lakers,put your house on it.
Agent 47
Agent 47 Prije mjesec
“He ran from him” skip he hit the game decider😂😂😂
La La
La La Prije mjesec
why comentars say bad words about memphis grizzlies
Snicky G
Snicky G Prije mjesec
Rivers needs to stop putting Kawhi on load management! Rivers think if he keeps Kawhi on load management like the coach of the raps did last year did last year, he will get the same results! This is NOT going to happen rivers because you do not have the team prepared like the coach of the raps did!
andromark borno
andromark borno Prije mjesec
Pause super pause my guy
Rolando Gonzalez
Rolando Gonzalez Prije mjesec
Oh man! Shannon killed it when describing kawhi 😂
Miguel Lima
Miguel Lima Prije mjesec
Clippers when healty, have the best roster in the nba, i dont know about team yet.
Ellis Marcelle
Ellis Marcelle Prije mjesec
This narrative that the LAC are tough is WAY OVERSTATED!!! Bev can be out of control, so can Morris, Kawhi ain't neva hurt a person or thing in his life, neither has PG or Lou Will, Harrell had humble NBA upbringings BUT is undersized and more smoke and mirrors than an actual good defender, and the remainder of guys are NBA journeyman. We'll see how tough they are when they have to play 7-game series versus Jazz, Rockets and if still alive, LAL. Probably won't last.
33ladyRAM Prije mjesec
Daaannng Shannon...YOU better speak your grandmother knowledge <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="210">03:30</a>. I'll have to use that!
Jeffrey Douglas
Jeffrey Douglas Prije mjesec
I automatically skip when Skip starts babbling.
Uncle Ben
Uncle Ben Prije mjesec
He is worried about Kawhi as he keep getting richer and accomplished !!🤣🤣
easter davenport
easter davenport Prije mjesec
A lot of ifs
Oliad Wakessa
Oliad Wakessa Prije mjesec
Anyone who calls him a goat is delusional, he just a good player that got carried by circumstances to his championships
Terpy 420
Terpy 420 Prije mjesec
shannon grandmother mustve been jesus himself 😭
The Eye
The Eye Prije mjesec
They got dogs that’s such a stupid saying we there dogs don’t stay healthy
Terrance D. Stroman III
Lebron being a lock down a defender is myth everyone ate against Bron!
michael murphy
michael murphy Prije mjesec
If Health they still can’t beat a fully healthy lakers 4 games
JUSTE REACTS Prije mjesec
Did these folks forget each matchup lakers where blowing clippers out and just went cold from offense and clippers rally and come back win like cmon clippers are practically what Indiana and Celtics and Toronto and wizards were to Lebron on the East. A team that can beat us in the regular season but in a 7 games matchup can’t beat Lebron and company
Charlie Hustle
Charlie Hustle Prije mjesec
Ain't nobody scared of the Fakers and the Flippers
ESSJ333 Prije mjesec
These Lakers fans questioning Clippers chemistry even though Clippers beat them twice already.
HeSo GLOCC NATiON Prije mjesec
TALK ABOUT MILWAUKEE **** are y’all always ONLY talking about the Clippers n The Lakers
inirab rub
inirab rub Prije mjesec
This guy is a Kawhi hack so I dont care about his comments, Im very worried about my $600 seat not seeing my star playing.
Pounded Yam
Pounded Yam Prije mjesec
C’mon they didn’t have to do Kawhi like that in the thumbnail. That man is a 2 time NBA champion
DONTEL Prije mjesec
Shanon is performing perfectly
THE RAW FAME Prije mjesec
It's so funny how @skip went from spurs to Clippers and says we're 👌
michel moleka
michel moleka Prije mjesec
What we would do without Shannon though 😂😂🤣
Ranvir Dhesi
Ranvir Dhesi Prije mjesec
Chill out it worked for Toronto
BO2 Sniper
BO2 Sniper Prije mjesec
Skip: LeBron..... Shannon: dadadadadasada skip
Huncho EXB
Huncho EXB Prije mjesec
Nobody remembers Kyle kuzma went off against the clippers
R Dub
R Dub Prije mjesec
So is Kawhi hurt or not?
hitindahead Prije mjesec
Clippers eating man meat taking it raw dog while the Lakers slammin their meat on the table.
Kian Kayhan
Kian Kayhan Prije mjesec
Shannon is really funny and nice man. Skip is eternally constipated and a Lebron hatter. None of the super stars, like Jordan, Koby, kareem and the rest ever played against team like “GS warriors”. Jordan had pepin, Rodman and koby had Shack and they won few championships. On the other hand, Lebron played against GS warriors with bunch of no hopers. Lebron is more complete player than all superstars of BB, but coby and Jordan were better shooter than Lebron.
jay pierre
jay pierre Prije mjesec
nobody's scared of the clippers and at least haynes said it clippers dont have enough chemistry like other teams do with kawhi load managing and paul george being out
Thomas Muscheck
Thomas Muscheck Prije mjesec
Have to be healthy? With stacked roster from top to bottom? Doesn't that imply they can "handle" any injury coming their way. Sure it does. Ain't going to be no Clippers. Not even making West Finals. Wilt played "every game, every minute". Load managed the shoot arounds. These guys never played against "the real center". Would've been some broken arms. And not one "foul out". Only 5 guys can play at a time. We forget that.
Blurry Images
Blurry Images Prije mjesec
This guy went from the Warriors sack to the Clippers sack. 🤢🤢🤢
Kevin Schart
Kevin Schart Prije mjesec
i'm glad Shannon remembered that 56 game bet...I thought skip was out of his damn mind for taking that bet...56 games was a guarantee. no question whatsoever.
onedropmic Prije mjesec
There is never a time that Shannon will forget to bring up LeBron in a conversation. NASA just scheduled a new flight to the moon and exploring new discoveries on other distant planets that the world have never seen before. Shannon: You know LeBron made Space Jams and about to unleash new moves the world has never seen before, GOATJAMES....LOL
Dale Rodriguez
Dale Rodriguez Prije mjesec
ShannonSharpe is too funny. Skip building the narrative when it comes to Kawhi and the Clippers game the other night. ShannonSharpe answers- That's with the Grizzlies...😂😂😂🏀
cpester1 Prije mjesec
Am I confused is skip back on the KAwhi band wagon..Because if I am not mistaken he was calling him faker last season..
Nzubenna Ofoma
Nzubenna Ofoma Prije mjesec
"Even special for a 2 time defensive player of the year, the best player in the NBA, the claw, got his own signature shoe, the terminator, feels no emotion has no pain" Shannon. 😂😂🤣
chasegova Prije mjesec
Jenny’s a perfect fit
jolheels21 Prije mjesec
You know Skip is biased when every criticism of Clippers goes back to LeBron. He has got nothing
Warren Mazengwe
Warren Mazengwe Prije mjesec
The one undeniable interest, between Clippers and Lakers, is they frequently play the same opponents within the same week. That's a hard LA trip for most teams.
Alchemister Surfboarder
Wonder how this show would be "if" and "when" they gave Shannons' Gramdma a chair. lawd
Ceez Geez
Ceez Geez Prije mjesec
I thought Clippers were the best team. What happened? LMAO
Ah Prije mjesec
Clippers are an iso heavy team, chemistry isn’t the issue. They just need everyone healthy. They can figure it out on the court. The Lakers need Bron in the game cause they don’t run a system and he does everything. It’ll be a great matchup
_ 84
_ 84 Prije mjesec
Why they keep talking about dogs, and tufness, like it's a damn wrestling match... all that mean is a lot of fouls
Dahveed Mailey
Dahveed Mailey Prije mjesec
Its not like he load managing on purpose, he has a degenerate quad
Bobby Gorham-McCrary
“my grandma had said.......” i love whatever comes after 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Vaping Fast break
Vaping Fast break Prije mjesec
Love Shannon but he is getting cringe. It’s easy to have a great record when your only playing 3 & 4 tier teams. You beat the kings, cavs, and knicks. Wow. Haven’t beat the clippers yet, Greek Freak gets in LeBron chest every game. So does Tatum and Brown. Come on. This dude and team is so overrated. If you watch basketball and know the game it’ll be so obvious. Stats don’t tell the whole story people.
Kam007 Prije mjesec
“Stay Down!!!” ~Shannon Sharpe
WOODY BOSS Prije mjesec
Shannon did the Soulja boy impersonation on Kawhi 😂
yrn kid
yrn kid Prije mjesec
Y’all act the clippers the warriors super team😂😂😂
San Trez
San Trez Prije mjesec
yrn kid ikr , the warriors would make the lakers & clippers look like scrubs 😂
Terence Steele
Terence Steele Prije mjesec
Shannon is horrible. It's like he has a personal vendetta against Kawhi. Sad. smdh
jamar 2k
jamar 2k Prije mjesec
Shannon is made for TV lol
Arjun Mandava
Arjun Mandava Prije mjesec
Love how the Raptors basically did this against the Pacers without Gasol or Powell but no one will ever talk about it
TBNV Prije mjesec
Shannon is the BEST LOL
Chris Casafranca
Chris Casafranca Prije mjesec
Dwight Howard AD King Morris and McGhee Those 5 are bruisers Lake show
Billy Ray Washington
Lmao 😂 are we just gonna ignore that the Clippers beat the Lakers every time they met this season 🤣🤣🤣
Isadora Clarke
Isadora Clarke Prije mjesec
Always panicking always expressing fear Kawhi load manged with Raptors and Raptors won Maybe teams are loaded with too much EGO
Gopinath Karunanithi
He will win even if it takes a game winning shot in game 7. Fun Guy will take all the load from April to June.
DaMet Walker
DaMet Walker Prije mjesec
Jenny Tee ♥️👸🏼
Breezy Danny
Breezy Danny Prije mjesec
Skip hmmm 🤨 hmmm
Michael Rivera
Michael Rivera Prije mjesec
If the clippers lose the narrative will be: " Lakers won because clippers weren't themselves" Smh always a excuse for everything
Michael Rivera
Michael Rivera Prije mjesec
Skip thinks that he wins because people say clippers are more deep 😂
B G Prije mjesec
Lakers will win the championship 🏆
Paul Prije mjesec
They can present medical certs all they want. But being out one game then dropping 30 the next is BS. They could just make up any injury they want. Next bargaining agreement, players should be paid per game or a pro rated contract. I could count the games where they actually had their starting 5 it's ridiculous. Kobe should haunt these guys.
Ancestral Rage
Ancestral Rage Prije mjesec
AD is soft tho lol