Houston Rockets vs Memphis Grizzlies Full Game Highlights | February 26, 2019-20 NBA Season 

MLG Highlights
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Houston Rockets vs Memphis Grizzlies Full Game Highlights | February 26, 2019-20 NBA Season
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KevinRoss Masangkay
KevinRoss Masangkay Prije 5 dana
Loving to watch Houston nowadays❤😍
🔥🔥🔥 *Love basketball🏀🏀* <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="80">1:20</a> 🎥🎬 👇👇👇
le simpliste
le simpliste Prije mjesec
I like how they play,but i dont think they can beat the lakers with this playstyle,maybe the clippers but not the lakers imo
iago mello
iago mello Prije mjesec
Man i kinda was a hater of westbrook in okc cuz he could do the fuck he wanted and fucked up alot of games with miserable threes and choking in clutch moments, but now this nigga is kinda a tammed beast doing what he do best and with a more reliable team, this guys could beat lakers/clippers/bucks in a best of 7 games, they can win this year
ירון ברקלי
ירון ברקלי Prije mjesec
C'mon NBA. Bring back the handchake. These players are talented enough to deal with it.
Nlvdd Prije mjesec
I like what i see from covington.
M B Prije mjesec
Amazing team. Looks like Russ is doing the better job now than CP3 was. The only question is how can they beat really big top teams like LAL.
JAY V Prije mjesec
Rivers is bad. He does a jab step every single play...
Sid Michael Fajardo
Sid Michael Fajardo Prije mjesec
Just trade rivers. We are all good.
KP Prije mjesec
Gotta love Westbrook lol.
Bluethunda Sound
Bluethunda Sound Prije mjesec
I’m not a 🚀’s fan but I hope they take it all the way this year🙌🏽
James Oji
James Oji Prije mjesec
Anyone know the theme music at the start?
Nigel Pascua
Nigel Pascua Prije mjesec
Behind the scenes-room(teachers, educators,)-stretching-students(audience)-professors
Elyod Florian
Elyod Florian Prije mjesec
Houston Rockets: Turn based basketball
Stansfield Adams
Stansfield Adams Prije mjesec
It's annoying watching Harden on defense if we just being real, at least show the effort cmmon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Trey Ward
Trey Ward Prije mjesec
Been a day one fan of this Houston team and to all the haters out there don’t jump on the bandwagon when you were talking all that shit keep that same energy you had before
Junior Prije mjesec
i got same opinion
arief putra
arief putra Prije mjesec
I thought pairing two ball dominant mvp would be a disaster, and I was laughing hard when I know PJ Tucker was going to be their center. To my surprise, the system works and they coexist perfectly. I really enjoy watching this Rocket.
Eiffel Cordoba
Eiffel Cordoba Prije mjesec
Announcer “bunch of private kids from schooling Memphis” 😂😂😂
DwadeFL4SHMV3 Prije mjesec
Dantoni deserves just as much credit as steph for changing the league. His fast pace style of play all the way back to Steve Nash is just as unique as stephs range. Everyone thought he was insane for what he did trading away his center, the fact that the rockets haven’t gotten blown out every game since shows his unreal genius.
Peter Harry
Peter Harry Prije mjesec
Russ and Harden are on another LEVEL
Вадим Арестов 232
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="318">5:18</a>
Khadim Sylla
Khadim Sylla Prije mjesec
Goor GUI dieng 🇸🇳🇸🇳
danieltaom Prije mjesec
Always fun to watch Slo-Mo do his thing.
Karl Delos Santos
Karl Delos Santos Prije mjesec
Westbrook should be in the MVP conversation rn
living_dimples Prije mjesec
wonder what they def would look like if they put westbrook, convington. jeff, pj tucker amd optional (hardern, or house or rivers) togather.
E .S
E .S Prije mjesec
You crazy? Harden is not optional.
drum and bet
drum and bet Prije mjesec
Rockets picking up that chip this year
Izzat Aziz
Izzat Aziz Prije mjesec
Keep losing Memphis, no hate, but prefer Pelicans, they more fun to watch.
Ben Lam
Ben Lam Prije mjesec
BMac's jumper so smooth.
Itoonz Kittipat
Itoonz Kittipat Prije mjesec
K.V Tsang
K.V Tsang Prije mjesec
The real small ball is sooooo great
Blast Snow
Blast Snow Prije mjesec
Rooooccccckkkkeeettssssss wiiiinnnnnn🚀🚀🚀❤️
TD #CSGO Prije mjesec
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="445">7:25</a> teach me that move, tf
D'Tāh TeVï
D'Tāh TeVï Prije mjesec
you should be able to abuse the Rockets' paint with all that size and defend the paint. how do you even lose to the Rockets' small ball is embarrassing
opower122 Prije mjesec
Its trading 2 for 3s. There pace is very fast and their system abuses the centers on offense. The center gets exposed and theres nothing the other team can do but go small aswell.
Igbo Kwenu
Igbo Kwenu Prije mjesec
D'Tāh TeVï Should* Ask Lakers , Celtics and Utah how that panned out. 😁😁😁😁😎😎😎
The Beard 92
The Beard 92 Prije mjesec
Houston Rockets 2020 Nba Champions
makis papachristou
makis papachristou Prije mjesec
That's the spirit!! LET'S GO H-TOWN!!!🚀🚀🚀 #OneMission
Kusuma Wijaya
Kusuma Wijaya Prije mjesec
after Capella out - Westbrook & Harden play with MVP mode - great ballmovement - rocket gang play like a sprinter
ChrisSmoovefan Prije mjesec
Looks like this no-center thing has completely re-energized Westbrook. If this was Morey's plan, he's a genius
Lamar Jackson
Lamar Jackson Prije mjesec
Imagine if Sam presti built on a 5 out system for Westbrook in okc at his prime 🤯 imagine what could’ve happen
mustafa emul
mustafa emul Prije mjesec
%10 defansive %990 Offensive I like this team.
jeyton Prije mjesec
Westbrook signed to be The Flash in season 7...
GTR life
GTR life Prije mjesec
Rockets are looking unstoppable after the All Star break 🔥
Adnan Junuzovic
Adnan Junuzovic Prije mjesec
The only thing yet to be changed is Harden's obsession with ISO ball when it's completely unnecessary. If Westbrook keeps playing like this, Rockets have a real shot at the chip.
plantation free
plantation free Prije mjesec
Man stfu,
Adnan Junuzovic
Adnan Junuzovic Prije mjesec
@Ryan Cavalcanti It was almost completely iso before Russ came but I see it now as transitioning to a different style with more ball distribution towards the wings. Russ is able to penetrate any defense and dish out to open guys, you can call it iso but it's also a lot of movement and passing. With Harden at guard it's a stationary game with dribbles in one spot and then launching from deep. All other guys are mostly uninvolved as they hold on to their spots.
Ryan Cavalcanti
Ryan Cavalcanti Prije mjesec
@Adnan Junuzovic But the Rockets hole offense is based on ISO plays, If not Harden, then Westbrook. Also, Harden was playing bad in january, but he since the start of February, he is back to his old self. If you Double him, he passes to Westbrook and he Will probably score, but If you dont Double, you leave Harden to play 1 on 1, and that is just Crazy, and this is probably one of the reasons that makes this system work, doubling is a lot harder than It was before
Adnan Junuzovic
Adnan Junuzovic Prije mjesec
@Ryan Cavalcanti His iso game has started to be less effective even in the regular season cause teams figured out the ways to make it harder for him to score. During playoffs, it's going to be even harder. Nothing beats ball sharing, even if you just look at the highlights, it's clear that a lot of those iso dribbles and shot attempts could have been easily passed along the line to further break the defense. Small ball needs pace and movement, not ball-stopping. Just from the practical standpoint, it is much more challenging to score against taller teams when you are not in transition and when their defensive players are in position.
Ryan Cavalcanti
Ryan Cavalcanti Prije mjesec
It is not an obsession bro, that IS Just what he is the Best on the league and his coach tells him to keep doing that, because he is great on that
Giorgos Pantos
Giorgos Pantos Prije mjesec
Wtf is that thumbnail its like they saw some god like booty or something lmao 😂
RaptorFromThe6IX Prije mjesec
og grizzlies jersey looks so fire i wish i could get the steve francis one
Mharlon Bunglo
Mharlon Bunglo Prije mjesec
Houston players are all sniper at 3 point line.
LAWRENCE Steing Prije mjesec
Mharlon Bunglo 😂😂🔥🔥🔥
AitLin's Rebellion
AitLin's Rebellion Prije mjesec
if Russ will pass on fastbreak, he can get at least doubl-double
Sethedream Signature
What if Steve Nash in this generation
Ahmad2423 Prije mjesec
He'd still be ringless, What's your point...
phatcow 7
phatcow 7 Prije mjesec
Did Westbrook srsly get a technical for smth ridiculous?
Please Enter Name Here
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="276">4:36</a> that laugh though
S Igna
S Igna Prije mjesec
Taizez Prije mjesec
Literally o team wants to match up with the Rockets in the Playoffs rn
Karl Vincent Lao
Karl Vincent Lao Prije mjesec
the post-Crowder effect really hits them... . since they traded Crowder, they lose their balance on offense and veteran leadership on/off-court
Karl Vincent Lao
Karl Vincent Lao Prije mjesec
@Igbo Kwenu that's why I'm pertaining to that Crowder trade... it's hard to finish the season when you don't have good mix of veterans that could lead the way... they're being bullied basically coz they're really young literally
Igbo Kwenu
Igbo Kwenu Prije mjesec
Karl Vincent Lao That and they have the hardest schedule in the league. Let’s not ignore that .
Shanks D. Badass
Shanks D. Badass Prije mjesec
Westbrook has been a monster last 3 months. Playing at mvp level
Igbo Kwenu
Igbo Kwenu Prije mjesec
Shanks D. Badass Sadly the media already chose their two MVP candidates and they made them Team Captains for the AllStar games. It’s just a popularity contest the only MVPs that matters are finals MVPs. Hopefully Russ or James win one this year.
Пепо Костоски
Russ yet proves every damn hater wrong! Lets go 🚀 🚀 🚀
Matt Crains
Matt Crains Prije mjesec
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="580">9:40</a> ‘Bunch of pvt school kids on Memphis’ lol 😂 😝
Alvin Magallen
Alvin Magallen Prije mjesec
I'm not a Rockets fan but I really enjoy this team's play in this small ball.
krezo Prije mjesec
Rockets getting ready for the plaYoffs
Jagavv Iwllana
Jagavv Iwllana Prije mjesec
Idc I’m still letting Russ shoot 40 3s in a series
plantation free
plantation free Prije mjesec
You love Westbrook that much, that you want to see him take shots that he almost never makes.
opower122 Prije mjesec
@makis papachristou and Westbrook's mid range is cash!
makis papachristou
makis papachristou Prije mjesec
He won't take them if he's not wide open and has a good look. He will get inside the line and shoot his dribble pull up from mid range.
dearshomy Prije mjesec
Am I the only one who can't read the leading stats written in the end? The bright colour on white background is not the best decision for mobile users. Thanks for the upload.
Angelo Bronte
Angelo Bronte Prije mjesec
Yeah I barely recognise the number.
なおと. Prije mjesec
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="195">3:15</a> Yuta Watanabe
Jervis Paraggua
Jervis Paraggua Prije mjesec
Houston right now is like the mid 2000s suns. They wont bother much defending you but they will certainly outscore you if you chose to trade baskets with them.
Igbo Kwenu
Igbo Kwenu Prije mjesec
Jervis Paraggua By the time the other team starts scoring points it’s Garbage time! They’ve put up 70 points in the first half of their last 3-4 games! They’re literally load managing mid game now to conserve energy. Don’t let the score fool you, the games are over by the 3rd quarter, especially now the role players are hitting their shots from quality looks. Most of their points last night were off turnovers and 3s. It’s their DEFENCE that generates such high TOVs for opposition.
kingrobinho777 Prije mjesec
Our defence has been great since the trade: Tucker - Lockdown Covington - Lockdown Carroll - Good defender House - Good defender Rivers - Good defender Gordon - Good defender Westbrook - Good defender when he chooses
United South Enterprises LLC
Jervis Paraggua I’m only worried about the Bucks because that’s the only team with enough shooters to counter the double team on Giannis. We put Cov on Bron and double AD Lakers have no answer for that not enough shooters. We could put PJ on Bron to force him to turn his back on PJ because he cannot blow by PJ. The reason this tactic will work is because it takes a lot of energy for post moves and that will wear down the 35 year old body down. We have enough 3 and D guys to guard the Clippers wings and they don’t have enough shooters either. We’ll see though.
Jervis Paraggua
Jervis Paraggua Prije mjesec
@United South Enterprises LLC then you should know that stats never tell the whole story. I meant defensively, teams (like lakers or bucks) will test houston's smallball in the paint. Dont get me wrong, im with houston too and i hope they win a ring, im just being realistic. Its too early to tell that theyre solid inside just because covington gets a few blocks every night.
United South Enterprises LLC
Jervis Paraggua Stephen A. is usually reliable when it comes to stats but I agree with you he does get things wrong. Houston has been boxing the paint though that’s why the Lakers lost. Besides the Rockets gets more points in the paint from Russ and Harden then any other team.
Αντώνης Κοντ
Turns out the experiment is going really well..Don't be surprised even if they make it to the finals..They score easy and the defence is better..Let's see.
jekim Prije mjesec
Even though Rockets been doing good with small line up, Im pretty sure they will get a center before the playoff
Uchiha Vishal
Uchiha Vishal Prije mjesec
we have hartenstein and chandler if it gets to that but i dont think it will
Nayde Prije mjesec
jekim yeah size matters in playoffs. Match up is magnified.
Toan Nguyen
Toan Nguyen Prije mjesec
Wow you updated to 1080P 60FPS. Amazing!
Gabriel John
Gabriel John Prije mjesec
This Rockets team is the most exciting to watch right now. D'antoni's a real one, managed to create a play style that fits BOTH superstars into the line up fluently to utilize their strengths and also preserve energy seeing as Harden isn't driving so much.
noot hekin boie
noot hekin boie Prije mjesec
Abdulkadir Isik you had a stroke or what
francis david
francis david Prije mjesec
@hi im sp1nex Bro he does play D, he is one of the best guards that plays great defense on the post. If you follow analytics, he is a great post defender due to his body that you can easily move out the way
Migrant mit Hintergrund
@Abdulkadir Isik haha no
Abdulkadir Isik
Abdulkadir Isik Prije mjesec
@hi im sp1nex you obviously je you still bring up the Argument that harden doesnt plsy d. He plays grear defense this year especially in the post. You obviously bias
hi im sp1nex
hi im sp1nex Prije mjesec
what does harden need the energy for? not to hate here but he plays no d and only shoots in the offense
Kawhi the terminator Leonard
Harden, Westbrook, Covington, Ja>>>>>>>LeFraud
Heart Of Islam
Heart Of Islam Prije mjesec
This Rockets is the Team you never want & wish to play against in a 7 game series. You'll be totally TIRED of guarding them, their Pace is too hard to match with and Russ is phenomenal.
Dj Zephyr
Dj Zephyr Prije mjesec
Rocket haters in beginner of season: *RoCkEt goNnA neEd 2 BaLls* Rocket haters in midseason: *sMall BaLl aInt wOrK* Rocket haters in playoff: *HaRdEn n WBriCk gOnNa choKe* These haters need new narrative ffs
Dj Zephyr
Dj Zephyr Prije mjesec
@who the Fuck is this ps: Playoff haven't start yet.. anything can change. Unless u came from future, u can stfu.. stop clinging to the past or previously record..
who the Fuck is this
Most people said that these 2 would be awful come Playoff time actually a lot of people said Rockets would be 1st or 2nd Seed but they would lose to the Lakers or Clippers now Rockets might play round 1 with a Homecourt Disadvantage
Just JD
Just JD Prije mjesec
rockets might fuck around and pull an upset. I’m ngl im watching the rockets from the corner of my eye. heat fan, lakers fan.
Dj Zephyr
Dj Zephyr Prije mjesec
Haters gonna comment like: *sTatPadDer, bAlLhOgS, ChOkE arTiSt, fLOpKinGs, bRicKcItY, 1st rOuND exIT etc etc*
Zett76 Prije mjesec
Nice trick, here. 🙂 Just because the first two statements were proven wrong, doesn't mean that the third one has to be, too. By the way: find a new narrative. This "haters" bullshit gets old.
허걱 Prije mjesec
Russ for All-NBA 1st team
oshone Shokpeka
oshone Shokpeka Prije mjesec
@Ahmad2423 kawhi isn't playing as good as he was in playoff. He is kinda off
Mohamed Toure
Mohamed Toure Prije mjesec
I'd pick Westbrook over Kawhi cause he playing better and there's chance he's gonna continue that
Ahmad2423 Prije mjesec
First team will be... Kawhi LeBron Giannis Harden Luka
Daniel Berri
Daniel Berri Prije mjesec
Daniel Berri
Daniel Berri Prije mjesec
Leper Messiah
Leper Messiah Prije mjesec
Rockets vs Trash
Mandrew RB
Mandrew RB Prije mjesec
Austin rivers got one of the top 10 nastiest crosses.
肖涛 Prije mjesec
PG 13PACERNATION Prije mjesec
Russell Westbrook & James Harden and Luka Doncic & Kristaps Porzingis played great in their WINS over Memphis and San Antonio. Two of the best 1-2 punches in the NBA 🥊
kingrobinho777 Prije mjesec
😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 don't compare random guy's to Harden and Russ
Jarard Jones
Jarard Jones Prije mjesec
Both teams take over 40 3s as well.
aldie asa
aldie asa Prije mjesec
Super small team
Logan Rue
Logan Rue Prije mjesec
If ja Moran could shoot he be a beast
Yemi USA
Yemi USA Prije mjesec
Mama, what are we cooking? Small ball son, small ball.
Just JD
Just JD Prije mjesec
Rhett vaughan
Rhett vaughan Prije mjesec
Kobe, u ain't missin much
Akira Rin
Akira Rin Prije mjesec
Imagine it's Ben Simmons on Rocket instead of Westbrook. He would be Center on defense while playing PG on offense. That would be fun.
swag lad
swag lad Prije mjesec
@Akira Rin Simmons has zero ability not determination to shoot That doesn't fit the rockets he'd be horrible
Akira Rin
Akira Rin Prije mjesec
@Lovely ZZZ I'm impressed this is the only way can talk. Gj!
Lovely ZZZ
Lovely ZZZ Prije mjesec
@Akira Rin What help do you need?
Akira Rin
Akira Rin Prije mjesec
@Shafi Abbasi I will agree with u if defense isn't considered. Rockets need at least some size against western teams with bigs, or u just count on shooters hitting every shots in the playoffs. Plus Simmons is much cheaper, which leave rooms for other players
Jarard Jones
Jarard Jones Prije mjesec
@Shafi Abbasi Who wouldn't pick Russ over ben. Ben is only a better defender than Westbrook.
Rhay Polis
Rhay Polis Prije mjesec
james austin rivers is on fire
Aegon Thorkell
Aegon Thorkell Prije mjesec
Where is the Rookie of the Year? He seem quiet in this game
kingrobinho777 Prije mjesec
In New Orleans that frail Grizzlies rookie is trash 🤣🤣
Carlos Belmontes
Carlos Belmontes Prije mjesec
Talked all that shit and got that same shit pushed back in.
Kawhi the terminator Leonard
Jacky Hung If Pelicans get to 8th seed, it could be
Jacky Hung
Jacky Hung Prije mjesec
chuengkong chiu are you that naive to believe Zion is going to win roty?XD
chuengkong chiu
chuengkong chiu Prije mjesec
Aegon Thorkell Zion didn‘t play today
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