DaBaby - Find My Way (Official Music Video) 

Pretplati me 3,5 mil.
Pregleda 4,4 mil.
98% 43 159 664

Director - Reel Goats
Producer - Spicy Rico
Co Producer - Gemini
Production Manager - Shaq Gonzoe
Production Coordinator - Elizabeth Gomez
DP - Logan Meis
Steadicam - Aser Santos
1st AC - Philip Hoang
2nd - Zariah Daily
Gaffer -Daniel Kagle
Key Grip - STU
Sound Mixer - Timothy Vannette
Boom OP - Mehmet Adlil
1st Ad - Jakon Robledo
2nd Ad- Amber Bowton
MUA - Stacy Gonzalez
Hair - Tilomai Hill
Wardrope - Taisha Suero
Stunt - Jesse Johnson
Art Director - Giovanna
PD - Eloise Ayala



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Komentari 80   
tunisiepapi21 Prije 8 sati
808s too much should of been more subtle snippet sounded better
Rayanah Copeland
Rayanah Copeland Prije 8 sati
Can we get a pt.2 😭
Famous Flowers
Famous Flowers Prije 8 sati
Baby setting himself up like 50. He finna be a movie star after this rap shit sizzle out. Smart dude.
Rajib Debnath
Rajib Debnath Prije 8 sati
C S Prije 8 sati
This shit is trash bro y'all got terrible taste
Ashley Reid
Ashley Reid Prije 8 sati
DaBaby & DaSimone lol
Tyrese Prije 8 sati
Every single person in my life tell me I’m a hero but when its up and go down treat me like a villain 💯💪🏾🗣🎙🔥
Zebb Davis
Zebb Davis Prije 8 sati
He would die irl the way he shoots
Lolli Pop
Lolli Pop Prije 8 sati
Yeoooo theyyy would be tooo to tooo cuteee!!
Toni Austin
Toni Austin Prije 8 sati
Damn da baby step outside the box on this one👍🏽🔥💯
YUNG ENVYY Prije 8 sati
rolling stones - paint it black
rst Prije 8 sati
*this ain’t a music video, this a god damn season finale.*
keepinupwniq Prije 8 sati
he is a great actor
Kayhan Hamidi
Kayhan Hamidi Prije 8 sati
dababy should be a actor
keepinupwniq Prije 8 sati
Bonnie & Clyde type shit
Jpmoney 10
Jpmoney 10 Prije 8 sati
These music videos really be looking like movies.
Bianca D’Alfonso
Bianca D’Alfonso Prije 8 sati
Friends by Marshmello & Anne-Marie is way ur having Deja Vu
Krys Tle
Krys Tle Prije 8 sati
I miss you, brother!
Bianca D’Alfonso
Bianca D’Alfonso Prije 8 sati
DaBaby must be fiends with Marshmello & Anne-Marie cuz this sounds like their song Friends
# TRZYSQUAD Prije 8 sati
This was dope af 🔥🔥🔥
nem Prije 8 sati
Thought he was bout to start with “bitch you thirsty please grab a sprite”
Jaylon Spinner
Jaylon Spinner Prije 8 sati
I thought this was a fast in feriouse trailer
Trinity’s Future
Trinity’s Future Prije 8 sati
Anyone here from the behind the scenes video ? 😭
oh don’t Mind me
oh don’t Mind me Prije 8 sati
Nigga got that 10 minute ad revenue lol
team kovi
team kovi Prije 8 sati
Fucking clean my nigga!
Manny Ademolu
Manny Ademolu Prije 8 sati
Short film or movie pleaseee. I beg
Raka Bling
Raka Bling Prije 8 sati
Wildn out yurrrr
The Kinl
The Kinl Prije 8 sati
Some high quality stuff
The life of Bee
The life of Bee Prije 8 sati
I done played this idk how many times like love the video and song plus my baby so fine 😍
Lauretta Bebe
Lauretta Bebe Prije 8 sati
this shit gave me chills
Dre'sta Prije 8 sati
This sh*t should be the intro to GTA 6 for reals
Deebo865 Prije 8 sati
such a banger
Shawn Isaiah
Shawn Isaiah Prije 8 sati
What DaBaby Or B got Shot at the end or died 🤭
Emanuel Despa
Emanuel Despa Prije 8 sati
This song hits diffrent
Damonte Hunt
Damonte Hunt Prije 8 sati
Omg. This nigga turned into Max Payne
Luka Stojanovic
Luka Stojanovic Prije 8 sati
The guitar reminded me of a song
Luka Stojanovic
Luka Stojanovic Prije 8 sati
M c yea that was the one I meant
M c
M c Prije 8 sati
friends by marshmello and Ann Marie
Majestic.ic3 Prije 8 sati
dababy do his own stunts🔥
Unauthorized Prije 8 sati
The end gives me fast and furious vibes
SirButtah Prije 8 sati
Was way invested by the end. Lol. This shit fire.
Ursu Marin
Ursu Marin Prije 8 sati
Coronavrus is my bitch . He suck my dick . Uhhhhh
SRG Royal
SRG Royal Prije 9 sati
Is this the chick off wild n out ?
Evan Valentine
Evan Valentine Prije 9 sati
He finally switched his flow up!
Ursu Marin
Ursu Marin Prije 9 sati
Aysha Jacobs
Aysha Jacobs Prije 9 sati
Zozo’s World
Zozo’s World Prije 9 sati
Beautiful trailer, but where is the movie? I didn’t see a release date.
Runway Nice
Runway Nice Prije 9 sati
Me and my bit*h
Elrich Ment
Elrich Ment Prije 9 sati
That's gangster shit style this video s dope
A2RBEATZ Prije 9 sati
Runway Nice
Runway Nice Prije 9 sati
CERTIFIED_TTM Prije 9 sati
if you ever listened to Yung Tory you heard this beat or sum like it
Jannik Weber
Jannik Weber Prije 9 sati
jo wait a min why u copying FRIENDS?? guitar pattern
Alvindangerzone Prije 9 sati
Brooo when is episode 2🔥🔥🔥
MrProducerCelo Prije 9 sati
Please do a action movie
bannaoner13x Prije 9 sati
Man if this ain't the hardest video!! Give my nigga a Grammy !!! 💯💯💯
Muhammad Mirsab
Muhammad Mirsab Prije 9 sati
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="140">2:20</a> you're welcome
Dwight Schrute
Dwight Schrute Prije 9 sati
Ok DaBaby u gonna introduce us to this new flow
Terrance Mcclendon
Terrance Mcclendon Prije 9 sati
The couple are armed and extremely fucking dangerous
you buddy
you buddy Prije 9 sati
one thing thanks to the youtube comments section my sarcasm is touching great heights
Nateisha Butler
Nateisha Butler Prije 9 sati
I’m in need of a part Two!!👀
Ian gordon
Ian gordon Prije 9 sati
Kazoo kid feature goes hard
flrboys Prije 9 sati
TimIsComp Prije 9 sati
sincere carter
sincere carter Prije 9 sati
Noor worlds عالم نور
ردي الاشتراك ان اشتركت
Eric Kansou
Eric Kansou Prije 9 sati
Yall should make a movie out this mofaka
Youtuber I T A
Youtuber I T A Prije 9 sati
Stop Motion Guy
Stop Motion Guy Prije 9 sati
why the thumbnail look like the trailer for a new fast and furious movie
MIchelle Jayne
MIchelle Jayne Prije 9 sati
Dababy be my baby ❤️
Therealcalinique Prije 9 sati
Who else thought they were watching a movie?
Ndarungitse Tresor
Ndarungitse Tresor Prije 9 sati
I did enjoy the video.
John and Echo Edison/Saltsman
he should make a movie w her in it..
MugenFights Prije 9 sati
The beat sounds like Friends by marshmello and anne Maria
Jay_07zz Prije 9 sati
Watching this made me want them to make a full on movie!
Marquisha Franklin
Marquisha Franklin Prije 9 sati
I'm here for B. Sim only❤
Victoria Lewis
Victoria Lewis Prije 9 sati
Yaaassssss I am rooting for them no cap
Talcintervention organization
On god💯👣🗣💜👹
Jasmine Bruton
Jasmine Bruton Prije 9 sati
Skeme Music
Skeme Music Prije 9 sati
We have subscribed B 🇰🇪
Oscar Flores
Oscar Flores Prije 9 sati
This shit harrrrdd
yvngHEEZY Prije 9 sati
so when is episode 2