Celebrities Who Insulted Ellen Degenere On Her Own Show 

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Celebrities Who Insulted Ellen Degenere On Her Own Show
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Zoe Batzdorff
Zoe Batzdorff Prije 17 minuta
Not me
Elijah T Jonas
Elijah T Jonas Prije 2 sati
Online With Sherkhan
16k dislike want to see real 🤬
Rania Haitoumi
Rania Haitoumi Prije 4 sati
So useful
jack bauer
jack bauer Prije 7 sati
I can't stand most of these ppl
Sienna Hammett-chow
Sienna Hammett-chow Prije 7 sati
Ellen billie elish voices and I would like the MacBook Pro for my mum because she’s struggling at home with this virus
Wade Brunt
Wade Brunt Prije 8 sati
Is it just me or did anyone come here cuz of billie eilish
Jenn Feist
Jenn Feist Prije 11 sati
Araceli Casiano
Araceli Casiano Prije 12 sati
Sisco Dad
Sisco Dad Prije 12 sati
what God has said, once he's done letting the Devil clean house, "world") the Coronavirus will be stopped by his mercy, so yes, he will give the intelligence to someone to stop it, find the cure or vaccine, buuut we are to fear what's the next punishment for the sins of the world, if Evil people don't stop killing, or being cold, something worse will surely rise, and i' don't mean in 10 or 5 years.
CA_Gizelle Prije 13 sati
nicole kidman looks like a bag of milk
Omotola Awodiji
Omotola Awodiji Prije 13 sati
I love your videos 😍❤️😍❤️❤️❤️😍😍
Shante Burrell
Shante Burrell Prije 14 sati
I really want to see that zaza🙏🏻🙏🏻
Bella Morgan
Bella Morgan Prije 15 sati
Omg Narrator,get a joke! :l
Abajjaakakk Koko
Abajjaakakk Koko Prije 18 sati
The thing with that audience woman was completely unnecessary. To embarasse her like that, in a show that million of people watch... they could‘ve insult her backstage and not in front of the entire world... not cool ellen
Phil Jamieson
Phil Jamieson Prije 18 sati
Pleas I wasn’t an iPad
Charnell Clarke
Charnell Clarke Prije 19 sati
Romeo Samson
Romeo Samson Prije 19 sati
What's that keyword? Lol
kwinshai Prije 20 sati
I got chills when I saw billie eilish but I am dissapointed at the same time cauz billie wasn't there haysss
Joshua Harrison
Joshua Harrison Prije 20 sati
I did
Adrian Gheorghe
Adrian Gheorghe Prije 20 sati
This clam is been taken down by Trump/ Qanon very soon for crime against humanity ,pedophilia,child sacrifices,eating babys, etc. GITMO;S awaits ! Jesus is on our side !
Florence Aziza
Florence Aziza Prije 20 sati
amy T
amy T Prije 20 sati
I did
kam calhoun
kam calhoun Prije 21 sat
their jokingg
The cringe of watching
Erica Jackson
Erica Jackson Prije 22 sati
Camilla Bitsoie
Camilla Bitsoie Prije 22 sati
Did Ellen sponsor this 😂 it’s funny considering all the light that’s being shed on the hostess’s true behavior.
Marly Pierre
Marly Pierre Prije 22 sati
I liked it and subscribed
Marly Pierre
Marly Pierre Prije 22 sati
I did it
Emilyyy.atkins Prije 22 sati
Most of these aren’t even insulting
Clarah Ndambuki
Clarah Ndambuki Prije 22 sati
Ginger Prije 22 sati
Ellen does look like Justin Beiber though
My Little Sabo
My Little Sabo Prije 23 sati
I always whanted to find out what ellen did to get sooo faymous
Amir Derbazi
Amir Derbazi Prije dan
Ok i commented
Amir Derbazi
Amir Derbazi Prije dan
Am here
Mimi M
Mimi M Prije dan
How is it an insult to say your opinion on traditional wedding y’all need to stop thought policing people when it comes to their views just because someone doesn’t agree with it doesn’t they hate you
Karina Cherrington
this is rude
Hyang Wookan
Hyang Wookan Prije dan
Chloe Hall
Chloe Hall Prije dan
I want the iPad or MacBook Pro.
Justin Bushman
Justin Bushman Prije dan
I wouldn't have cheered sorry but people are way too sensitive
TT Gaming
TT Gaming Prije dan
Lianna Hanna Montana wow
I watched the hole video and I am serious it was funny and good
Miss Fair
Miss Fair Prije dan
Y’all are to triggered in this comment section. CHILL YALL!
Henry Kleinsasser
Great video I love Allen !!! 😜
Mikko Minguez
Mikko Minguez Prije dan
Want the i phone
Steph D
Steph D Prije dan
Good FK Ellen she's a Big B
K I T T E N Z Prije dan
Omg when I saw Billie I was like”really she would never do that” and then I watched vid and I didn’t see her.... ;( which is also a good thing because Billie would never affect anyone. :)
Kadee Lanier
Kadee Lanier Prije dan
Sweatyjazzayt Mate
I want the Mac book
Jenner didn't do anything wrong. She expressed her old opinion, and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. She changed her opinion, as people do. Jesus Christ. I'm a huge ally of the LGBTQ+ , and though traditionalists make me mad, I understand that they grew up learning a certain way. As long as they aren't rude about it, I'm fine with it. So just because Jenner said something about the way she felt, it doesn't mean she's insulting Ellen. She's didn't say "OMG I used to think gay marriage was disgusting" like no. So shut the flick up and stop being overly sensitive you bastard
Rin Hazuki
Rin Hazuki Prije 23 sati
For real. It's these kinda people along with the cringy tik tok kids and SJWs of today that keep giving our community its bad rap. I mean of course we got our own black sheep here that do more harm than good but I personally know so many gays who are totally cool with people disagreeing with gay marriage. I mean I'm a lesbian myself, getting married this year, know a bunch of people who don't exactly like the idea but it's not like they're coming after me with pitchforks. And I don't hate them for thinking the way they do. People are allowed to disagree. As long as they don't actively hurt anyone with it then who even cares. I sure don't.
ABa Rosborough
ABa Rosborough Prije dan
I think this is a lie
Dan Trottier
Dan Trottier Prije dan
Who cares .... For the money she makes... If I was in that position... Insult me to your heart's content!!! Such things most likely bring up the ratings!!!
Edie Chamberlain
Don't waste your time there is no Billie ¯\_ಠ_ಠ_/¯
Sunny Gu
Sunny Gu Prije dan
I liked the video
Chanel Okeymow
Chanel Okeymow Prije dan
It’s swag? For the word
love pop
love pop Prije dan
love pop
love pop Prije dan
You look like the best HRvidr that can be in
Brynlee Jones
Brynlee Jones Prije dan
i love this video
Reema Nawaf
Reema Nawaf Prije dan
Minecraft Will win
Chloe Davis
Chloe Davis Prije dan
Why did Justin Timberlake and Ellen kiss I am so cunfused
Chloe Davis
Chloe Davis Prije dan
I came here for bills
Chloe Davis
Chloe Davis Prije dan
I love your chanell
Nephly AJ
Nephly AJ Prije dan
Well i think that this video is CLIKBATED
Thomas Samson
Thomas Samson Prije dan
Hey I love your videos please can I have a iPhone x
Anayansi Rivas
Anayansi Rivas Prije dan
its ellen degenre not degenres
TK Girls
TK Girls Prije dan
Give me the phoneeee
Summer Shields
Summer Shields Prije dan
Me: sees billie on video Also me: starts watching the video Them: “and #1 is....” Me: figureing out that its not billie Also me: righting an angry comment bc i wanted to see billie
Ayush Bajpai
Ayush Bajpai Prije dan
I want it soo badly recently broke my i pad and i am very upset😢😢 i hope you can help me out ....
Elizabeth Hatcher
It’s me kk
It’s me kk Prije dan
Ripper Prije 2 dana
I see billie i click
Aung Thang
Aung Thang Prije 2 dana
Julien Prije 2 dana
So who is the winner😫
Julien Prije 2 dana
But true
Julien Prije 2 dana
This is just weird tho
Para Lusi
Para Lusi Prije 2 dana
I like your video so much
Omar Esmail
Omar Esmail Prije 2 dana
i like the show
Omar Esmail
Omar Esmail Prije 2 dana
i like when they aet the food ellen
Girl I feel you I love Billie
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