Bojan Bogdanovic Game Winner vs Rockets! 2019-20 NBA Season 

Chris Smoove
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10. Vel 2020.



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Komentari 375   
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Bravo Babo 🇭🇷 🇭🇷 🇭🇷
josip vrdoljak
josip vrdoljak Prije 13 dana
he needs to be in the 3 point contest
MalRulesAll Prije 15 dana
Yes sir 💪💪🔥
Fernando Torres
Fernando Torres Prije 15 dana
If Harden wasn't in front of him, he would have missed.
1- 20 - 7 LG
1- 20 - 7 LG Prije 15 dana
Why Westbrook always on the terrible end of those game winners? Lmao
Ganerdene Lkhagva
Ganerdene Lkhagva Prije 15 dana
James harden now feels my pain when he did a game winner on the warriors over draymond and thompson
Tnk4me Prije 15 dana
The rockets needed a hippo with a 99 three.
Wtf Is going on with Kate Yup
Rockets are truly garbage. Honestly, they should just give up and quit having expectations for a championship. Just rebuild already.
Igor Svačić
Igor Svačić Prije 15 dana
Post Malone
Post Malone Prije 15 dana
Green bean lol, hopefully the Rockets start winning some games
Donner 1
Donner 1 Prije 16 dana
Babo. Bazuuukkkaaa
Victoria Ware
Victoria Ware Prije 16 dana
James harden got dropped off
JayB Mackinn
JayB Mackinn Prije 16 dana
and 1
BG303 Prije 16 dana
Too bad he missed the game winner against the Nuggets.
BackendChris Prije 16 dana
He was not supposed to make dat ho 😭😭
John Rey Dacles
John Rey Dacles Prije 16 dana
Its a foul counted! WTF!
Gurpreet Dhaliwal
Gurpreet Dhaliwal Prije 16 dana
Hello refs foullllll
xFlow777 Prije 16 dana
is that the point of that lineup? to "hang" in the game? If so they aren't going anywhere with that.
DimensionZombie Prije 16 dana
Pacific Castle
Pacific Castle Prije 16 dana
ain't nobody can't stop russ
Dorian Belic
Dorian Belic Prije 16 dana
xKauzzi Prije 16 dana
Lazy defense karma 🤣
Aldorf Galgorph
Aldorf Galgorph Prije 16 dana
Tone Yow D'Great
Tone Yow D'Great Prije 16 dana
That's thecgame we always looking up. Chiiiiz!
Sk8ter B8der
Sk8ter B8der Prije 16 dana
Ken Marko
Ken Marko Prije 16 dana
Thats why you need a center... he could guard the inbound and prevent an easy
Ghetto Child Jameion
Ghetto Child Jameion Prije 16 dana
Taku Bunhu
Taku Bunhu Prije 16 dana
For a second I thought smoove put in the wrong clip
Awesome_Thuunder Prije 16 dana
Bogdanovic got a 99 three
theman2k7 Prije 16 dana
Boogey keeps smoking em 🚬
• ppto
• ppto Prije 16 dana
So nobody gonna talk about the 6 seconds Joe Ingles took to inbound the ball?
Mike Forbes
Mike Forbes Prije 16 dana
That’s ridiculous kuz
Mahim Choudhury
Mahim Choudhury Prije 16 dana
Splash Uncles
Unique@BandMan Prije 16 dana
So Clint capella was the problem ?
Maryam Malik
Maryam Malik Prije 16 dana
5 Second Violation smh
DeQuan Banks
DeQuan Banks Prije 16 dana
Mane how did he hit that shot 🤦🏾‍♂️
GOATED EJ Prije 16 dana
are there any veterans contracts they can pick up for big man?
1Mrsweetness Prije 16 dana
random gaming videos
random gaming videos Prije 16 dana
The guy inbounding was complaining for a foul before the shot even hit the rim, but then it went in and that didn't matter at all, ahh the complaining nature of nba players
Amadou Ndiaye
Amadou Ndiaye Prije 16 dana
Bojan is one of the NBA's most underrated clutch players because he's not a big name
John Doe Gaming
John Doe Gaming Prije 16 dana
The rockets are cursed
Almiighty Vo
Almiighty Vo Prije 16 dana
PJ had to pick his mouth up off the floor after dat shot
B M12
B M12 Prije 16 dana
I believe that means that the jazz now own the 4th seed in the west
Vincent Li
Vincent Li Prije 16 dana
westbrook better than harden
Joe Fran
Joe Fran Prije 16 dana
Shot clock cheese !!
Fernanzo Jamison
Fernanzo Jamison Prije 16 dana
The Jazz is lowkey a Dangerous team
samuel morrison
samuel morrison Prije 16 dana
Live with 3s, die with 3s
Buck Stephens
Buck Stephens Prije 16 dana
... and he was fouled😯😯😯
kallibaer32 Prije 16 dana
'The Rockets got it to work' Yeah no, literally the only difference is Harden actually started playing with his team after realizing he's throwing brick after brick
Victor Lott
Victor Lott Prije 16 dana
U could let him shoot that 10more times and he wouldn’t hit it
Richmond Paulo Lomibao
Jazz choke houston 😂😂😂
Mali Iva
Mali Iva Prije 16 dana
Hrvatina najbolji evropski igrac
Pablo Eskobar
Pablo Eskobar Prije 16 dana
Woowww! The difficulty of that shot makes it even more amazing
Ethan Scofield
Ethan Scofield Prije 16 dana
My man broke Tucker’s soul 😂
LoRdTeGa Prije 16 dana
Yoooooooo Lmaoooo Rocket fans are sickkkkkk rn lmaoooooo
Nocap Jerry
Nocap Jerry Prije 16 dana
When he shot it I did not think he was going to make it but then I realized bogdanovich
Where is Paul George 😂
WillToNihilsm Prije 16 dana
Gobert defending westbrook thats some cheese
Melcome Jordan
Melcome Jordan Prije 16 dana
Bogd with the clutch 3 and a and1
Dumb Dumber
Dumb Dumber Prije 16 dana
Bogdanovic was an all-star snub.