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The time has come for Mat to get his hands on the all-new Mercedes-AMG A45S! It might only have a 2-litre 4 cylinder turbocharged engine, but it still produces 421hp and 500Nm! It's lining up against the BMW M2 Competition, which despite having a 3.0-litre 6 cylinder, produces less horsepower with 410hp! What's more, we've brought in carwow favourites the new Audi RS3 and VW Golf R! It's the drag race you've all been waiting for, but does the new A45S have what it takes?! Keep watching to find out!
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8. Vel 2020.



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Komentari 5 106   
Dren Dushi
Dren Dushi Prije 47 minuta
Good, we understood three (four) key points about these cars, but we didn't understood which one is the best on racing track, I guess it would be the most important of all these. Do you have a race track? If not, you can make one there.
Man in the MOON
Man in the MOON Prije 5 sati
Mercedes is the best
Babe 2311
Babe 2311 Prije 7 sati
Warum der VW der Focus RS ist doch besser und schneller
Sufyan Mughal
Sufyan Mughal Prije 11 sati
Golf r😎
cobrasvt347 Prije 15 sati
Drag queen. Lmfao
Robert R. Spaans
Robert R. Spaans Prije 15 sati
By the time you guys get to race red car tires are cold again. 😒
123456 774
123456 774 Prije 19 sati
A45-S can have lots of fun this year and next , until the 5 pots returns back “RS3 “ and it will be bothering the A45-S day and night ..
pedroaido Prije 21 sat
Wish every single one of them was in GTS 😓
Czupakabros Prije dan
Nice shit
Angelo Pietersen
Mercedes: Performance Bmw: looks and sound Audi: Performance and looks Volkswagen Golf R: Sound
Zilla 46
Zilla 46 Prije 10 sati
Golf R: Best bang for buck
Raul Guzman
Raul Guzman Prije dan
Vw es basura
Mike Engelbrecht
Should do tests on a dry day guys!!! Keep it up
Matthew McKnight
Love seeing Joe doing videos .hes in loads of shmees stuff and is always great!
Marko Mijatovic
Marko Mijatovic Prije dan
Bmw best! 🤭
Sven van Heun
Sven van Heun Prije dan
in the netherlands the A45s costs around 95.000 pounds!! the taxes here are absolutely insane
Mally Turner
Mally Turner Prije dan
I love the Merc fast in straight line great brakes and has drift mode and all wheel drive I love BMW but for a hatch I would pick that a45s
Yanis Makni
Yanis Makni Prije dan
Bruh pour BMW 🤣🤣
Seeperson Niharsingh
You talk so much now
Carter Ellis
Carter Ellis Prije 2 dana
Amg accidentally left on A/C on that rolling race
MarMPB Prije 2 dana
Great video! I’m curious about what the M2 could do on the dry in the drag race.
Kid Jong-Ill
Kid Jong-Ill Prije 2 dana
Drag racing in England is officially canceled due to weather
Laurent  Wileczek
Laurent Wileczek Prije 2 dana
Audi the best
Rahul Suryavanshi
Rahul Suryavanshi Prije 2 dana
You wasted 6 minute, 30 seconds of everyone's life. I give you 35 seconds to explain engine plus price. Well that was a hell lot of bs
Hiddan_Rin Prije 2 dana
Где Веста? Она бы ваши германские калымаги выебала. А шо!
Gil Baltazar
Gil Baltazar Prije 2 dana
Dry pavement might have had a lil better chance in all cars to perform better
J E SPENCER Prije 2 dana
Unfortunately all of these cars are expensive anachronisms, unless you attend track days? The majority of the local roads are 30 mph with some 20mph locally, the weight of traffic sometimes making even these speeds unobtainable. Not to mention the pot holes destroying the low profile wheels and tyres and making the ride unbearable. I applaud the engineering but unfortunately it is wasted. I await the hate comments.
Mio Life
Mio Life Prije 2 dana
Mercedes, the best!❤😋
Сергей М.
Сергей М. Prije 2 dana
BMW №1
Thato Motale
Thato Motale Prije 2 dana
mester orange
mester orange Prije 3 dana
Why you roll Race from comfort mode?
jmg john
jmg john Prije 3 dana
New AMG is sick
suyash madhavi
suyash madhavi Prije 3 dana
BMW 🔥🔥🔥
Velican Sayin
Velican Sayin Prije 3 dana
M2 need 4matic
Martin Pelikan
Martin Pelikan Prije 3 dana
German Power
jason tate
jason tate Prije 3 dana
Matt and Joe for Top Gear. That would be ace ;-)
Erdem Tas
Erdem Tas Prije 3 dana
bmw is the best 1=👍
zamborghini green
zamborghini green Prije 3 dana
If it was a dry track the m2 would have won, my 530d traction sucks at wet roads.
the game HHH
the game HHH Prije 3 dana
Amg 💪🦾💪
Start Visit
Start Visit Prije 3 dana
MB 4 or 6 cylinders BMW 4 or 6 cylinders VW 4 cylinders any others even number of cylinders Audi 3 or 5 cylinders
Manyatja Moichela
Manyatja Moichela Prije 3 dana
How the M2 struggled with pickup is mad lol
Edward Cristian
Edward Cristian Prije 3 dana
Mă mir că nu comentează handicapații și aici cu "păcat că sunt cu volan în șanț" , și ei merg cu căruțul de butelii după pâine.
Raz Iqbal
Raz Iqbal Prije 3 dana
You need to do another video with the m5 and m8!!
laura di'ora
laura di'ora Prije 3 dana
AMG the one and only
Ernix 55
Ernix 55 Prije 3 dana
Amazing video, probably one of most beautiful car video ever! But I would like to know time of the second drag race!!!
Anthony Długosz
Anthony Długosz Prije 3 dana
wait for the new rs3
Adrian Sanchez
Adrian Sanchez Prije 4 dana
Bmw has been killing it with straight line speed, just look at their behemoth the X7, the V8 versions of those are seriously quick SUV’s and then you have the M8 and M5’s which are just ridiculous. Now BMW has to work on the driving engagement to make their cars even better
Raymond Mooney
Raymond Mooney Prije 4 dana
You can turn the limiter off by turning off the traction control, for better sound. :)
Banagher S3K
Banagher S3K Prije 4 dana
Matt please use the Race Mode!!!!!!!
James Butler
James Butler Prije 4 dana
I want a car lile that
Антон Константинов
По превью я подумал, что это форза хорайзон 4
Gülməy Time
Gülməy Time Prije 4 dana
wolfseek Prije 4 dana
BMW really
Kagiso Mokone
Kagiso Mokone Prije 4 dana
I'm here for bmw win or lose
Hendrie Kelder
Hendrie Kelder Prije 4 dana
My choice, the M2..
X X Prije 4 dana
500nm of torque in that 2 litre mercedes is mighty impressive. Still, the 5 cylinder Audi would be my choice.
Hakobu Prije 4 dana
golf cost power
s60polestar fan
s60polestar fan Prije 4 dana
That audi and vw embarrassed themselves on the drifts lol
Frenk Frayr
Frenk Frayr Prije 4 dana
CÓDIGOS SECRETOS loterias e jogos
80 percent of the population of Brazil is unable to buy any of these vehicles, due to their value reaching our market costing 3 times the value sold in Europe and the USA
Zeb Batista
Zeb Batista Prije 4 dana
No comments