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Tom Harlock
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Last month, I made a video titled ‘What’s Wrong With Amberlynn?’ where I discussed the life and controversies of HRvid’s favourite super-morbidly obese train-wreck.
Last week, Amberlynn Reid live-streamed, wherein she responded to my video, and let’s just say - she wasn’t very happy. Despite Amberlynn deleting the stream, I managed to get my grubby little hands on a copy.
In today’s video, after many requests, I watch her reaction to my video, because this is the internet and if there’s one thing I’m here for - it’s the drama.
Live-Stream via Thor W:
My Original Video:
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20. Svi 2020.



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Tom Harlock
Tom Harlock Prije 8 dana
god I’m handsome
Alternative Peach
Alternative Peach Prije 8 dana
Tom Harlock yeah ya are😌
Jax Prije 8 dana
at least he knows
cherry Prije 8 dana
Yes, yes you are
Trash Binz
Trash Binz Prije 8 dana
Got that right 🥰
Chellie Bee
Chellie Bee Prije 8 dana
But your handwriting isn't 😭😭 I'm sorry Tom XD
jay yy
jay yy Prije 25 minuta
“I can make a onlyfans tomorrow” Ksjxxjsjsjsnxjksks
BlackSpace Prije 42 minuta
Sierra Blake
Sierra Blake Prije sat
Listen... Tom, I'm a new fan. I've also been watching a lot of amberlynn videos because it pops up on my feed do to how many mukbang videos I watch. I watched the whole video. And you do make valid points. No hate on amberlynn, but if she remained the same as she did when she was younger she would be much happier. But she finds videos of herself criticizing her and she's like "this is bullshit. He has no idea what he's talking about." It's basically telling Gordon Ramsay he doesn't know the first thing about running a restaurant or hotel, which has happened because the person doesn't want to accept the help. Even if you go to school or do your research on something. They don't want to listen to your advice because they know they will be disappointed in themselves.
Bryanna Jordan
Bryanna Jordan Prije sat
Jemima Ryan
Jemima Ryan Prije sat
Happy 1M, Tom.
Sarah Prije sat
devil dog
devil dog Prije sat
Why does she totally remind me of Honey Boo Boo all grown up?
bee lee
bee lee Prije sat
Tom can you make a video invading an incel forum??
Vi Prije 2 sati
This is truly the ONLY clapback i care about omgggg tommm to make ur ego even bigger UR SO FUNNY AAHHH😭😭
Candi Prije 2 sati
The fact that there’s a Torrid ad on this video has me SCREAMINGGG 😂😂😂
Candi Prije 2 sati
She’s always throwing shade at Becky. We know Amber. You’re not happy with Becky. I hope Becky wakes up and runs away soon.
Candi Prije 2 sati
Delusionalynn at it again.
The Ghost King
The Ghost King Prije 2 sati
You know she went back and watched the full video. There's not a single video on her that she hasn't watched, she definitely knows how many search results come up, she knows what people think about her and she completely ignores it. She's clearly talked Becky into not supporting or watching these videos, she's always talking about how happy she was in other relationships with her right in the room, etc.
Jakob Hanssen
Jakob Hanssen Prije 2 sati
Let's stop calling jeffree star racist. He isn't. Hes a really groovy person. And even if he was his make up rocks! Why stop purchasing a product bc someone may or may not have the same ideas as you ? Oh and ALR is a vicious liar. Shell neve change . shes the worlds BIGGEST MESS!!!
Lan Nguyen Loves
Lan Nguyen Loves Prije 2 sati
The duck faces she’s making. She seems so hateful. :/
Fatness Everdeen
Fatness Everdeen Prije 2 sati
I love how upset Tom and Amberlyn got over a Rotisserie Chicken
Maddie Langhoff
Maddie Langhoff Prije 2 sati
Honestly ... Tom’s looking extra handsome in this video ...
Anjila Dahal
Anjila Dahal Prije 3 sati
Omg when he said I am important. Yes. Lets teach that to everyone. I am here for it. Hello kind and amazing people!
Zara Zara
Zara Zara Prije 3 sati
This guy is still making videos?
Van Hansen
Van Hansen Prije 3 sati
This is where I subscribe😂
Van Hansen
Van Hansen Prije 3 sati
Ugh I love you so much😂
Van Hansen
Van Hansen Prije 3 sati
Go off king!!🤪🤣
hxney tyler
hxney tyler Prije 3 sati
wow tom youre so humble, luv 🥰
Totti J
Totti J Prije 3 sati
I’ve come here from “Young Dumb Honey Bun” videos and Tom and everyone here needs to check her out. If you love Tom, you’ll absolutely love her too. New subscriber here!
흐히 Prije 4 sati
i could genuinely FEEL tom’s frustration while watching this because she’s SO DUMB HDKKHVDBJFGDGFDN her comments don’t justify anything and she’s only adding to his point 😭
honeyvoicehwang Prije 4 sati
Amberlynn acting like tom saying she was in the wrong state completely fucks up the comprehensibility of the story sENDS
Stephanie Mannina
Stephanie Mannina Prije 4 sati
You are fabulous.....
Kayla ._
Kayla ._ Prije 4 sati
This is the first video I've seen of him. I breath this now
Why can’t I own a Canadian?
My inner thought voice has now become British because of you and I feel like I’m going to be jumped by an old lady screamin “ELLO LUV”
Trish Una
Trish Una Prije 5 sati
Well u lost Becky as a fan but I'm subscribing
Lauren Tucker
Lauren Tucker Prije 5 sati
She can keep herself afloat... (fat floats)
Celeste Torres
Celeste Torres Prije 5 sati
Tom: “I can make an only fan’s account tomorrow” The fandom: 𝙮𝙚𝙨
Noi Kim
Noi Kim Prije 5 sati
“I’m not a hater I’m a *concerned citizen* “
kaylee shayne
kaylee shayne Prije 5 sati
Fucking love your humor
Spacecrafts 2
Spacecrafts 2 Prije 5 sati
Both of them are full of themselves and annoying lol
Peypey Avery
Peypey Avery Prije 5 sati
I absolutely love, how he condensingly says love
yeehaw mcghee
yeehaw mcghee Prije 6 sati
“my name gets him views” i had no clue who she was until just now yikes
Kaitlyn Fortier
Kaitlyn Fortier Prije 6 sati
Oy basil you should do a video on nickocado avocado he's a fucking train wreck.
Hello Ysha NP
Hello Ysha NP Prije 6 sati
This guy is beyond hilarious 🤣. Subscribed
Chris Cawthorn
Chris Cawthorn Prije 6 sati
I've never watched a video this long but Tom cracks me up and I dislike ALR profoundly. Win win
Dora M
Dora M Prije 6 sati
this is the first video of you I'm watching and actually I can say you are not funny.... not in a bitter way but you're trying too hard, being only arrogant (arrogant is not funny) . This type of content needs a person who can equally joke in the same intensity about others as much as jokes about themselves.... but I only see a person who see himself as perfect (because of course he is !!!) being plain arrogant. Not funny, arrogant... and this is a narcissistic behaviour... If I were you, I would check it out.... but of course you are not me because you are perfect... and you'll make fun of me and my comment. And in case you didn't realise it, you are a hater. So, for the last 16 minutes I watched as much as I could endure, you are not funny and I can't stand this sillynes anymore. Good luck to you and this unknown girl you are humiliating and I pray to God that HRvid will never recomend to me your videos again.... it's just painfull the luck of humor.... ^_^
kris fabian
kris fabian Prije 4 sati
Haley Pirio
Haley Pirio Prije 6 sati
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="257">4:17</a> had me in fucking stitches. Cheer to you, Tom, and your impeccable humor. Keeps me afloat in these trying times.
classybrunettexxx Prije 7 sati
Anyone else slightly turned on by the way he said "right now" @ <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1127">18:47</a>? Like damn, I was READY... to press that greasy space bar.
brianne Prije 7 sati
when he said she's well within her rights i said wait pause he's got his facts all wrong this is a joke you see no one even has rights except for tom so this is a joke
masha Prije 8 sati
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the cursing and swearing in this .. wild af lol
Que te importa A.
Que te importa A. Prije 8 sati
She said you were boring when shes the most underwhelming person in the internet interesting.
Doc 0326
Doc 0326 Prije 8 sati
This is the best video I’ve watched all week!
saffron Kenwrick
saffron Kenwrick Prije 8 sati
this lad is the most narcissistic prick I've ever come across and this is the first video I've come across? can't believe people watch him
Something makes me uncomfortable about how happy he is to one up a recorded message... Don’t know either of these people but reminds me so much of school. Is he 16?
Something makes me uncomfortable about how happy he is to one up a recorded message... Don’t know either of these people but reminds me so much of school. Is he 16?
Something makes me uncomfortable about how happy he is to one up a recorded message... Don’t know either of these people but reminds me so much of school. Is he 16?
Olivia Linnen
Olivia Linnen Prije 8 sati
Yayayyyy you have you made it to a million I’m so proud of you :))))) yayayyy
Hayzee Skies
Hayzee Skies Prije 9 sati
“Whoopdedoo Basil” 😭😭😭😭😭 oh my gooood I’m dead
TheMajesticNarwhale Prije 9 sati
😂 I just started watching your videos like today. I love them!!! Also you are funny and I like how you are like reeeeeeeeee. 🤣
brianne Prije 9 sati
watching tom yell at amberlynn got me feeling some type of way
Danika Vashryn
Danika Vashryn Prije 9 sati
i keep telling myself i dont agree with your unadulterated rudeness but dear god it gets me every time
Hagelslag Prije 9 sati
Grats on 1 mill dude
James Manley
James Manley Prije 9 sati
Damn, the jawline tho - and I’m not talking about Tom 😅
ozzeey Prije 10 sati
Love could you please do a look book or something because honestly you’re my favorite and most inspirational fashion icon
ImNotATherapist -
ImNotATherapist - Prije 10 sati
Hahahaha the clap for the nhs part omfg 😂😂😂😂😂😂 I didn’t know I loved this man but I do!
Youraveragelittle Idiot
This made my whole entire night cuz rn it’s <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="676">11:16</a> pm and I need this cuz 👏🏼 I 👏🏼 love 👏🏼 this 👏🏼
Danika Barron
Danika Barron Prije 11 sati
his narcissism is my biggest mood
jessie B
jessie B Prije 11 sati
I have never seen your videos till I watched this one....and I fucking love you 😂😂 I am crying 😂where have you been my whole life 😂🙌
BTS army1
BTS army1 Prije 11 sati
I pissed
Siobhan S
Siobhan S Prije 11 sati
Honestly Tom, I think I'm in love with you and maybe as in love with you as you are (maybe) 💕
Monica Green
Monica Green Prije 12 sati
I just subscribed 😂😂😂
Paris Bui
Paris Bui Prije 12 sati
I STRIVE for his level of confidence
Yelka Ishmakovich
Yelka Ishmakovich Prije 13 sati
Can’t help but hear her breathin’.
callmebyurvape Prije 13 sati
why is this lowkey narcissistic guy so hawt
Heatherboo Prije 13 sati
I didnt know who u were. This is the first video I've ever seen of u😂
Echo Thomas
Echo Thomas Prije 13 sati
New subscriber 😋😉
XO TWOD Prije 14 sati
Is he engaged? Just curious 👀
1Scottishmum Prije 14 sati
You remind me of Jack Whitehall whom i love to bits. He is a posh comedian, posh like you lol
Tammy Jacksom
Tammy Jacksom Prije 14 sati
The way he reacted to the fact that Becky watches him made my day
Valerie Battle
Valerie Battle Prije 14 sati
Just found this in my stream I'm only 7minutes in Tom is funny.
Bexzilla Prije 14 sati
I don't know why this ended up in my recommendeds, but I'm glad it did. Now I'm gonna go watch your first video to learn who TF amberlynn is. Subscribed XD glad I found you
Sofia B.
Sofia B. Prije 15 sati
"is that emotions or the diabetes test" I'm done
suha Abdi
suha Abdi Prije 15 sati
I love this man😂
Max Powers
Max Powers Prije 15 sati
I'm fat phobic AF, but it could be worse. I could be sh*tting in bathtubs. 🤮
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