🔵⚫4-2 Inter vs AC Milan!🔴⚫ The Cartoon Comeback (Milan Derby Goals Highlights Milano) 

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Bravo Sam Dunscombe, Mike Myler, James Williams and Karl Hargreaves (Karl does the art these days ... which is why it looks better)
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10. Vel 2020.



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Komentari 1 407   
Faik Halilovski
Faik Halilovski Prije 2 sati
I. sei. Win. Seria Juventas 1.
Agger3000 YT
Agger3000 YT Prije 6 sati
Mettete mi piace chi è un italiano
Huy Hoang Tran
Huy Hoang Tran Prije 16 sati
I miss when Stefan De Vrij was a fridge :(
Mattia Mantovani
Mattia Mantovani Prije 21 sat
Anton Savchuck
Anton Savchuck Prije dan
Martin Kralev
Martin Kralev Prije dan
fan of Erling Braut Häland super striker
On the left is Man Utd Boys and Victor Moses On rigth Inter no Man Utd
Piotr Dudek
Piotr Dudek Prije 2 dana
Allegri and Thiago Silva come back to AC Milan. Glory , Glory Ac Milan
Ma almeno sapete voi inglesi che significa Merda?
Cladrastis Prije 3 dana
GOD!!! Please not Juventus.
Ryan Tran
Ryan Tran Prije 4 dana
- Inter: Matthaues, Klinsmann, Brehme - Ac Milan: Van Basten, Gullit, Rijkaard, -Napoli:Maradona...Serie A 1990 greatest derby and League
Brandon Velasquez
Brandon Velasquez Prije 4 dana
Sarri burning in the background 0:18 😂😂
cartoon Network Deutschland 2
Fifa 20 the best
laura susanti
laura susanti Prije 6 dana
Roberto Wallim Júnior
•Arlekinchick• UwU
What the hell? Why Stefan de Vrij not a Frijeman?
Dario Gloghini
Dario Gloghini Prije 7 dana
Who’s here after Inter lost 2-1 to Lazio😂🤣🤣
Alfa&Omega 00000
Alfa&Omega 00000 Prije 7 dana
Since when do you makevideos about Seria A ?
Kent rudy the water bender
What song is this came from
chili pepper
chili pepper Prije 8 dana
The Derby was Insane. But They never realase Serie B Videos.
Paramjit Gill
Paramjit Gill Prije 8 dana
Inter signed 3 players from Man U
Virginie Denoual
Virginie Denoual Prije 8 dana
Qa Ronaldo Zlatan please ⚽️
Isaiah Marmon
Isaiah Marmon Prije 8 dana
Cr7 numer one quote what the hell
Reah Marshall
Reah Marshall Prije 9 dana
I miss Stefan the fridge man
Zak Nur
Zak Nur Prije 9 dana
What’s the song this was based on?
Colin Latham
Colin Latham Prije 9 dana
Wheres eriksen in ex prem
Samuele Sclafani
Samuele Sclafani Prije 9 dana
Nemelk kkk
Nemelk kkk Prije 9 dana
0:11 Its Renember gr8mio(Gremio) From Brazil,You Rival Is Internacional
bho Prije 9 dana
Can you please do a Roma video?
Jason Allen
Jason Allen Prije 9 dana
Premier Leauge sucks. Stick with this.
Allexdarn PlayZ
Allexdarn PlayZ Prije 9 dana
Zlatan vs lukau
Emefa Highly
Emefa Highly Prije 9 dana
No inter Milan
Sasori Akatsuki
Sasori Akatsuki Prije 10 dana
Lazio 2 - 1 Inter
Pink Turtle
Pink Turtle Prije 10 dana
Make a vid bout city’s ban
JoshsNow Prije 10 dana
Lazio to win Serie A
Giuseppe Capriello
Giuseppe Capriello Prije 10 dana
napoli 2 juve 1 pls
Jesus Torres
Jesus Torres Prije 10 dana
A little kiss to the fans
split taker
split taker Prije 10 dana
Next time can ya do real madrid vs Munich
Muhammadbobur Sirojitdinov
I am a kid
Orazio Azzara
Orazio Azzara Prije 10 dana
No man what a fuck, put money on inter 🔵⚫
Allexdarn PlayZ
Allexdarn PlayZ Prije 10 dana
What the hell 4-2
detri03 Prije 10 dana
Inter Milan 4 2
Martin Lilaj
Martin Lilaj Prije 10 dana
The song is Thats amore
Mitchell Jeffery
Mitchell Jeffery Prije 11 dana
You cannot say that because Inter Milan are 1st
LGDS Memes
LGDS Memes Prije 11 dana
Then: Serie A without Ronaldo: NOT interesting, who cares Laliga with Ronaldo: Very interesting, intense matches Now: La liga without Ronaldo: NOT INTERESTING, BORING, TOO OBVIOUS THAT BARCA WILL WIN, hero to zero Serie A with Ronaldo: Soooo interesting, intense matches, Random exciting results, Zero to hero I think ronaldo is affecting the popularity of everything ;)
LGDS Memes
LGDS Memes Prije 11 dana
I think this is the first video that zlatan did not used any *GOD* powers
BrayPlays7 NFFC
BrayPlays7 NFFC Prije 11 dana
Real song??
BrayPlays7 NFFC
BrayPlays7 NFFC Prije 6 dana
blasterAndrea YT
blasterAndrea YT Prije 10 dana
That's amore
Natalja Hazana
Natalja Hazana Prije 11 dana
Inter will win duh
Marin Nedov
Marin Nedov Prije 11 dana
Milan merda
Severin Johansen
Severin Johansen Prije 11 dana
Matteo D'orazi
Matteo D'orazi Prije 11 dana
What is the name of the real song?
victor non leggere il cognome
Linal Fernando
Linal Fernando Prije 11 dana
Stephan the fridgeman should’ve made a comeback
SoccerKid Prije 11 dana
0:58 who remembers Stefan the Fridge man?
T. Wb
T. Wb Prije 11 dana
AC Milan fans: It's not fair, it was an away match
Alexander Jeremiah Biro
Shea Reynolds
Shea Reynolds Prije 11 dana
Romelu: He's even older than my great great gran Me: 😂 Also me: You must be from the past
Yonas Awees
Yonas Awees Prije 11 dana
Lukuka lukaku lukaku lukaku lukaku
jose diaz
jose diaz Prije 12 dana
Like for a before and now characters of 442oons
Salwarman Salwarman
Salwarman Salwarman Prije 12 dana
BoBoiBoy Inter VS Retak'ka Milan 4-2 Kau Udah Kalah Retak'ka !