13 Reasons Why: Final Season | Official Trailer | Netflix 

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The final season of 13 Reasons Why drops June 5th on Netflix. As Liberty High School’s class prepares for graduation, they are forced to make life-changing and heartbreaking choices about how their past will impact their future.
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13 Reasons Why: Final Season | Official Trailer | Netflix
As graduation approaches, Clay and his friends face agonizing choices when secrets from their past threaten their future. The final season.


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20. Svi 2020.



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dingle tingle
dingle tingle Prije 10 sati
Good riddance lmaoooo
edith b
edith b Prije 11 sati
i swear this looked like one of those fake trailers
aly chalamet
aly chalamet Prije 11 sati
i love dylan
Zain844 Prije 11 sati
13 Reasons Why is basically something that should have been a 2 hour movie stretched into a 4 season TV show.
Jasmine Powell
Jasmine Powell Prije 11 sati
why does this show still exist
Devan Beadle
Devan Beadle Prije 11 sati
One last ride
Lulu101 Prije 12 sati
I honestly think that the show is still good and having only 4 seasons isn’t dragging on the storyline because to me it shows that suicide has a ripple effect on so many people. The lives of these kids have changed forever since Hannah’s death and it will continue to affect them for the rest of their lives, I still feel like the show is has important messages to tell about mental health.
leonardo carrapatoso
leonardo carrapatoso Prije 12 sati
Why is clay’s face in a different shape?
Victoria Val
Victoria Val Prije 12 sati
That one bullying scene when they were in the bathroom still fucks me up😔😔
Follow me bitch
Follow me bitch Prije 12 sati
Season 1: Hannah commits suicide Season 2: The School Gets sued Season 3: Bryce gets murdered Season 4: Monty gets framed Season 5: Clay’s quarantine
Tyler Tyler
Tyler Tyler Prije 12 sati
Good to see riverdale is still airing, despite.... well... everything about since season 1
Zaksol Vlogs
Zaksol Vlogs Prije 13 sati
We all thought this was over after Hannah. Well one more season to go. Clay looks better in this season and the whole Crew.♥️
Saint Sasuke
Saint Sasuke Prije 13 sati
I dont care what you say about 13rw its amazing !
Yarnball G
Yarnball G Prije 13 sati
Let’s be honest, this show should’ve ended after season 1
2 Prije 13 sati
Stopped watching when they stardet speaking brittish...
Revenant _
Revenant _ Prije 14 sati
My god, they really trying to milk every last view out of this show.
Goat Prije 14 sati
It looks along better than I thought it woild
Rosanna Stark
Rosanna Stark Prije 14 sati
When will they graduate please?lol. They have the most dramatic highschool years all along.
Dat Person
Dat Person Prije 14 sati
Season 6: The prophecy was true, the day has arrived
Alpku Alp
Alpku Alp Prije 14 sati
You dont have to watch this show after season 1. No one is forcing you to. I think it's still interesting and people who dont think that way can just not watch it.
Nick Prije 14 sati
The Hannah Backer chronicles continues...
Comment Beast
Comment Beast Prije 14 sati
Stop!! Season one is bit okay and tolerable but s2 is pure horseshit. Can’t see how you can follow that.
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu Prije 14 sati
Cool idea: clay is admitted to a mental facility,everyone is still alive hes just schizophrenic and story is retold without his interpreted delusions
Nandan Mehndiratta
Nandan Mehndiratta Prije 15 sati
Another 13 reasons why they shouldn't have continued after s1
Ananya Chandola
Ananya Chandola Prije 15 sati
Idk why but I'll be watching d season no matter what! I won't be able to control myself even if I try to
Lucas Mendes de Moraes
Here we go, another suicide wave
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu Prije 14 sati
Ooooh this season have girls' fight too that's interesting
joeman Prije 15 sati
The seasons just get worse and worse but we're still gonna watch it :(
Makeupqueen. Morgan
Makeupqueen. Morgan Prije 15 sati
Crazy to think all of this is because of a girl who committed suicide, damn talk about karma
Tina Dash
Tina Dash Prije 15 sati
Am I the only one that wants to know the song in the back like it's good
meatball Prije 15 sati
And here I am still wondering how Clay is still a virgin lol
meatball Prije 15 sati
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="68">1:08</a> okay but that do be hitting kinda different tho 😌
Varun Ramanan
Varun Ramanan Prije 15 sati
My god, if I hear the word "secrets" again in another 13 reasons why trailer, I swear I'm going to lose my mind
asprilla wahyu dona dony
Winston looks like Andy from Toy Story 3
Senait Pawlos
Senait Pawlos Prije 16 sati
This show flopped no cap
ii_Sunny Vibezz
ii_Sunny Vibezz Prije 16 sati
I thought it was over 🤣🤣
OTW Smoney
OTW Smoney Prije 15 sati
ii_Sunny Vibezz me tooooo
Thora Kamilla
Thora Kamilla Prije 16 sati
I have no problem with a new season of 13 reasons why. But the thing is, they losing the point of the show Hannah's suicide reasons. Now it's only about Murder and how to get away with it. Sry for the bad English
Austin Gordon
Austin Gordon Prije 16 sati
Everyone have secrets it will destroy you like life is the end
Lostdragon89 Prije 16 sati
400 billion reasons why
Trevflop Prije 16 sati
Monty is a terrible person but plays such a good character. That actor is amazing.
Amged Fraik
Amged Fraik Prije 17 sati
Why is Winston the main villain trying to expose them this season all over Monty? Does he not know what he did to Tyler. Sure framing someone is bad but he died before that and he was in prison for a crime he did actually commit. He couldn’t have fallen in love with Monty that quick lol
bombshell apoorva
bombshell apoorva Prije 17 sati
Ooooh this season have girls' fight too that's interesting
classclown55210 Prije 17 sati
Why do they have to bring that girl back? She’s unnecessary
Livvy G
Livvy G Prije 17 sati
Can’t wait this comes out the day after my birthday , gonna be a 13RW marathon
I post cool videos
I post cool videos Prije 18 sati
7 days to go...
Cesar Antillon
Cesar Antillon Prije 18 sati
Please stop making this offensive garbage
Sonkeiii Prije 18 sati
I remember when this show was about Hannah Baker, mental health and more. I'm glad it is the final season. Should've stopped after season 2 tho.
Eben Noble
Eben Noble Prije 18 sati
Flashbacks and Hallucinations : * exist * 13RW : It's Free Real Estate!!
J-Dog Prije 18 sati
I get that this show isn’t exactly amazing from a film making stand point, but my god is it fun to watch.
randomnyss2011 Prije 18 sati
It is really sad that teenagers have to face so much pain at such young age.... God Bless Them... !!!
Sahage Sidana
Sahage Sidana Prije 18 sati
What if dr elman is winston's dad🤔🤔 Just a theory
nevermindthename Prije 18 sati
Go listen to Wallows so clay has a job after this i
nifemiii. o
nifemiii. o Prije 18 sati
How many times does she die
Ciara DelaEspada
Ciara DelaEspada Prije 19 sati
Hope this is the last season cuz now it’s just forced
Bhaskar Vishwajeet
Bhaskar Vishwajeet Prije 19 sati
This is no longer about suicide and depression. It is about a skewed sense of morality which has plagued teenagers in recent years. Great take imo.
AMD .8
AMD .8 Prije 19 sati
Guys i watched season 1 and 2 and half season 3 because didn’t like so much s3 so do u think guys if I should watch s4 or what,,,,,,, is worth it????? Have a nice day everyone ❤️🙏🏻
Anthony Koza
Anthony Koza Prije 19 sati
I need to hear one reason why this even got a second season.
1cindyr Prije 19 sati
Annie still there! Ugh
rtiyna Prije 19 sati
Is it me or I'm the only one who isn't alive ?
Ray Schafer
Ray Schafer Prije 20 sati
i haven't even finished the s3 yet gosh 😨
Thatguy Prije 20 sati
I do like this show ngl, I just wish monty didn't have to die I was hoping he could of been redeemed somehow in the last season
Thomas Street
Thomas Street Prije 20 sati
Unlike the characters, the show just won't die.
Shanell Taitague
Shanell Taitague Prije 20 sati
13 reasons why is there another season
DNL .Official
DNL .Official Prije 20 sati
Moshibudi Matlala
Moshibudi Matlala Prije 20 sati
Seriously? What about the society season 2?
Cyprus 45
Cyprus 45 Prije 21 sat
Okay i thought this show was over
AzazelTheOne Prije 21 sat
This show is just one big example of a butterfly effect.
giant head
giant head Prije 21 sat
the best part about this is it's the final season
Cistain Alexander III
Yooo end of the season would be so dark if he ended up in a mental institution. Major twist
blxckhart Prije 21 sat
how long have these motherfuckers been in high school??
Sid Prije 22 sati
This show started with Hannah and ended for me in S2👊✌
Prathmesh Satote
Prathmesh Satote Prije 22 sati
Its all started from hannah then bryce now monty 😂😂nice
Raouf Dib
Raouf Dib Prije 22 sati
I really hope ani dosent play a big role in this
Kshitij Salman
Kshitij Salman Prije 22 sati
Can anyone tell me in which ep baker kills herself. Also is the scene cutout or in tact
Kshitij Salman
Kshitij Salman Prije 18 sati
@David Cronin which episode had it though?
David Cronin
David Cronin Prije 21 sat
They removed it due to the public blaming that scene for other people’s suicides. Sadly.
Teddy Bundy
Teddy Bundy Prije 23 sati
Passionate Skittle
Passionate Skittle Prije 23 sati
I just wish Ani was not in this show she is just so annoying.
Sven Prije 23 sati
oenanthe d
oenanthe d Prije 23 sati
Azhar Khan
Azhar Khan Prije dan
Plz sir 13 reason why season 4 in hind language
Emmanuel Asbon
Emmanuel Asbon Prije dan
I had intense hatred for Monty at the end of season 2, but after watching season 3 I just don't know how I feel about him anymore. All I could see is that Monty never had his redemption.
CxldStxr Prije dan
Getting a broom up his ass was disturbing af tbh
Brave was a Disappointment